Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor's Office

Posted March 15, 2023, 12:02 a.m. by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Ensign Jhalae Ynuchausti (Engineering Officer) in Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor’s Office

Posted by Ensign Jhalae Ynuchausti (Engineering Officer) in Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor’s Office
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It had actually been a couple of weeks since she arrived on the ship. Since that time she’d attended a party for the new XO, been on the bridge and fixed the broken replicator, and managed to avoid the call the fix the Captain’s shower. Life on a ship was more exciting than working on a Starbase but was also exhausting. While relieving the transporter NE she’d accidentally beamed an unauthorized box of illegal Romulan Ale aboard and some of the crew got ahold of it and had a great time. This mishap had been discovered a few days ago and the transporter chief had gone through the work logs and discovered it was she who was on duty when the cargo had been beamed aboard. She’d been accused of doing it on purpose but she honestly didn’t. Jhalae had simply failed to follow the correct transport procedures that were supposed to capture things like this.

When she approached the counselor’s office she rang the chime and put her head down waiting to be called in.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah had been reading through the morning reports when the chime rang.

“Yes? Come in.”

Rex perked up and him mama’s voice and decided now would be the perfect time to leap onto the six foot tall cat tree she had installed along one of the walls.

  • Sheleah

Jhalae walked into the office and said, “Hey! I am sorry it took me so long to make my way here. I didn’t make an appointment but I had some free time. Is now a good time for a visit?” She looked at Rex and smiled, hoping she would have a chance to pet him.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Rex turned several times and closed his eyes. Sheleah had been preparing to send reminders to a batch of crew members and made a note that Ynuchausti wouldn’t need a reminder.

“Actually, I have just enough time to do one. Have a seat. I remember you from the party the other night.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Thank you,” She said as she took a seat. “Yes, I remember you too. I must admit I was trying to avoid you because I knew that I had not completed my visit with you. Anyway, I am here now. It seems I have gotten myself in some trouble and everything is catching up to me.” She shifted in her seat. “Your animal is so cute. Do you think I can pet him?”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah had seen this type of behavior before. People in a new environment letting life catch up to them while they get on their feet.

“I’m pretty sure Rex will come down to give you a hello sniff. He does that a few times every time someone new comes in the office so… I heard about the brandy, or was it ale?” Sheleah asked with a smile.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

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