Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Hannah)

Posted Sept. 30, 2022, 8:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Hannah)

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Medical Officer) in Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Hannah)

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Hannah)
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This was the first time Sheleah had ventured into one of the Saracen’s holodecks. They were standard but the programs people created told a lot about this ship’s crew. She wasn’t here on a counseling assignment though. today was all about her and Rex having a little environmental R&R. She had wanted some moderate hiking and lots of forest with the promise of a picnic at the end. After programming that, and several other parameters, she and rex stepped into a wonderfully sunlit morning in a small clearing with several trails leading away.

Some looked to be quite easy and others a bit more rocky.

Kneeling down she unfastened Rex’s harness and leash putting them away in a small pack.

“Alright my boy, let’s take a walk.” she said and turned towards one of the intermediate trails.

For his part, Rex always liked these types of outings. Today he had decided that he was a big boy and could leave momma to her own devices for a while and so darted off in the opposite direction.

  • Sheleah

Hannah was looking for something to do other than sit in her quarters or wander the decks bored. She didn’t really mind being bored or on her own, but she liked socializing too. She scanned the holodeck schedule looking for something, not solitary to do. The screen blinked as it refreshed. Someone had loaded a group program. Forested hiking trails, picnic areas, lots of simulated outdoor space. Right up Hannah’s alley. She changed into jeans, t-shirt and jacket, and hiking boots and practically jogged her way to the holodeck.

No one was waiting outside and the display said the program was running so she slipped in through the doors and waited for the door and arch to disappear. She breathed in, it wasn’t quite as good as the real thing, but it was close. Hannah set off toward the trails hoping to find another person. “Helloooo!”


Off to Hannah’s right a furry something darted through the underbrush. A faint breeze was rustling the leaves and early morning bird song could be heard. About a minute later, Sheleah reappeared, pack on one shoulder and a thermos of coffee in her hand.

“Hi, I didn’t hear you come in. Isn’t this a neat program? I mean for 5 minutes of putting in random parameters. I’m Sheleah, the new counselor.”

She walked forward and extended a hand.

  • Sheleah

Hannah watched the furry something dart and run through the underbrush. She stood still, unafraid of whatever it was, and unsure what kind of dangers the program was set to. Though safety protocols, it would be too bad. She turned at the voice, her gaze steady and taking in everything about the woman. With a bright smile, Hannah took the woman’s hand. Then releasing the woman’s hand, Hannah’s own began to move, with her words, seemingly one of those people who ‘talk with their hands.’ “It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Hannah, one of the doctors on board.” Although she spoke slowly and clearly, her voice seemed muffled or thick, some sounds not quite crisp despite the careful effort to form the words. Hannah glanced around, “The holodeck is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s nice to get outside for awhile. What animals did you program in? I saw something move over there.”


Sheleah had read Hannah’s file and knew her by sight but, they hadn’t been introduced until now.

“I’m not certain what kind of animals this program has but my animal, Rex, is around here somewhere. He loves to get himself separated but we’ll find each other by the end of the program or when he gets hungry. I was about to take that second trail.” Sheleah said pointing back the way she had just come, “Would you like to come along? I think I heard a water fall.”

  • Sheleah

Hannah glanced around again hoping to see Rex, but not sure what to look for. “I would…Oh a water fall?” That meant a rock face. Maybe some good climbing. Though she would have to be careful since the rocks would be slippery. She started walking toward the direction Sheleah pointed. “What kind of animal is Rex?”


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