Long Term Correspondence

Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 10:43 a.m. by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Medical Officer) in Long Term Correspondence

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Long Term Correspondence

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Daniel was gone and had been for awhile. Cpt Knight was looking for a new first officer. Hannah had no delusions of what that meant. She had packed up his things and hers and been moved back into JO quarters. That was fine, the XO quarters weren’t for her and it was too sad to be in them anyway. She had no idea if Daniel had been able to free Jepson. She hoped that if Jepson did make it out, that he would find a way to tell her what happened to Daniel, but she didn’t even know if Jepson knew about her.

The offer arrived and Hannah was surprised. Finding Daniel again she had no plans to do or go anywhere else. But she was a good fit for the position. The idea of five more empty years was crushing. Hannah couldn’t stay and be stagnant this time. Daniel was the love of her life. She wouldn’t move on from him. She couldn’t, but she had her career she could focus on until…if he came back. So she accepted the position. The first thing she did was leave a letter, telling Daniel where she had gone, where to find her. The second was to send a letter to Alexis.

She was playing with the dog tags that were hanging around her neck again. They were a heavy weight. She signed quietly into the recording. =/\= Hey Nugget. How are things? You figure out everything? You get married? Did your mom go over board? Did your dad cry? I wish I could have been there..” Hannah paused and lifted the chain. “Look what I got back. I don’t know what to tell you, Alexis. It’s one of those things your dad always says only your heart can understand. Right now mine doesn’t. Only that I am grateful I found him, and angry that he was taken away again.” Hannah sat back and her hands started and stopped a few times. “I wish we had gotten married. I wish we had broached the subject at least. I am lonely in a way I can’t explain to you. We were so content to just be together, it all passed us by. I’m glad that hasn’t happened to you. Don’t waste time over thinking your life with Solomon, just do it.

I took a new position, but I think I may go home for a visit first. I’ll contact you when I get settled. =/\=


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