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From the bridge Atoded grabbed the piece of the B’hari’s bridge and tractored it (OOC or beamed not sure which works here Lady GM). Coordinating with the Ops officer on duty in the Cargo Bay they brought the large piece of debris in and it settled with a loud thud-dunk on the floor plating. A swarm of NEs in protective gear, just in case, wen about securing and supporting the large structure so it was stable.

Atoded, CoS

Charles was one of the Ensigns present as well. He was helping a group hold up one of the sides while the others braced it from underneath. Charles also elected to preform a “bump test” afterwards to make sure it was secure, pushing with a non-insignificant amount of force onto the heavy chunk of debris.

“Well, if that didn’t move it,” he said to the others, “I think it is good, no?”

[Ensign Charles-Louis, Engineering]

((The good ol’ “That ain’t goin’ nowhere.” :D ))

Magnetic clamps and a few straps saw the wreckage locked in place. A quick scan revealed low levels of particle emissions emanating from the materials, which were well within safety parameters.

The piece of ship in question was roughly the size and shape of a small watercraft, such as a small cabin cruiser or sport boat. It was an intersection of two flat bulkheads which formed an L that curved along the last third of the long end, giving it a somewhat talon-like appearance. Several NEs noted the resemblance, though only vaguely. The wall edges were frayed with ODN relays poking out, along with an EPS relay. An access terminal along one wall seemed viable, but it was unclear if there was anything useful there.

Along the edges, the piece showed signs of buckling and mechanical stress, along with tendrils of metal that had streamed off and then cooled in the vacuum. In a few spots it seemed the metal had ejected away or just flown apart. Whatever had happened to the B’hari was quite violent.


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