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Posted Nov. 8, 2022, 1:25 p.m. by 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea (Security Officer) (M Lyon)

The Saracen had been sent on a cruise to patrol the ‘west’ side of the fleet’s grounds. While well within Federation territory, there wasn’t an actual heavy presence this far out. It fell to a few ships like the Saracen, patrolling the black, in what was still effectively the wild west. Of course, there were plenty of routine things to do. Even if they were tedious.

“It’s just been so quiet lately,” NE Harmon said, studying the operations panel in front of him. Fiddling with the displays, he ironed out a power irregularity in the tertiary ODN network. Then made a note about it in the log.

“Don’t say the ‘q’ word,” NE Locke hissed, flashing him a grin, then sobered. “Same goes for the ‘s’ word.”

“That’s just superstition, you know. There’s no statistical proof that–“

“There are always truths behind ever superstition, Ensign Harmon,” 2nd Lieutenant Laju said calmly from the tactical station.

An alert passed across his board, an incoming signal. “Huh,” he groused, then pulled up what information he had on it. It was coming from just on the edge of high-resolution sensor range, some three and a half lightyears out. There were a couple of ships within sensor range, but nothing to get conclusive information, save for that ship. It was flagged as a distress call. Ship under attack.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to wake the captain up,” NE Harmon said.

“Agreed, we should also alert the senior staff as well, Ensign,” At the same time, her hands flew over the sensor controls of the Saracen’s powerful sensor arrays. It was too far away, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t get eyes on the situation much sooner. Without waiting for the senior staff or Captain, she readied a Class 9 Probe and set it for extreme sensor sweeps. She knew from her bridge training that a Class 9 probe could travel at warp 9 for about twelve hours. More then enough of a head start for the bridge crew to respond.

That would mean, once they arrived on the bridge, they would be greeted with the latest information available. As the call to the Captain was being sent out, the probe was being launched.

It was seventeen hours to that distress call at maximum sustainable warp, and too far for emergency warp. Whatever was going on, it was already too late. But there might be survivors. =^=Bridge to Captain Knight…=^=

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