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Posted by Lieutenant Do’trahk of House Kholl (Medical Officer) in The Counselors Quarters - Meet the Klingon

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in The Counselors Quarters - Meet the Klingon

Posted by Lieutenant Do’trahk of House Kholl (Medical Officer) in The Counselors Quarters - Meet the Klingon
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At 6ft 4” tall, broad shouldered and sporting a muscular 240 lbs with a shaven head, braided beard and metal eye patch engraved with crossed daggers, the crew of the Saracen could be forgiven for stepping aside to let the powerful form of their very own Klingon doctor pass in peace. That the Klingon Exchange Officer also wore his House Sash over his medical blue tunic depicting the rank of Ships Captain and position as Second Son, plus his families heirloom Kut’luch dagger and leather fingerless gloves with metal studs on the knuckles, may have also added to the presence of the man as he walked down the corridors of the Saracen’s residential area with a plain, brown paper bag in hand.

What Do’trahk couldn’t understand was why so many people hurried to get out of his way. He was only taking his department heads advice into consideration and trying to smile more, so when they smiled and greeted him, he bared his teeth in a wide smile in return. Clearly, this crew was even less friendly than that of the Ark Angel that he had been assigned to as Department Head when he first joined the Exchange Program, and while he had learnt much on that giant Federation ship, the culture of these people still confused him.

Finally, he reached the door of the Quarters that the bag in his hand had been addressed to so he stopped outside and opened it, confirming the contents were still there. Grunting in personal acknowledgement that the bag was indeed still carrying what he put in it, he closed it, scrunched it in one hand and reached forward with the other, ringing the chime to announce he was waiting. Home deliveries were not normal, but also not unheard of. It was time for this weeks episode of that trashy daytime soap that Dr Knight and Nurse Mayvonne seemed to enjoy so much anyway, so it was really a good time for him to step out and do something constructive.

Do’trahk of House Kholl, Doctor

Sheleah had a few hours off and was busy catching up on private correspondence when her chime rang. She sighed at the welcome interruption because talking with Sam, at the moment, was not something she felt up to.

“Enter!” she called.

  • Sheleah

The doors slid open to reveal a mountain of a Klingon wearing the medical blues, and enough metal to likely make him sink if he ever tried to swim in it.

Stepping through that door he paused but didn’t look around, instead, his eyes fell on the woman in the room and seemed to take no interest in anything else. Or it might have been that he had already taken notice of what he deemed important. With the sound of a slight grunt, his head tilted as he regarded her, then his lips parted in a wide smile. Even if the rest of the crew seemed to not be so friendly when he smiled, the man was determined to take the good Doctors advice. It was, after all, why the Klingon High Command had assigned him and a number of other Klingon Doctors as exchange officers on Federation ships.

“You are the Count’se’lor?” Do’trahk asked in clipped, direct words. They were not unfriendly. At least, no more unfriendly than his smile. “The one called Sh’leah?”

Do’trahk of House Kholl, Doctor

Everything Sheleah had visited Klingon territory as a child, she and her parents would take a refresher Klingon Etiquette course because one of them was usually doing something very very important. At least that’s what they had always told the little girl. So when she saw this mountainous figure entering her quarters, all the training she had received through her years as a child, and as a diplomat, clicked into place. She immediately stood from her chair and presented herself as tall as her diminutive frame would allow and returned his smile.

“Welcome warrior. Yes I am counselor Sheleah Ruby. Nuqneh?”

  • Sheleah

The exhalation of air from his lungs hung between them just a moment, before his eyes narrowed somewhat. “You are not what I expected.” He announced, his hand raising up and down as he indicated her body. “You are, smooth. I was expecting someone with much more, fur.” Again a slow grunt came as he seemed to accept the reality of who was before him.

“I have a prescription here, for you. It came in from a Doctor off-ship. Something to do with fur treatment, but it was legitimate and addressed to you.” Do’trahk raised the paper bag in his hand and looked it, then held it out towards her. “I do not remember the name of the one who sent the prescription, it was not important.”

Do’trahk of House Kholl

Sheleah wondered if he would be angry if she laughed at him so, she merely smiled and took the bag.

“Thank you for noticing my lack of fur. This is definitely not for me. Now I understand why Sam wanted to get a hold of me so badly.”

She opened the package and set it on her desk.

“Please be seated and I’ll show you exactly what it’s for.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

The big Klingon paused for a moment, both of his eyebrows rising as he looked at the Counselor and tilted his head. It took a second, but then the eyebrows dropped. “Oh! Not for you! Got it.” For a moment, Do’trahk had wondered where exactly she was going to show him what it was for as she didn’t seem to be covered in fur, before his realization that she told him it wasn’t for her kicked in.

Looking around, he found a chair and pulled it out. Turning it to face her, he sat down with back straight and chin held high. His head was turned a little so that his one single eye could see her without obstruction. “Proceed, Count’se’lor.” He announced.

Do’trahk of House Kholl, Doctor

Sheleah stood up and walked into the other room. She scooped up Rex from his nap and brought him out to meet their guest. By that time the spotted feline had opened his sleepy golden eyes and looked around a little bit. He was wondering if Mama had brought him some new food or, was it simply time for more tests, and who was this new person.

Sheleah sat down across from Do’trahk as Rex readjusted himself so that his head was along her right shoulder.

“This is who the fur treatment is for. His name is Rex and he’s an ocelot. They’re known to Earth’s tropical regions and he’s been entrusted to my care so, sadly, right now, he’s the only man in my life.” Sheleah said with a smile.

  • Sheleah

The Klingon sat and stared at the creature for a moment, and then visibly sniffed deeply.

“One moment,” he said, holding up a hand. Taking a hypo out of his pocket, he injected something Into his neck and then sniffed again. It sounded clearer.

Looking at Sheleah, he shrugged. “Allergies,” he explained casually and slid the hypo back into his pocket.

“Why would he be the only man in your life? Do’trahk asked, sounding curious. “You are not ugly or smell funny, do men avoid you for some reason? Do they not like your furry thing? This, Ocelot?”


Sheleah couldn’t help but giggle just a bit at everything he had just said. Sighing, she stopped herself and looked him in the eye as both her parents had always told her to do.

“He is the only man in my life for at least the last 15 months because where I go, he goes and we need each other I guess. I take care of him and he helps me realize that even though my job can be quite stressful at times, I have something very loving and wonderful to come home to. I’m not certain whether men avoid me or not to tell the truth. My apologies for your allergies.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

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