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Arriving at Laju and Nala location

Natasha let out a deep breath as Mayvonne finished her tirade in the turbo about loyalty and what happened to those that turned their backs on people. “Laju,” Natasha said cutting off the duty nurse that was now tagging along with her. “What’s up.”

Natasha Knight.

Natasha’s eyes slipped from Laju to Nala who stepped up and clearly was not so thrilled by the Saracen’s newest security officer’s dedication to his duty.

” Oh Docter thank you so much that you are here. Lieutenant Eghimea has been completely unhelpful. I spent months doing all the research and getting all my paperwork together for the snow leopard cub and she is trying to keep him from boarding the ship” Nala said.

Her ears were pined against her head and her tail swished back and forth in a clearly agitated manner. Her stance showed she was agitated but something else. Nala was tired she had been up for way to long.
Ensign Nala

Natasha could not help but smile at the situation. Nala looked like she was about to kill Laju and Laju looked like she needed a drink. It felt more like a counseling situation than she normally came into. When people came to medical angry, they were either drunk and pissed off at something that happened on their shift to land them there. Rarely was no one hurt and angry around her? “Okay let me,” Nat started to say before Mayvonne immediately interrupted.

“Excuse me did you just say leopard ‘cause I know I did not hear we are down here for some damn cat and I sure as hell know there is not some damn leopard rollin’ around here.” Mayvonne raised an eyebrow at Nala as she started to survey the space. Mayvonne was not typically one for animals rolling about the halls which she told the cap’n and his wife each time they rolled that damn lizard into her sick bay.

“No no,” Natasha said waving her hand. “They don’t mean like a leopard as in raarrrr,” she hooked her hands into claws and let out a growl. “They mean leopard like I call Bruce a dinosaur,” Nat assured the woman next to her.

“Well that Kalani has got a rarrr,” Mayvonne imitated Natasha causing the CMO to wrinkle up her nose.

“Ralph is a fennec fox and about the size of a dachshund,” Natasha began to defend her friend.

“Fox.....Fox! It’s a damn rodent with long fur and do not,” she raised a finger warningly, “start with me about it being a mammal no ma’am don’t you start with me.” The sassy tones of Mayvonne immediately quashed the side conversation causing Natasha to look over at Laju.

Nala almost burst into a fit of giggels.

Watching Doctor Knight walk into the cargo bay, Eghimea felt a sense of dread that she was unaccustomed to. ‘Wonderful,’ she thought in despair as the Caitian jump the gun and started ranting on and on about all the work she had done for her new pet. ‘If it was that important, then why did you not research proper quarantine procedures,’ Eghimea’s cattiness got the better of her private thoughts. She reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose and tried to let the frustration go. ‘Why couldn’t it had just been some nurse or anyone else….anyone besides the Captain’s wife,’ she screamed in to the back of her mind.

Letting the breath, she just realized she had been holding, slip through her lips, she brought her eyes up to Doctor Knight. Her voice slightly strained due to the encounter and the sudden escalation, “Doctor Knight, as I had explained. All that is needed is a clearance for Ensign Winter’s pet,” Eghimea said trying to keep her voice calm and only after the fact realizing that she failed on the word pet. The word has slipped Eghimea’s lips more than hinting at the frustration and anger that had been slowly building during the course of the encounter. “If you could please facilitate such a clearance we can send the Ensign and her friend on their way,” she added, this time being more successful at keeping her voice calm and even.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea

“See pet,” Natasha looked at Mayvonne slightly smugly. “Not raaar but pehhhh tahhhh,” she emphasized the word.

“And you ain’t no damn vehhhhhhh tahhhhhh,” Mayvonne shot back without missing a bet. “Call Teller,” she immediately ordered.

Holding up her hand, Natasha looked at Laju. “Okay, Mayvonne is right. I normally don’t make housecalls for pets. We tend to let sciences do live animal stuff like that but since we are here we can take a look at .....what’s the kitty’s name?”

Natasha Knight. CMO

” I could have cleared him myself” Nala said shooting Eghimea a glare. At the question of the animals name nala smiled a bit sheepishly.

Eghimea felt her teeth grind with frustration once more. Speaking through them she countered, “No Ensign, you can’t clear him yourself.” Drawing in a long and frustrated breath she turned to the two medical officers.

‘However,’ Eghimea thought struggling to keep her temper at bay.

“I apologize, the documentation for the clearance referred to a medical screening. I assumed that meant through Medical. An official request for clearance has been submitted. I am sure that once the reviewing officer, who’s task it is to issue the clearance, receives the request, the person will be on their way. Again, I apologize for bothering you, Doctor Knight.”

“Pffft,” she waved her hand with a lip trill. “It was play vet or inspect Polly’s feet and no one wants to do the later,” Natasha said with a smile.

“Mmmmhmmm I know that is true,” Mayvonne agreed with Natasha in her sassy tone, bobbing her head and crossing her arms.

” I have not yet named him I was considering midnight given the late time of his arrival but I have yet to actually chose a name for him. Many Sol or Ryan.” She said with a smile.
Ensign nala

The tips of her lips slightly curled upward, “the animal in question is a two-month-old Panthera uncia.” She couldn’t explain why, but the actions of the nurse were breaking the tension. And for that reprieve, she was grateful. She turned to Mayvonne, “so yes, you are correct.” Her voice shifted to a more relaxed and calm voice as she continued to explain, “it is a carnivorous feline predator from a region of Earth called Southern Asia.”

She turned back to both Ensign Winters and Doctor Knight, “the animal is in quarantine,” she said motioning to the location of the section of the cargo bay secured behind a force field. “There were several other items and animals that came aboard from the same transport. They too will need to be scanned before they are allowed to proceed to their destination.” She turned back to the two women, “If this is a matter for the Science division, then I am confident that they will send someone once the request has been properly addressed on their end.”

Her eyes turned to Nala as the Bajorian made a visible effort to regain her calm and even tone. She spoke softly yet clearly, “we cannot allow personal feelings to blind us to proper procedures.”

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea

DaVinci strode into the cargo bay with an exasperated look on his face. As the CIO as well as XO, he had been monitoring the communications.

Natasha turned her head hearing the pneumatic doors opening and half expecting Teller to stroll in. She did not put it past Mayvonne to buck the system and call Teller regardless of what Natasha had just said. Seeing the XO strolling in, Natasha took note of the pace of his strides. Ol’ Di Vo is on about something, she thought internally but waited to see if her hunch was correct.

Eghimea watched the XO strolling into the cargo bay and a wave of invisible relief washed over her, ‘finally some productive help,’ she thought. ‘Posture; check, facial expression; neutral,’ she thought running through her mental checklist as he approached the group. She would not disappoint her department or her boss during her first official meeting with the Commander.

It wasn’t like she needed to change anything overtly after all. Military decorum was her thing, and she wore it like a badge of honor, regardless of being on or off duty. As he began to speak, she let the last bit of frustration slip from her mind.

“Someone, please explain to me what the hell is going on!! All I’ve heard so far is another “pet” is coming on board? The Saracen is a battleship, not a damn Noah’s Ark. If we’re allowing more and more “pets” on board , I am sure as hell bring some of my horses aboard. Lt. Laju, as the security officer in charge of okaying all this incoming cargo, I want your imput first and foremost!!”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Hold up,” Natasha raised her hand looking at DaVinci. “Did you just call my son a pet?” Looking at them one would not immediately notice the slightly annoyed expression and tone of her voice was a well-cheorgraphed sarcasm. If it had not been for Captain Fantastic and Captain Chaos on a drunken bender years ago, Bruce would not be sporting the coveted name of Dante’s brother as her husband’s firstborn child. In truth, she was not overly fond of the name Bruce for a kid so it all worked out but no one really ever needed to know that.

“Are you talking about Bruce. . . .or Oscar, doctor? The Captain considers both of them as his boys,” DaVinci replied.

“I will have you know I am now seriously contemplating giving you the Worlds Best Funcle plaque Bruce has been tirelessly painting for you as a Christmas gift this year DaVinci.” The term Funcle showed that Natasha found the situation and the feisty XO rather amusing.

“In that case, Bruce is getting a football from all 32 teams in the NFL, and I may throw some college teams in there as well,” the XO retorted.

“I am also on the fence about dialing up Kelly Bordeaux from the Altantis and letting her deal with you.” Kelly and Dante’s relationship was well-known among the two crews and the fact there were legal documents floating about somewhere showing the custody relationship between the two Starfleet officers and the Asian monitor lizard.

Turning her full attention to the Saracen’s Executive Officer, she started to explain the situation in her normal calm voice that held an even tone.

“Sir, Ensign Winters has acquired a two-month-old Panthera uncia,” she paused and corrected herself, “a two-month-old snow leopard.” She gave herself a mental nod of approval as she continued. “While the Ensign’s documentation is all in order, there was a slight problem with the transit. Starbase 38, which the animal passed through, has reported multiple cases of Mugarian Feline disease. Due to this, the animal as well as any other cargo that passed through this facility must be quarantined and cleared before allowing it aboard.”

“No ma’am. No Ma’am*,” Mayvonne spoke up holding out a finger with her full emotional sassiness erupting in each word that seemed to have the intonation to double both as a retort or an exclamation in a church setting. “You did not....just say it is a damn rrrahhhhrr cat. See I told you,” Mayvonne dropped the clawed imitation she and Natasha had been miming earlier.

Narrowing her eyes she looked at Natasha and crossed her arms and she raised one eyebrow. “You wanna start telling me sorry or how ‘bout you replay here for Colter,” Mayvonne paused to fluff her hair some and send him a flirty wink before turning her attention back to Natasha, “the whole part of this is not a vicious predator that is going to eat our faces off when we sleep one night.” Turning her attention back to Colter, Mayvonne gave him a warm smile. “Not yours though. Man, I got you,” she replied to Colter again in the middle of her tirade.

DaVinci did a double take at Mayvonne’s response before shaking his head slightly.

“She said it was vaccinated,” Natasha started to defend herself. “It is vaccinated right,” she looked to Laju to confirm.

She also conceded, “yes, the animal has been vaccinated for the disease, however Starfleet Medical Protocol still requires a clearance in this matter prior to any cargo being allowed through the quarantined fields. I have submitted the appropriate request to have the animal as well as the other cargo that came aboard from the same transport cleared.”

She continued to explain the situation, “In hopes of assisting the Ensign in receiving her animal, I called the sick bay to inquire about having someone clear the animal.” Eghimea intentionally left out the emotional side of the conflict and what she deemed to be disrespectful behavior on the Ensign’s part. ‘If the Executive Officer cares that deeply he can view the security recordings of the bay,’ she rationalized. ‘Or he could ask me directly in a more private setting about the irrational state the Ensign was currently in,’ she added to her own thought.

Nala’s ears pined back against her head and her tail wiped back an forth. Her fangs barely visible behind a near silent growl. How convent she left out the part about throning her with a blaster. She kept her hands behind her back carefully counseling her claws.

“Sadly, my attempt was misguided as the CMO had informed me moments ago that such clearance is handled via Science and not Medical,” she felt the sting of guilt and failure in her own voice as she admitted to her mistake that led to the CMO becoming involved in this unpleasant matter.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea

DaVinci listened to the detailed report for the security officer and nodded to her. “Thank you, Lt. I don’t believe you did anything wrong in asking Dr. Knight to come down. And it seems you followed the proper protocols, except that slight breach No harm, no foul.”

“Hold up say what,” Mayvonne’s spicy slang cut through the space as she pulled out a tricorder and scanned Colter.

“I am scanning you DaVinci lookin’ for dat crazy virus that seems to be affect ya’ll’s damn mind ‘cause we are talking about a panther. Not some laying ‘round rodent collector but a full-arsed zoo cat.”

“Really, Mayvonne? I’m beginning to think I’m the only sane person in this entire situation,” DaVinci said trying to hold back a smirk.

Next, he turned to Nala. “Lt. Laju did what was required of her to do, Ensign Winters. So, what is the issue?”

Colter (XP/CIO)

” The 2nd Lieutenant is leaving out details. The issue is that he cannot be left in that continent until someone decides there going to clear him, he is a 2-month-old cub and needs care. I’m not going to risk his death I highly drought star fleet would be happy to hear he starved to death.” Nala said trying desperately to keep the growl out of her voice. Nala shot Laju another glare. The terrorist planed this she was sure of it.
Ensign Nala

“Let me tell you this, ensign. If Starfleet hears that we are allowing a predatory feline on our ship, pet or not, They are going to question Captain Knights sanity. And as XO and Dr. Knight, as the Chief Medical officer, AND his wife, I don’t think either one of us is going to say he is losing his marbles.”

“Maybe we should call Teller,” Natasha suggested. It was not that she was incapable of scanning the thing but a second opinion was never a bad thing.

Natasha Knight CMO

“Why do people keep calling out my name. You know the badges pick that stuff up.” He said as he walked in to the room. He glanced at the relatively small tiger. “Is there a tiger on this ship?”

‘please Prophets,’ Eghimea rendered a silent prayer, ‘deliver me from this madness.’

He tilted his head as he glanced over the Chief Medical’s officer shoulder to look at the paperwork. “Oh, leopard. That’s so much better.” He shrugged. “I have to be honest I can’t help any of you. “Starfleet regulation 3.6.9 subsection 4 paragraph 8 states Sciences are responsible for the safety and storage of procured flora and fauna from away mission or for use in scientific experiments. I have not left my quarters all day and I have not procured anything but a headache from too.... ‘shore leave.’ I can’t clear or reject a ‘pet’. If its cleared through Star-Fleet and the Captain I guess its cleared. If its not then it’s not. My two cents is medical can check if there is something contagious we should be worried about then…” he looked at the XO. “Most pips win.”

Teller CSO

“You’re a big help, Graham,” DaVinci replied sarcastically

“And completely hysterical,” Natasha rolled her eyes.

A loud chuckle erupted from Mayvonne who practically guffawed at the senior officers. “Damn girl he totally just slam dunked you and you are fun-sized so there is no way in hell you are gonna make that free throw to get the ball back to him.”

“I am pretty sure you can go,” Natasha said raising an eyebrow.

“Girrrrrrrl I ain’t goin’ anywhere. All I got is feet back in sick bay and that girl’s feet are just nasty,” Mayvonne let her rich drawl fill the room.

Shaking her head, Natasha debated about calling down Dante or the Captian if needed. Dante was far different than the Captain because the Captain would be down here in ten seconds flat but Dante would stroll down, probably in sweats and then she would have to deal with carrying the ‘do you know how many times I have gotten up in the middle of the night for you’ conversation. This was highly important because the Captian only got out of bed for red alerts but Dante was legally bound and could complain about it.

Eghimea continued to stand there watching in disbelief as she watched what should have been a simple quarantine clearance devolve into a ‘who’s job is it,’ game between Science and Medical.

‘I could just let the mouthy Ensign have her pet and return to my other duties,’ the temptation hit her hard. She closed her eyes as the Chief Science Officer was now shifting the responsibility for this quagmire to the Executive Officer. ‘You could just turn a blind eye, and all this goes away,’ she tempted herself.

Reaching deep into her being, Eghimea prayed once more to the Prophets for strength of character to guide her through this mess. Her memory answered as it came alive with the Captain’s words from their encounter in the Sickbay, ’Responsibility, accountability and professionalism are our foundation.’

‘If I turned a blind eye to this,’ she felt her confidence shore up, ‘what of Rex?’ Her mind ran through the possible scenarios and how devastated Lieutenant Ruby would be if something happened to Rex. And she alone would bear the responsibility. This was her Cargo Bay till she was relieved of duty. There was a regulation at play in this situation, and it existed for a reason.

‘No, one of these two Senior Officers will clear this animal or it will remain in quarantine,’ she assured herself! She opened her eyes and turned to face the Executive Officer and mentally braced herself for the conflict she feared was about to happen. Her eyes ready to meet his eyes the moment he would turn to her and order her to let the creature from quarantine.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea

DaVinci released an exasperated sigh while rubbing his temples. “Okay, final answer. Here it is. Any one interrupts me, I’m having you thrown in the brig!!”

“Whah” Nat looked at DaVinci with a shocked expression but went no further as the words hung half in the air and half in her mouth.

As the words left his lips Eghimea’s mind shifted gears. ‘Brig, ha’ she thought as she prepared to risk another trip to a brig to stand her ground. ‘I’m sure Star Fleet brigs are much nicer than those in the Star Guard,’ she joked to herself. Her mind ran through all the Star Fleet Regulations that governed the movement of live cargo between points within Star Fleet’s massive logistic framework. With her mental ammunition loaded, she was about to speak up and give this Commander a piece of her mind….

”Lt. Laju, made the right call.”

And just like that, her mind went blank as her mouth snapped shut. ‘wha…’ she thought in disbelief. Eghimea felt a sense of vindication in a way that she wasn’t used to. Normally she would have to push, argue, and scream to get those around her to listen to what she was saying. It was far worse when dealing with those of higher rank. She stood there listening to Commander Colter speak, her shoulders back and her arms professionally folded behind her back.

Nala listened as her tail began to swish back and forth with even more agitation.

The brig really I’m so scared Nala thought. Mentally calling his bluff though she didn’t say a word. She was not dumb enuff to speak her chalenge.

“This animal, pet, panther, leopard, whatever the hell it is, HAS been quarantined. It stays here until the quarantine is lifted. Ens. Winters, you’ll just have to deal with it, and I might and,” he said looking directly at Nala, “as a feline species yourself, you SHOULD be concerned about the quarantine. You’re risking your own health, by bringing this possibly diseased animal on board. Not to mention the fact that you just purchased this animal, which I assume, has not yet been trained to survive life on a starship, let alone in captivity. Whether you have all the appropriate papers or not, has to go through the command staff. As the ships executive officer, I am very tempted to say ‘no freaking way’ are we allowing a predatory animal on this battleship. Keys words being ‘executive officer’ AND ‘battleship’.”

“Well it is not like we don’t have a two dolphiiii,” Natasha said and bit her lip. That was Kalani’s crazy. Part of Nat rather enjoyed the ‘Noah’s Ark’ spirited debates between the XO and CO when the shots were flowing between them. Both men had two sides. The officer side and the softie side. As the captain’s better half she got to see both of them. Right now Colter was playing bad cop so that meant there had to be a good cop.

Eghimea’s eyes were focused on no particular thing as he was speaking, though the mouthy Ensign didn’t slip from her perception. Before this moment, she would have cheered the ‘ruling’ and subsequent vindication. If only mentally, that is. But he wasn’t done, and Eghimea felt the tone of the dictation change.

He took a deep breath before continuing. “And one more thing, Ensign Winters. As a feline species, don’t you feel taking on another feline species as a ‘pet’, is something of a moral quandary? I mean, that’s like me taking on. . . “, he looked around at the assembled group and singling out Mayvonne, “this lady here as a pet!! We are different, but we’re both of the human species!!”

“Rarrrwwwww,” Mayvonne air raked the space between them with a sassy expression. “Colter baby you could not handle this cougar…but I am all about you giving it that academy try,” she put a hand on her hip. While she was technically younger and he was older, the cat metaphor worked and she was not way a cuddly kitten when the time called for it. “Comm me,” she mouthed at the XO and gave him a wink.

Did he just call
me an animal
Nala thought. Her ears pined tight back against her ears. A soft growl came from her. Her hair stud on end making her a but more puffy then usual. It her tail launched into the you will get Bit pattern of movement. He did just compare me to an animal.

From the very edges of her eyes, she took in Ensign Nala Winters. The excitement and joy surely drained from the feline creature. ‘Poor furry thing,’ Eghimea thought in sadness as she listened to the Commander continue. She couldn’t hold on to her frustration at the mouthy Ensign any longer. Those hot emotions were replaced by pity.

The XO, took one more deep breath, waiting to reply to the protests that were sure to come from his call. . . .

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Okay DaVinci you can’t just leave it sitting there. I mean think about Bruce,” Natasha waved a hand at the XO. “Here you take the scanner and just waved it about,” she mimicked the action but stayed back a few steps.

‘Shut up Eghi,’ she thought using the nickname her brother had given her when they were children. ‘You won, leave it at that,’ her mind added.

‘Eghi,’ the memory of her brother filled her mind’s eye. ‘Being a leader is more than just being right. Its doing the right thing,’ her brother had once schooled her.

Nala opened her mouth to say something but was cut of by Laje.

Taking in a deep breath, “Sir,” she said softly and flatly. “Moral debates aside,” she continued selecting her words very carefully not to trigger the conflict she was sure he had expected. “This situation can be resolved with minimal effort. We have both Doctor Knight and Commander Graham here right now. Either one of them can scan the animal and issue a clearance,” she said motioning to the animal.

“Exactly,” she moved the scanner towards Teller and let it hit him in the chest like she was passing the buck. “You are used to scanning things with teeth and claws. What was that chicks name you met like four shore leaves ago? Debbie or Danka, or,” she snapped her fingers breaking the golden rule of what happens on shore leave stays on shore leave.

She then motioned over to Ensign Winters, “Moreover, seeing how this means so much to her.” Once more taking a moment to choose her words carefully, “Don’t you think, Sir, that with your keen insight into the moral side of this issue and the scope of what is needed to train this creature for life aboard a warship can both be used as a means to help the Ensign grow beyond this encounter.”

She drew in a deep breath hoping that her words would resonate with the Commander, “But for now, Sir. Could you please, help me resolve this issue for the Ensign.”

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea

Nala could not believe Laje’s words. Is she defending me! What the hell! tarorist don’t do that She said. The look on her face quickly changing to one of confusion. She tilted her head sideways and stared at the other officer.
Ensign Nala

“Oh fine. I will do it,” Natasha said tucking some hair behind her ears. “For a combined IQ of like 300 and the ability for each of you to take out a Klingon, send the tiny, meek, Doctor in,” Natasha pretended to grumble about her task.

Teller shrugged, he wasn’t insulted or moved. Although to be fair being afraid of the leopard wasn’t on his radar. He was just not interested in making the call if a leopard could be on a star-ship when there was two people in the room that outranked him.

Eghimea stood there stoic and unmoving as they talked then finally. ‘Thank the Prophets,’ she thought, then added ‘finally one of these senior officers were going to help resolve this situation.’

Without her masks, these Federation Officers would have seen her deep pity for that strange furry alien. Though, she did wonder if there were an unspoken cultural or racial caste system that she was unaware of. Maybe this creature had overstepped her place aboard the Saracen. Could that have been the reason for the XO’s rather cruel take down of this poor creature in an Ensign’s uniform?

“Okay if you bite me we are not going to be off to a good start,” Natasha looked at the leopard as she scanned her. It was hard to even pretend to be grump with the poor kitty. While it was far larger than a normal house cat, it was rather adorable. Looking at the scans, Natasha looked up at Colter and then Teller, before addressing Laju. “It seems to be fine. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary but I am not a vet. I think it is free to roam about on a leash. You do have a leash don’t you,” she asked Nala.

Natasha Knight. CMO

It took Nala a moment to registure what had happened. ” Of Course i have a Harness and leash for him here” She said shoeing the Harness and Leash to evryone.

It was Doctor knight’s words that snapped Eghimea from her thoughts, “Thank you Doctor.” Eghimea stepped forward with her datapad at the ready. “I will attach your scans to the clearance documentation,” she explained as her fingers worked the touch screen. One thing about being aboard the Saracen, everything was so easy to master. Unlike the StarGuard where learning technology from many different origins made understanding the entire ship a struggle at best.

‘I miss the Örlagaríkur,’ she thought with deep hidden sadness.

“Doctor, if you will please sign here,” Eghimea said in her most professional voice allowing Doctor Knight to see and read the documents she was signing for. And the onslaught of StarFleet and Federation Bureaucracy began on the poor Doctor. “Thank you, Ma’am. And initial here, here and here,” Eghimea said as she motioned to the areas where the Doctor’s initials were needed. “And two more signatures here and here,” Eghimea waited patiently for the doctor to complete her tasks.

“What am I doing signing for a mortgage here,” Natasha quipped and shot a smile at Nala along with a wink. Situations like this were always stressful. The last thing she wanted to do was create anymore tension. It was time to deflect with a bit of humor.

Nat Knight CMO

Wail paper work was being sined Nala finly relaxed. Her tail lay aganst the floor unmoving and her ears seamed to sag forword. She could not help the yawn that escaped her shoing off her impresive fangs. “im so glad i can get you home and go to bed soon” Nala said with a smile.

She quickly scanned the documents to ensure that each one was filled out properly and signed correctly. ‘As if I would miss something again,’ she thought with an inward smile.

Turning to Doctor Knight, “copies of the animals initial paperwork, your scans as well as the clearance documents have been forwarded to your office for your records.”

She then turned to Ensign Winters, “As well as to your own personal account.”

” Ok thank you” Nala said. All atempst and military decorom gone.

Turning back to the XO, “Sir, there is no further reason for the animal to be detained.” Snapping to attention, “Sir if you will, I have other duties to perform. Permission to be dismissed from this,” she paused then chose a much more neutral word, “gathering.”

  • 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea


Nala nelt down nearly falling on her face. She was able to regane her balance befor hiting the deck. She carefully out the harness and leash on the cat. “ “Am I good to go now” She asked.
Ensign Nala

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