Pre sim--Arrival and reporting in

Posted March 4, 2023, 4:16 p.m. by Ensign Kyrith Th'zylen (Security Officer) (Katy Darrah)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in Pre sim–Arrival and reporting in

Posted by Ensign Kyrith Th’zylen (Security Officer) in Pre sim–Arrival and reporting in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in Pre sim–Arrival and reporting in
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His antenna were pressed almost flat against his head as Kyrith materialized on the transporter pad. He would never get used to that sensation, no matter how many times he transported around. He reached up and touched the vial of Eran’s blood, quietly muttering a few words. He stepped down off the pad with a nod to the transporter operator, and quietly exited the room. Emerging into the corridor, he brought up a map on his PaDD.

As he walked, his antenna slowly rose, angling in two separate directions as did his curiosity. He had never been on such a wonderful Federation ship before, so this was his chance to detect and explore as much as he could. He should, however, watch where he’s going, as he found out upon running into the door of the Chief of Security’s office a few minutes later. Managing not to fall on his butt, he rang the chime.

Ensign Kyrith Th’zylen

Brenna was expecting a new officer to report today and she was currently sitting at her desk reading over his personnel file. Three canine heads lifted and barked as something hit the door. Geri let out a low rumble and Brenna tapped the security feed on the monitors. “Lu’” She gave them the command in Klingon and they seemingly went back to sleep. At the chime she called, “Come in Ensign Th’zylen.” She watched as he did so. “Come in, have a seat.”

Three dogs were curled up in the far corner and raised their heads as he came in. Siberian huskies, a black and white, a grey and white, and a brown and white. They sniffed the air, taking his scent and the settled back down.

Atoded, CoS

Kyrith entered, his antennae sweeping around the room, his curiosity piqued. As he took a seat, he went back to keeping them pressed back close to his head, a method he used to protect himself from sensory inputs he wasn’t wanting. He’d taken to using that method in the last few years since Eran died.

Ensign Kyrith Th’zylen

Atoded leaned back in her chair, “Tell me what you bring to the security team, ensign.”

Atoded, CoS

Kyrith eyed her for a moment, before speaking. “I’ve been in the Imperial Guard back on Andoria, so I’ve, unfortunately, seen combat.” His hand moved up and lightly touched the vial of blood around his neck. “However, I do not let my feelings or emotions cloud my judgement. I make myself ignore any familiarity I have with anyone i may need to deal with.”

Ensign Kyrith Th’zylen

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