Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted Oct. 20, 2022, 7:04 p.m. by Ensign Nala Winters (Science Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Slayer (Engineering Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Slayer (Engineering Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted by Ensign Nala Winters (Science Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-
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As he was going to the mess hall, he realized he forgot his book. Although, he doesn’t need it. He just got his food and sat down in a chair. As he noticed that there was someone sitting by themselves, he decided to join them. He then asked, “May I sit here with you? I noticed you were alone and could use a friend.” he said after he asked his question.

Lt. Slayer.

Nala was focused on her data pad and did not notice the LT at first. After a minute she blinked and looked up. ” Oh we’re you talking to me? I’m sorry I was so focused I did not hear you” She said sheepeshly.

” Of course, your welcome to join me ” She said with a smile that showed of her sharp teeth. She may have been born catian but she acted like a human.
Ensign Nala

It’s alright Ensign and thank you.” As he sat down across from her.

Lt. Slayer

” Your an engineer right. I hope you were not the one that had to fix my trycorder last week.” The said with a grin. As she remembered how she triped on her own feet and fell on top of the thing. Thankfully it was off she she did not get zaped by it.
Ensign Nala

“Yes I am Ensign. If I remember correctly, I might have been the one that fixed your tricorder. How can I help you, Ensign?” He asked.

Lt. Slayer

” Oh im so sorry if it’s not to much trouble could you look at this.” She said pulling the peace of her communicator from her pocket. ” I umm fell again I need to do something about my claws I keep catching them on my pants and tumbling. ” She said with an embarised look on her face.
Ensign Nala

“Oh well please sit down Ensign. This shouldn’t take too long. I’ve actually done something with communicators before. Lemme see it.” He said to her. “Listen, Ensign. You don’t have to be embarrassed at all. I understand it’s hard to do work with something like claws. I’ve actually gone to the academy with a few that are in the same position as you and I was able to help them all the way. Besides, I was a born engineer. I can see what I can do with it right here in front of you of course.” He added.

Lt. Slayer

” I mean its a little emberising I can do all kinds of ice skating tricks but somehow I keep me sing up walking” She giggled as she took a seat.

” It is nice to meet you” She addes wirh a smile.
Ensign nala
Ensign Luna

“Well Ensign. It’s okay to be embarrassed. But you don’t have to with me.” He said to the ensign.

Lt. Slayer

Nala smiled ” I’ll try not to. Where are you from?” she relaxed a great deal more then she was originally.
Ensign Nala

He smiled and a little red came to his cheeks as he wasn’t sure what to say but then he finally said something. “I’m from vulcan” he said. Although, he might be a Vulcan he uses emotions. And his emotions are very uniquely different around this young ensign.

Lt slayer


Nala fought the red face and tiled her head to the side. ” Vulcan neet is it really a desert? I’m from earth” She said trying to continue the conversation.
Ensign Nala

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