Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Hannah)

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“Hmmm I thought I saw him move that way.” Hannah pointed across to the other bank. The river was deep enough to swim and, since it was holographic water, once she stepped back into the corridor she would be dry. So she dived in, using sure powerful stroked to reach the opposite side. “The ground is a bit muddy here. We might find prints if he did go this way.”


Sheleah thought Hannah was on the right track but she wasn’t as fast of a swimmer as Hannah so it took her a little longer to get to the other bank.

When she got to the other side she began looking for paw prints in the mud.

“Yeah, you’d think we’d find him here wouldn’t you? I’m not seeing any prints though. Maybe some of these low trees? Oh look! Blackberry bushes!” she said pointing a little further down the bank, “He likes to hide.”

She made her way slowly down tot he blackberry bushes but, again, no Rex paw prints and no Rex.

“The reason I don’t just end the program and find him the easy way is because the last time I did that, he was eighteen feet up a rock face. I don’t know if he was scared or what but, the sudden shift was very disorienting for him so, it’s hide and seek for a little while longer.”

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“We could easily mitigate that. Have the computer isolate his location, bring the elevation equal with outs and maintain the location 5 feet in each direction and then end the rest of the program. That way he doesn’t get so disoriented or risk getting hurt.” Hannah moved further off the bank, still barefoot, and looked for signs of Rex. He could have jumped rather than walked from the bank. “But I don’t want to end his fun either.”


“Exactly! I don’t want to end his fun either. Sometimes I feel guilty taking him from his natural environment but, by the time I left Brazil, it was really the only solution.”

Sheleah knelt at the edge of the thicket of blackberries and gingerly parted some branches close to the ground.

“Yey. Are you in there little guy? COme on, you’re tiring momma out.”

She paused for a few minutes to listen and then stood up quickly.

“I think I heard something a little further down stream.”

  • Sheleah

Hannah moved down stream to meet up with Sheleah. “So you have an Ocelot and are the counselor and diplomatic officer on board a battleship. What do you do for fun?” She cast her gaze around and moved softly along. She didn’t want to startle poor Rex, but Sheleah seemed concerned so she wanted to find him.


Sheleah laughed.

“Aw come on… This is fun. Well, it’s even more fun when he doesn’t get himself lost. I like my job. I read a lot. I just try to find my place wherever I go. If we find a planet that has real horses, I’m happy there but, I think that’s best on Earth.” she said backing out of the blackberry brambles.

  • Sheleah

“I have never ridden, I’m looking forward to it. But honestly if we didn’t have holodecks I don’t know what I would do. I would quickly tire of the gym. I mean I like books and music and games, but I have to active.” Hannah looked around. “Does he like to climb? Those trees down stream are pretty tall.”


Sheleah looked up at the trees and began walking towards them.

“His sisters used to like to climb more than him but Sam has lost track of them in the preserve so I’m not sure anymore but, let’s take a look.”

Sheleah stepped over a fallen log and began crunching over fallen leaves towards the stand of trees Hannah had indicated.

“I don’t think I would be much use on a ship that didn’t have some type of holodeck situation. If we don’t burn off some of the energy we’ve got, through physical exercise, we become very hard to get along with.” she said scanning the trees.

Through the wind Sheleah thought she heard some soft meowing and turned in the direction it had been coming from.

“Up this hill where the trees thin out.”

  • Sheleah

Hannah had to agree. “It makes me stir crazy. My last ship was at a dry dock for 3 weeks, we ran out of things to do. We all got a little nuts. Our security chief replicated toy guns that used these foam darts and we had an all out battle all over the ship. We were finding darts for months.”

Hannah followed Sheleah up the hill she closed her eyes and reached up to adjust her i.plants slightly trying to see if she could hear the sift cries any better.


Sheleah laughed.

“Oh that must have been hilarious. I bet you found them in the most interesting places.”

Hannah nodded, “We did. The seat at the helm station wouldn’t pivot…there was a dart stuck in the joint, behind access panels, in the Jeffries tube. Everywhere.”

Sheleah stopped and listened for Rex. Glancing back, she saw Hannah making adjustments but didn’t think very much of it. Now Rex’s soft meows seemed to be coming from a slightly different direction.

“Damn that boy of mine. I’m going to need a hot fudge sundae by the time this day is over and somebody’s going to be in time out for making me worry.” she said. Her tone was a mix of exasperation and love for the little creature.

“That way? Maybe?” she said pointing in a different direction.

  • Sheleah

Hannah nodded, “Sounds like it.” Shebfollowed Sheleah toward the sound. “Maybe we should have the computer limit the size of the program so he can’t wander forever? Or place us within so many feet of his location?” Hannah asked.


“Aww I can’t bare to do that to him, at least not yet. Another half hour and I’ll consider it. If you think it’s hard for us to be cooped up, imagine what it most be like for a creature like him. Sam was very upset with me when he found out I wasn’t taking a planetside post. He thinks this atmosphere is too confining for Rex and that we’re much to dependent on each other. I think it’s straining the last bit of our friendship to the point of mere colleagues.”

Sheleah glanced at Hannah, there was sadness in her blue eyes. She hadn’t ever opened up like that about Sam or Rex before. What struck her the most about everything she had just said is that she would rather loose Sam than Rex.

“Aaaa, we’ll find him. Do you smell honeysuckle too?”

  • Sheleah

Hannah didn’t say it, but she agreed with this Sam. It didn’t seem fair to keep an animal like Rex on a star ship. Of course on the flip side if Rex was attached to Sheleah it wasn’t fair for her to give up her career either. Sometimes you do the best you can. “I mean he is in the holodeck and the safeties are on. He really isn’t lost. Do his cries mean he is in distress?” Hannah inhaled. “It’s strong, might be Jasmin instead.”


Sheleah listened to Rex’s cries for a bit longer.

“Distressed, hungry, a little lost. Could be a combination of all three.” she explained before beginning to call for him again.

Hannah nodded, tipping her head to the side like she was listening, “The cries seem to be getting further away. It’s hard to tell with my implants and the way the holodeck distorts sound to fit the program. It doesn’t always sound right.”

Sighing, she decided that it was time to call the game.

“Computer, show me Rex.”

The computer chirped and a rainbow appeared in the sky. Sheleah and Hannah were instructed to follow the rainbow and they would find Rex. That sent Sheleah into a giggling fit.

“Okay, that’s adorable. Let’s go find the pot of purrs at the end of the rainbow.”

  • Sheleah

A rainbow? It was pretty and fanciful. She wondered what other little tweaks the program had. “Pot of purrs?” Hannah was missing a reference. The only rainbow reference she could come up with was from The Wizard of Oz. She didn’t remember anything about a pot at the end.


Sheleah had a strong sense that they were walking towards the beginning of the program and expected to see picnic tables at any minute.

“I guess leprechauns on Earth were always hid their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. When Rex and his sisters, Bella and Estrella, were little, they liked to hid in this one little spot that one of the old women swore looked like an old cooking pot set into one of those dug in firepits they used to have hundreds of years ago. Sam and I used to call it the pot of purrs.”

As they had been walking and talking Rex’s cries had stopped which meant he was either sleeping or tired. Sheleah saw the picnic tables ahead and a furry lump under one of them.

“Would you look at that. He made his way all the way back here and we missed him.”

  • Sheleah

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