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The Saracen had been sent on a cruise to patrol the ‘west’ side of the fleet’s grounds. While well within Federation territory, there wasn’t an actual heavy presence this far out. It fell to a few ships like the Saracen, patrolling the black, in what was still effectively the wild west. Of course, there were plenty of routine things to do. Even if they were tedious.

“It’s just been so quiet lately,” NE Harmon said, studying the operations panel in front of him. Fiddling with the displays, he ironed out a power irregularity in the tertiary ODN network. Then made a note about it in the log.

“Don’t say the ‘q’ word,” NE Locke hissed, flashing him a grin, then sobered. “Same goes for the ‘s’ word.”

“That’s just superstition, you know. There’s no statistical proof that–“

“There are always truths behind ever superstition, Ensign Harmon,” 2nd Lieutenant Laju said calmly from the tactical station.

An alert passed across his board, an incoming signal. “Huh,” he groused, then pulled up what information he had on it. It was coming from just on the edge of high-resolution sensor range, some three and a half lightyears out. There were a couple of ships within sensor range, but nothing to get conclusive information, save for that ship. It was flagged as a distress call. Ship under attack.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to wake the captain up,” NE Harmon said.

Jensen had been zoned out at the helm, but perked up when he heard the Ensign mention the Captain. Luckily, no one else around him seemed to notice. Cadet Truhart peered over to the Ops station, then turned back to the conn and projected the quickest route possible. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to take the ship off course without permission from the CO.

“Agreed, we should also alert the senior staff as well, Ensign,” At the same time, her hands flew over the sensor controls of the Saracen’s powerful sensor arrays. It was too far away, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t get eyes on the situation much sooner. Without waiting for the senior staff or Captain, she readied a Class 9 Probe and set it for extreme sensor sweeps. She knew from her bridge training that a Class 9 probe could travel at warp 9 for about twelve hours. More then enough of a head start for the bridge crew to respond.

That would mean, once they arrived on the bridge, they would be greeted with the latest information available. As the call to the Captain was being sent out, the probe was being launched.

It was seventeen hours to that distress call at maximum sustainable warp, and too far for emergency warp. Whatever was going on, it was already too late. But there might be survivors. =^=Bridge to Captain Knight…=^=

Rei, GMT

“At our current position we’re looking at a seventeen-hour detour at max warp, Lieutenant,” Jay announced, watching the probe jet out from the ship and into the distance. “Do you want to hail the ship, sir?” The Cadet Helmsman asked.

Cadet Truhart

“Hail what ship, Cadet? Give me a report someone, please.” The slightly Italian accented voice of the Captain came from behind the group as he stepped off the Turbo-lift. Coffee cup in hand, fresh uniform and not looking like he had just woken up it would be clear that he hadn’t been sleeping when the call came in, along with not even being in his quarters.

The pause in his voice and the way he stopped and looked at the helmsman in his Cadet uniform before he sat down indicated that the new crew member was unfamiliar to him immediately, although he clearly knew the young cadets name. Although the pause did make it convenient for the Officer of the Watch to vacate the Captains chair.

“Welcome to the Saracen, by the way, Mr Truhart.” Dante spoke as he placed the coffee cup in the cup-holder that Alindor had retrofitted to the chair for him, then looked around at the rest of the Bridge Crew for this shift. His eyes fell on Laju and he nodded, before turning back to Helm and Ops.

Captain Knight, CO

NE Harmon turned to regard Captain Knight. “We have a vessel on long-range scanners sending out a distress call. They reported they were under attack. Contact is intermittent. I.F.F. registers it as the SS Bhari.” Tapping a couple controls on his console he continued. “Its an independent prospector and hauler ship. Probably has less tactical capabilities than one of our runabouts.” There were any number of things the ensign could speculate on, as to why the vessel was under attack, but whatever was going on it was hours away at best speed.

Another alert came through and a look of concern crossed the fresh-faced operations officer’s face. “Contact lost, sir. Inconclusive as to why.” He didn’t need to say it was likely destroyed. But were there survivors?

NE Harmon

Jensen’s shot a glance at the Ops officer, then back to the CO. The Cadet wondered how many other ships received the message but chose not to assist. “Who would want to destroy a defenseless hauler?” Truhart asked rhetorically. Shaking his head, the Cadet turned back to the helm and awaited the CO’s orders.

Cadet Truhart

Sheleah made her way quietly onto the bridge. She wasn’t late for her shift but she had arrived after the Captain and her mother would have told her that was bad form but would have been proud of Sheleah none the less.

Sheleah was an observational counselor and prefered to walk every inch of every place she served rather than sit in any office assigned to her. When she wasn’t on the bridge or in session, she could be found just about anywhere, at any time.

  • Sheleah

Brenna’s shift wasn’t scheduled to start so she had been walking and exersising her huskies when the call for senior staff came through. Dropping off her boys, she donned a clean uniform and made her way to the bridge.

The lift doors opened and she made her way to the tactical station to releave Laju. “Lt Laju,” she greeted while scanning the display.

Atoded, CoS

Siarram had to finish up what he was doing before he could come out of engineering… Which meant no time for a new uniform. Ah, well, what did one expect? He was an engineer and this ship kept him busy. He brushed himself off and managed to look presentable before showing up on the bridge to answer the call for senior staff. As he entered he looked up at the display, trying to figure out what was going on.

~ Lt Ch’thaanaq, CE

“Thank you for coming so promptly,” Dante greeted the latest Officers to arrive. “We have a distress call from a vessel at extreme long sensor range, and their signal just disappeared. Likely worse case scenario but we will investigate.”

He turned to Truhart. “Mr Truhart, lets stretch our space legs shall we. Bring us to Maximum Warp, hold for 12 hours then drop us back to Maximum Sustainable. That should shave a few hours off of this potential rescue mission. Oh, and lets pick up our probe on the way, shall we, seeing as we are going to overtake it sooner rather than later.”

“In the mean time, lets make the best use of the time we have and information we were able to collect. “See if we can find anything in the signals we collected as to what kind of ship the S.S. Bhari is,” he glanced at Sirram here seeing as he was on the Bridge, “how many on board and who is the Captain.” Next he looked at Atoded. “Lets also bring up a Tactical evaluation of who in this area might have hostile intentions.”

“Aye, Sir.” Brenna set both her hands to the console and typed away, pulling up the latest tactical reports and evaluations for the area, looking for hostile and neutral factions. It didn’t hurt to check friendlies either. You never knew what might set someone off.

Atoded, CoS

Last, he turned to Sheleah. “Its’ early and I’d prefer to think postive on this despite what our sensors say, but we may have some survivors that might need your expertise sooner rather than later.”

Captain Knight

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