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In his quarters on Deck 3, Andriss put the finishing touches on his reception party and meet and greet. Next to the replicator where guests could refresh their drinks, he had two tables set up–one each with vegan and non-vegetarian food options from Earth, Denobula, Quo’nos, Betazed, Vulcan, and Orion–a Federation of food.

On the record player–a gift from one of his co-spouses on Denobula–September by Earth, Wind, & Fire played in the background, as would a rotation of 70s disco hits from Earth. Krex himself wore a navy blue leisure suit with wide legs and wide lapels and an orange zebra-print silk shirt that surreally matched his bright shock of orange hair.

On Denobula, his house was known for its get togethers, and Andriss looked forward to this first party on the Saracen, an informal opportunity to meet members of the crew. He perched on the edge of a low sofa and ate a soda cracker, sipping sparkling water, and waited for his guests to arrive.

-XO Andriss Krex

“Ally, where the heck are you? I’m outside the place and I got the beer. I’m all dressed up and I look like I’m about to ask the new XO on a date. You said you’d be here, what’s taking so long?” Rico stood lightly swinging a six pack of beer in one hand, leaving the fourth message for Allison on the ships comm system.

Letting out a sigh he leaned on the wall, his elbow hitting the door chime and setting off the announcement inside that the first Arrival had… arrived.

Lt Rico Vanhall, Armory

When Andriss heard the first chime, he practically leapt off the couch. Denobulans in general tend to prefer co-mingling, and had he not been preparing for the party, Andriss would have been holo-chatting with his spouses about their days–but he was just as excited, if not moreso–to meet the new crew.

He stood at the door to welcome his first guest, whom he recognized from ship’s register. He’d studied it fastidious before coming aboard.

“Lieutenant Vanhall! Welcome, welcome! Please do make yourself comfortable and help yourself to any refreshments or the replicator! It’s nice to meet you in person,” he rambled, pointing the man into the quarters.

“Thanks Commander,” Rico returned the greeting, “Likewise. I look forward to catching up with you over Phaser Certification, but that’s another conversation. I hope the Saracen has been kind to you so far, and if you ever find yourself facing that lizard of the Captains and he looks like he’s going for shenanigans, just throw a red ball. Works every time.” Rico winked and laughed. “Early tip, worth knowing.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah had just stepped off the lift and was walking quickly down the corridor when she saw the new XO’s door open. Excitedly, she quickened her pace and waved cheerily.

“Hi! Got room for one more?” she asked.

  • Sheleah

“Of course, Lieutenant!” Andriss said jovially, welcoming the counselor and diplomat into the space. “Our esteemed Armory Officer, Mr. Vanhall, has just arrived as well. Can I get you a glass of Aldebaran wine, or you may help yourself to the tables or replicator!”

The door buzzed again, and again, and again.

“If you’ll excuse me, you two, just for a moment,” Andriss said to Lts. Vanhall and Ruby , attending to the door. “So sorry, I promise I’ll drop by again soon.”

“Take your time, it’s your party,” Rico grinned and turned to Sheleah in greeting.

Jhalae stepped off the lift on Deck 3 and strolled up to the door of the XO’s quarters. She’d heard, through ship chatter, that that the XO was into botany so she held a potted plant in hands. Since this was her first ship assignment, she wasn’t really sure how these types of events played out and to be safe she wore her issued Starfleet Engineering uniform. Before she rang the chime she placed her ear to the door and listened. Then after a moment, she shifted the plant under one arm, rang the chime, and followed up with a knock on the door.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Inside, the party was getting somewhere, Andriss thought, slightly annoyed to be taken from his recent guests and the gaggle of NEs who had arrived just after them.

He opened the door to see an Orion Engineer with the black, curly he’d seen in his recent studies of the Roster.

“Ensign Ynuchausti! How kind of you to make it,” Andriss glowed, wiping sweat from his expanded forehead, his orange hair wilting a little. “Can I take that lovely specimen off your hands? It is so good to meet you.”

“Thank you Commander,” she said with a large smile and as she held out the plant to him. “It’s a Star Flower Orion: I hope you will think of me everytime care for it.” She thought nothing of her flirtatious comment. As an Orion it was in her nature to exhibit flirtation that hopefully the Lieutenant Commander viewed as harmless.

“How kind, Ensign!” Andriss exclaimed, taking the beautiful plant off of Jhalae’s hands and inhaling its star-shaped blooms. “What an intoxicating aroma! It will thrive in my XO’s Office in a place of honor, I assure you. I am going to place this lovely gift somewhere out of harm’s way, but do come in and mingle and enjoy the music and refreshments! I’ll be buzzing about, as one does, and please pull me aside to say hi!”

He wiped sweat from his brow and shepherded the ensign in to the building soiree, his heart so full it could burst. Was his little event a success?

Effusive hosting was definitely part of Andriss’s element, but he realized he was getting dehydrated and could use a drink–stat–but he grinned and extended his arm toward the soiree.

-XO Andriss Krex

Jhalae hurried in at the invitation and assessed who was there. No surprise she wasn’t familiar with anyone but she knew and saw Sheleah, the Counselor she never checked in with when boarding. Jhalae hurried past her hoping she wouldnt reconize her before she’d had a few drinks then bumped into the Armory Officer, “Hey you,” she said to him, “Ensign Jhalae, Engineering. Who might you be?”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“Oh hey you,” Rico turned around and smiled in greeting another new face with a bottle of beer in one hand. Behind him a six pack of beer sat on the table, one bottle conspicuously missing from the box. “I’m Rico, the ships Armory Officer. I’m a Lieutenant or something but not tonight.” He grinned as he spoke. “I haven’t seen you around, how long have you been on board for and,” he reached behind him and grabbed a bottle, “want a drink?”

“Absolutely.” She took the drink, and sipped it as she looked around at all the action. The room was getting crowded. She loved it. So many people. “I just arrived, um…Two weeks ago. My first starship assignment. So much different than working on a Starbase.”

“Cheers to that,” Rico tipped his bottle towards hers in an impromptu toast. “Starships are so much more fun, go places, see things, experience stuff and all the rest.” He was about to take a drink when an NE backed into him causing the bottle to spill down his chin just as he was about to sip it. “Hey watch it,” Rico grinned and put his hand on the NE’s shoulder and pushed him back away gently, “I’m drinking here!”

They had a new XO. Brenna would miss talking shop with Colter, but it was the way of things. The new XO was hosting a party, and Brenna had stopped at her quarters to change into a fresh uniform. She also had to drop her boys off, the three Siberian Huskies were well behaved but large gatherings in relitevely small spaces were not a good idea for working dogs such as Fekri, Geri, and Fenris. Though they would adore the attention, Brenna chose to leave them in her quarters. She fed them before heading out. Parties weren’t the way Brenna would choose to spend her down time, but she wasn’t adverse to social gatherings on occasion either. She left her quarters following the outside hull around toward the XO quarters. She saw another person coming out of their quarters and heading in the same direction.

“Siarram, heading for the XO’s party too?” She greeted the Andorian chief engineer, and adjusted her stride to walk along with him.

Atoded, CoS

“Unfortunately so.” The Andorian replied. His Vulcan half played heavily into his personality, and parties were not his forte. He thought them an irritating waste of time. However, he also thought it would be impolite not to show up to the new XO’s party and introduce himself, so on his way there, he was.

Seeing Brenna made it a bit more favorable to him at least, and he offered her a little smile. “I wouldn’t take you for the party going type. You like them, or just going to meet the guy?”

~ Lt Ch’Thaanaq, CE

Brenna raised a brow and smirked slightly. “I can do quite well in a variety o social situations. I am not a party going type, but sometimes they are necessary. It seems ill-advised to ignore an invite from our new executive officer. It also provides the opportunity to learn and observe in a unique situation. That is always beneficial.”

Brenna stopped in front of the door and pressed the chime.

Atoded, CoS

“And they keep coming, we might have to commandeer the corridor and next door quarters at this rate,” Rico observed and looked between the door, Andriss and Ynuchausti. “Reminds me of my Academy days.”

“Ah yes, Academy days. I almost didn’t make it because of Academy nights. Doesn’t mean I am a subpar Engineer. Just had way too much fun. I made up for it by working on the boring Starbase though.”

“Reminds me of my Academy nights,” Rico nodded. “Luckily though I was just Security back then, all I had to do was stand still in front of a door and look pretty in Security Gold, so my days were a little easier.” It was a vast understatement, and anybody who had been to the Academy knew it, but he was clearly at ease making fun of himself.

Andriss Krex answered the door, his navy blue suit slightly askew and his crop of orange hair unraveling. In one hand, he held a large, half-gulped mug of water.

In the background: the sound of “December, 1963” by The Four Seasons and party sounds.

“I haven’t heard this in years,” he grinned and took a drink of his beer. “I learned to play this on guitar when I was younger, I might have to see if I remember it though. What do you listen to?” The question was directed at Ynuchausti and he leaned back on the edge of the table as he spoke.

“I have not had the opportunity to listen to much music. Especially as a child. I have only recently discovered the jovial beats and melodies of various kinds.” She smiled, “I have not decided which is my favorite. However I am loving the rhythm and the voice of the man who is in this music.”

“The main singer?” Rico asked, “Or the guy that comes in during the chorus? Lead singer is the guy playing drums, Gerry Polci. He was hugely underrated as a singer. There is your seriously out-of-date fact for the night.” Rico grinned.

“Ah, welcome, welcome!” he chortled a little wildly, spilling a little ice water on the floor while gesturing. “Lieutenant Commander! Lieutenant! Excuse me! It’s wonderful to have you both here, I assure you.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna smiled politely. “Thank you for the invite, Cmdr.” Brenna stepped inside, and the temperature reminded her of the tropical humidity of Betazed, and it certainly was a party. Her senses, from long habit and training, fanned out and finding nothing amiss was glad everyone was enjoying themselves.

Sheleah had been swept into the room and, being such a mall person in a growing crowd, she just went with it. Growing up she had become accustomed to such things when her parents would host gatherings, or be invited to gatherings, due to their various jobs. She had learned a fair bit about hosting them herself as a young child and teen. That had been part of the reason her father had requested her presence with him near the end of her last year at the academy.

Looking around the room she was pleased to see everybody enjoying themselves including the Orion engineer she would message about an appointment in a day or two.

  • Sheleah

Brenna spoke to several people, making her way about the room, with ice water in hand. Mostly she and Siarram stayed out of the way. The party was certainly something out of most people’s Academy days. She even tried the gagh on offer. Not as good as fresh, but that was a rare treat on a Federation ship.

Siarram had wandered about the room as well, samples the food, and spoken to a few people. He wasn’t much the party type, though, and mostly kept to himself.

Andriss led a party line of NEs in a conga line to You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) by Sylvester, sweat pouring from his brow.

“Whoo hoo! Party line! I have seen this dance before.” She said as she ran and joined them. Breaking in somewhere in the middle.

Ally had been mingling for the past hour which tended to be her specialty when off duty. Looking around the room she spied the one person she had been waiting for. Moving around the room, Ally moved up behind Rico and made a finger gun with her right hand. Placing it in the middle of his back, she wrapped her other hand around his waist and said, “don’t move. I have you surrounded. The price for your freedom is a kiss.”

Ally Scott, medical

“Sugar Honey Ice Tea,” Rico recited and straightened his back suddenly, raising his hands in surrender and to show that, aside from the bottle in his hand, he wasn’t armed. Turning his head slightly, he appeared to consider a moment.

“What if I don’t want my freedom? You may have to keep me tied up for ever,” his voice sounded tense, his eyes narrowed and he appeared to be considering options as his head swiveled to try and get Ally in view.

“Promises promises,” Ally laughed because, “if you like it you shoulda put a ring on it. Oh oh oh,” she sang the song being played previously in the room. “And I seem to remember the last time you got drunk with that Nash guy he referred to girlfriends as freedom crushers and rings as tiny little handcuffs that tied you up forever.” Moving her hands on his stomach she found the spot where he was ticklish and wiggled her fingers on it.”

The laugh Rico let out was high pitched and far from masculine as Ally’s fingers hit the right spot, and he grabbed at her hand with his and tore it from his side. “Hey, Nash is like some kind of philosophic god. You know the Captain, Nash and I all went to the Academy together. His exact phrase was wedding rings are like handcuffs on a mans soul, that was before he met that redhead though.”

Looking at Ynuchausti, he smirked slightly. “She has a finger gun in my back doesn’t she? She’s a bit of a wildcat, I may not ever escape.”

Rico Vanhall, Armorer

“Yep she does. You are doomed.” She said as she laughed.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“What a way to go though, right?” Rico laughed and looked back at Ally with a wink.

“A finger gun is far better than a hypo in your arse,” Ally laughed moving around Rico and extending her hand to the engineer. “Ally,” she introduced herself taking Rico’s beer. Waving the beer around the room she commented, “I think I am really gonna like this XO. He throws one hell of a welcome party. So much more fun than standing around in your dress uniform holding a cocktail weenie and praying time moved faster.”

Ally Scott medical

“Lieutenant Scott,” Andriss said, ambling over to the group with a little dish of buttered toasts with some Denobulan cocktail sausages skewered on tiny toothpicks. “You must have snuck in without my noticing! How wonderful to see you!”

“She tends to do that,” Rico teased Ally. “One moment you think you are waiting for her to show up, next you find out she’s been here the whole time. Means she gets to claim the best snacks too”

A large form stepped through the door right behind Atoded and Ch’Thaanaq, dressed ‘smartly’, or what passed as smartly for an out of uniform Starfleet Klingon, Do’trahk stopped and looked around. Bald head, metal eye patch attached to the skin over one eye and wearing a selection of dark leather and stiff fabrics, he reached up with one hand and seemed to stroke, maybe adjust, the short beard that was braided into multiple threads on his chin.

Spotting the new XO, the big Klingon took a few steps forward. “Commander Krex,” his voice was deep. “Welcome, this is for you.” Reaching forward, he presented the Denobulan with a bottle of Bloodwine, stamped with the same symbol that emblazoned his eye-patch, that of two crossed kut’luch daggers on a background of flames. Looking up slightly, he spotted the Count’se’lor, and raised his other hand in a wave of greeting.

Do’trahk, medical

Andriss, a little tipsy at this point and his hair fully deflated in a wiry mop around his large ridged forehead, handed the tray of sausages to a partygoer and approached the Klingon physician. He crossed his hands across his chest, taking the bottle of bloodwine in thanks.

Nodding in acceptance of the salute, Do’trahk calpped a hand on the mans’ shoulder. “Pe’vIl mu’qaDmey!” Do’trahk said loudly and with emphasis, translating roughly to ‘curse well’, a traditional Klingon phrase that replaced things like ‘all the best’ or ‘have a nice day’ or ‘have fun’.

“You honor me with your presence, Lieutenant! Qapla’!” Andriss shouted rather hoarsely. He draped his arms across the Klingon’s shoulders. “We have broiled krada legs and gagh on the buffet, of course, if it hasn’t all been gone!”

“You have Gagh?” the eyebrow above his eye patch rose in question. “It better be live.” The Klingons voice dropped a few octaves at the end of the statement. “Where is the bar?” Looking around, he saw the buffett table where a group of NE’s was watching another one attempt to suck down a single Gagh like it was a string of Spaghetti. To Do’trahk, the paleness of the NE’s face and yells of encouragement from the others, led him to the belief that the Gagh was winning the battle, alive or dead.

Andriss took the opportunity to scope the room around him. Counselor Sheleah was one of the first in and he hadn’t said one word since, which was quite rude! He stumbled over to her and put on his best smile.

“I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to circumnavigate my living room to say hello again, Counselor! Already you enjoying your evening?” Andriss asked, wiping his head with a cocktail napkin. “Can I offer you anything?”

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah smiled and waved at Do’trahk and was half way across the room by the time Krex approached her. Taking in his appearance, she stopped and put a hand on is arm. If the place were less crowded she would have guided him to someplace a bit quieter.

“I should be asking if there’s anything I can do for you. You throw a great party but it looks like you need a minute to yourself. My advice is to take a breath of fresh air and, maybe next time, book the holodeck. If you feel like opening that bottle of blood wine, I’d be glad to join you.”

“Good point about the holodeck,” Andriss chuckled, “But on Denobula, a good housewarming party bodes well for the mood of the space!” He shifted his tone to a more festive one. “Come now! Let us call our Klingon friend over and have a taste of this bottle!”

Glancing around she waved again and spoke loud enough making certain the Klingon was able to hear her.

“Good to see you tonight! I hope you’re hungry, this is a wonderful spread.”

  • Sheleah

“Do’trahk, honor us by sharing in a glass of this gift with which you welcomed us so… handsomely!” Andriss shouted toward the imposing Klingon.

He certainly wasn’t meaning to ignore his other guests, but the party raged on around them. In the distance, there was a small tinkle as a picture frame shattered and a nervous titter from a group on NEs but Andriss didn’t notice.

“I would be honored to be part of the opening ceremony of this bottle,” Do’trahk joined Andriss and Sheleah, taking out a dagger from his tunic so that he could break the seal of the bottle. “Although, I am afraid only around 30 people have died from trying this vintage. It is not as potent as our earlier batches.”

With a swift motion he sliced the top of the bottle and then looked at the pair. “I’m kidding, of course. Only five have died.” With a laugh, Do’trahk took four large glasses from a nearby NE carrying them on a tray, tipping their existing contents onto the carpet without ceremony. “Ensign Ynuchausti!” He called out to the most recent engineering team member as she passed his peripheral vision. “Come join us!”

“I am not unfamiliar with the dance with Death!” Andriss boasted, emboldened by the Klingon’s brash talk. Something about Klingon men drove Andriss to compete with their unique ferocity, an attribute he admired very much.

“Ahhh, then good! you can have a double shot of this! I will join you and together we will defy Death!” Do’trahks voice grew louder as he spoke and at the end he bared his teeth in a wicked smile. It looked far from good natured, and the eye patch didn’t help that at all.

Sheleah looked at the opened bottle of blood wine and the very large glasses.

“Oh yes! I will enjoy this but I may need to be carried home. Just warning somebody in advance.” she said with a giggle.

  • Sheleah

“Do not worry Count’se’lor. One way or another you will get home. Or end up sleeping in the First Officers shower.” Do’Trahk shrugged, but at the same time a smirk played on his lips, and handed the bottle of Bloodwine to Andriss.

Sheleah giggled at that.

“Is that a promise or a threat and are you going to feed Rex if I end up sleeping here tonight?”

Andriss took the opportunity to pour four large glasses from himself, one for Sheleah, one for Do’trahk, and then one for Ensign Ynuchausti.

“Cheers,” Jhalae said as she raised her glad and clicked them with Sheleah’s, Do’trahk, and Andriss’.

“As they say on Earth’s Scandinavian regions, ‘Skol!’” Andriss announced, draining his glass with a flourish.

“I like that. It’s more fun to say than cheers. “Skok!” She said as she lifted her glass.

It was Sheleah’s mother, Elizabeth, who had taught her to taste fine wines however, everytime she had tried to apply the same techniques to blood wine, it just didn’t seem to work. Smiling, she clinked glasses with everybody and savored the liquid.

“Mmmm. Yes.”

  • Sheleah

“I have had the opportunity to drink once or twice with the Captain and his wife. She taught me a Russian phrase that, not often used for drinking, I think fits just as well as Skol. The word was Do svidaniya, meaning ‘goodbye’ or ‘until our next meeting’. I always liked it paired with strong liquor.”

Letting out a loud laugh from his belly, the Klingon upped the glass and poured the contents down his throat in one motion. He didn’t even swallow, just open throated it then licked his lips as he judged the fire hit in his belly.

The new XO was certainly making an impression. He had a jovial personality that she thought would be breath of fresh air for the crew. She thought he would do well. After a couple of hours the conversation and antics got crazier, though not dangerous, and the consumption of drinks and tipsiness increased as well. Brenna didn’t drink and so these types of festivities always were…put up with, for her. She never understood the draw to heavy drink though she didn’t mind if others did. However she was starting to get a telepathic headache from it all. She rubbed her forehead absently as she returned to a quieter corner after speaking to a science NE.

Atoded, CoS

The new XO’s attitude was certainly a big change. It was a good thing, he was sure. But when the drinking started, he wanted nothing more than to leave. He didn’t care what other people did so long as he didn’t have to deal with them drunk. He was off by himself in a quieter corner of the room looking rather… displeased. When he noticed Brenna coming over near him rubbing her head, he was more than happy to go and speak to the only person who didn’t seem to be at least tipsy. He went up to her. “Hey, how has the party been for you? Is something wrong?”

~ Lt Ch’Thaanaq, CE

“Not bad I guess. He is different from Colter, and that’s a good thing. A bit crowded for me though.” She dropped her hand. “Telepathic headache.” Brenna began to answer when she heard her Armory Officer and she turned in time to hear him talk about body shots.

Even Andriss, at this point, was getting a little tired and in need of a second wind. He stood off to the side of the room and fanned himself with an album cover.

-XO Andriss Krex

“Time for body shots?” Rico turned to Ally and smirked, flexing one arm to emphasize the size of one of his biceps. Rico was somebody who treated the gym like a church. “As the armorer I feel its’ only right I start by letting people do shots from my guns, you first?” Waggling his eyebrows at Ally he lined up half a dozen shot glasses on the dining table and began to loosen his shirt so he could take it off.

Rico Vanhall

“As a doctor my firm advice is not to lick anything ever. Doorknobs, biceps, cookies that have experienced the five-second rule but,” she held up a finger, “alcohol is a disinfectant so I’m game.” Rolling up her sleeve she showed a bicep a quarter of his size and made a muscle. “Okay remember when we do this to bend at the knees. I look like a dog jumping for a bone unless you get it close to my level.” Picking up the salt from the buffet table she looked around. “Anyone else joining in?”

Ally Scott medical

“Now that is a party game,” Do’trahk clapped Rico on the other shoulder. “What are we drinking?” In his hand was the bowl of Gagh, which he was now carrying around like a party snack.

Do’trahk, Medical

You plan on sharing that bowl of gagh?” Jhalae asked Do’trahk with a smile or do I have to go find something to go with bottle of hot sauce.” She held up up the bottle of hot pepper sauce and shook it in front of his face.

The Klingons’ draw dropped as he looked at the bottle, then back and forth between said bottle and Jhalae. “Is that,” he paused a second and swallowed, “is that the ghost pepper sauce with lemon and the little garlic chunks?” He immediately brought the bowl around to offer Jhalae her hearts desire of the live, wriggling worms.

“You know they struggle harder when you pour the sauce on them yes? I had to save this from a group of lower decks Ensigns who thought slurping them like noodles was fun.” Do’trahk shuddered slightly. “Go ahead and do the honors, Ynuchausti, pour the sauce and I shall share my Gagh with you.”

“You know what goes great with Gagh?” Rico piped up peering around Do’trahks shoulder. “Tequila! Somebody found a bottle of blue agave but we can’t find any salt.” Rico was by now shirtless, but appeared to have no concern about it. Turning back to Ally, he waggled his eyebrows and smirked. “Where are you drinking from?”

Brenna looked at Siarram. “And that is my cue to leave. Headache won’t get better hanging out here.” Glancing around she saw Krex all the way across the room and waved politely. She wasn’t going to attempt to make a path across the entire place.

Atoded, CoS

“I agree.” Siarram made a face. “Body shots…” He mumbled something in what must have been Andorian. “Let’s go… Uh, do you want to go to your quarters or sickbay, or…? He looked at Brenna as he made his way to the door with her.

~ Lt Ch’thaanaq, CE

Andriss noticed a group of crewmen heading out and didn’t make it to the door before they were in the hall, but the party still pulsed around him, though diminished.

I’ll have to make an effort to catch up with everyone, he resolved. Perhaps the size and scope of the event was a little much–but he appreciated it all the same.

On the record player, a funkier, slower song started playing: “Strawberry Number 23” by The Brothers Johnson. He closed his eyes for a moment and let the music wave over him, taking to the dance floor again.

-XO Andriss Krex

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Teller stood at the door and waffled on whether to enter or not. It was not that he didn’t want to socialize or meet the XO. It was more he had an experiment running. The demands of the CSO were not always timed to that of a duty schedule. Looking at his watch, he figured he had about an hour before he had to get back to the lab. Lifting his hand, he hit the chime on the door announcing his arrival.

Teller CSO

Andriss answered the door in his zebra shirt, his suit coat draped somewhere in the party inside. The effects of the bloodwine had taken a little bit of a toll on him, but he was still endeavoring to be greet everyone personally.

“Hello, Lieutenant Commander! Welcome!” Andriss said a little loudly, leading Graham inside to where the party was still going on but winding down somewhat. “Can I get you anything to drink? Please make yourself comfortable!”

Teller looked at his collar, then pulled up on it a little. “When did that happen?” He said in a deadpan voice. “Whiskey on the rocks,” Teller stated. Normally he was a bit more reserved but this party was anything but.

He disappeared into the throng to scrounge up a beer or something for Teller.

-XO Andriss Krex

“Teller! Drink for you!” Rico called out even though he was barely ten feet from the man. In his hand was a glass, and in the other hand a bottle of tequila. “Don’t worry, its’ mixed. Tequila Sunrise, I think.” Looking at it for a moment, he gave up trying to remember what it was and handed it to the CSO.

“I prefer it straight up. Less sticky,” he commented to the sugary mix as compare to the straight amber liquid. “You are doing body shots or am I mistaken?”

“Yes,” Ally laughed leaning back against Rico.

In reaction Rico wrapped his arm around Ally’s shoulder and across her chest, as if he was subconsciously steadying her in case she was stumbling under the influence of the booze. Pausing in the middle of the conversation he had been pulled into beside him, he tilted his head slightly to give Ally a kiss on the temple.

Off to Rico’s side, the large Klingon Doctor was focused on a bowl of Gagh as Jhalae held a bottle of hot sauce, and the Klingon appeared to be mixing the Gagh with something in the bowl, using the tip of a dagger, gently. “I dare you to try them first,” Do’trahk looked up and grinned, then glanced around to see if Andriss or Sheleah were in close enough distance to entice into trying the hotsauce Gagh.

Do’trahk and Rico

“I’ll try anything once. Twice if I like it. I like gagh and I’m not opposed to hot sauce so, let’s see if these two things taste great together.” Sheleah said as the firey blood wine began coursing through her veins quite pleasantly.

  • Sheleah

“I hope not,” the tall Klingon made a face. “Gagh isn’t supposed to taste good, that would ruin it. Help yourself,” he grinned and offered the bowl to both Sheleah and Jhalae.

Teller looked back and forth for a moment. He thought to himself, he was certainly going to get himself demoted. Then glanced at the XO. Actually, the old rule was the highest ranked officer got in the most trouble so he was relatively safe.

Teller CSO

Andriss returned with a highball glass with three fingers of whiskey and a large sphere of ice from the replicator.

“Mr. Graham, your drink,” he panted. “Did someone say tequila? I know there’s a bottle of orange bitters around here if anyone is in the mood for an old fashioned,” Andriss said, searching a console table littered with beer bottles and discarded appetizer plates.

“So Teller you are the science guru. Why does the salt go so well with Tequilla?” She was clearly well on the way to needing Rico the Uber to get her home but for now, Ally was cruising in the topic of asking dumb questions you really wanted to know but needed a cocktail party to bring up conversational stage.

“Does anyone need anything?” he said.

“Relax, Commander,” Do’trahk clapped Andriss on the shoulder. “Take a moment to rest and enjoy the evening. Doctors orders!” He laughed.

In the corner, a group of NEs were laughing and hollering at something.

-XO Andriss Krex

Rising on her toes, Ally made the effort of trying to see what was going on but the four extra inches of height did little for her field of vision to see above or around the bodies from her to the group of NE’s. “What’s going on over there?”

Ally Scott Medical

“Best not look too close,” Do’trahk leaned in so people could hear him. “It sounds messy.”

“Thank you,” Teller nodded to the XO after receiving his drink.

“The salt helps mask how strong tequilla can taste,” he held up the shakes like it was a high school chemistry class. “The lime cuts the subtle sweetness,” he held up the fruit. Put them together,” he moved the salt and the shaker next to each other, “and they can help stop the tequila from going to your head too quickly. As to why we lick each other,” he shrugged, “that just makes it more fun.”

Teller CSO

“Yes it does,” Rico agreed, raising his glass in toast to the statement and taking the final drink of it, then placing it to one side on a nearby table. “Although if you get the good tequila, not the cheap stuff, you don’t need the salt and lime. Licking is always recommended though.” He grinned evilly and winked at Ally.

“Commander!” He addressed Andriss, his words clearly slurring slightly. “You throw a fantastic party, come and find me one day and I’ll treat you to a drink at Rosie’s Bar in the holodeck.”

Lt Vanhall

“I’ll have to do that, Lieutenant!” Andriss said, returning to the group. “Those Ensigns were eating the worm out of my last bottle of agave tequila!*

He laughed. “At least it’s not something worse.”

“So what do you think of the worms?” Do’trahk asked Sheleah and Jhalae, then handed the bowl to the Chief Science Officer. “Hot Sauce and Gagh. Care to try one? Might go well with your whiskey.”

Turning up his nose, Rico put the back of his hand over his mouth. “Not for me, nope.” He shook his head. “I’ll never be a diplomatic officer, I can’t stand those things.”

Do’trahk, Medical.

“Um no thank you,” Teller replied shaking his head. “Gagh and I became enemies five shore leaves ago. My GI tract and Gagh waged a battle. Teller lost by the way,” he let out a small laugh. “Someone told me it was just like sushi. I never had sushi bite me back while I was swallowing it.”


It had been quite a while since Sheleah had Gagh. For better or worse it was an experience one always remembered.

“That means it was fresh you know right? I am surprised the Gagh here is as fresh as it is. I’m quite satisfied thank you.”

  • Sheleah

Charles-Louis walked in a group of NE’s. They had all been running some stability tests on the ships computer systems and had to stay a bit late to make sure everything was clear. He had just enough time to pop into his quarters and retrieve a bottle of his favorite ra’taj. Despite being in the back of the group, a 7’1” guy of any species would be hard to miss. He nudged his way through the crowd, Beelining it for the snack table. Upon finding someone’s replicated tray of Choux à la crème, he couldn’t help but set down the bottle and grab a few. He stacked a small pyramid of them in palm of his hand. Now, he was ready to socialize.

[Ensign Charles - Engineering]

“If you’ll excuse me, ” Andriss said, “I think I spotted some unwelcomed guests.”

Andriss extracted himself from the group and made his way through the room to the newest NEs, stopping to greet each one.

He noticed Ensign Charles by the refreshments and slid in behind the tall Klingon.

“Welcome!” Andriss said, grabbing a lukewarm ciflder from a table. “I’m Andriss Krex, the incoming XO! Welcome to my little soiree!”

-XO Andriss Krex

“Ah, commandant!” Charles said, partially muffled by the last half of a cream puff. Eyes lit up with excitement, he quickly finished it off. With a smile put out his hand for a handshake.

“It is a pleasure to finally get to meet you. I am Charles-Louis, and I too am quite new to the ship.” His accent was now coming through more clearly; It was a mixture of French and Klingon pronunciations, but the pacing and stress was undeniably French.

Charles glanced around the room for a moment in admiration. He had seen many ships in his lifetime, but Federation ships were always unique. Even this officer’s quarters was better equipped and maintained than the bridges of most starships.

“She is quite an impressive ship, no? It shows you are a man of honor to have been given such a responsibility as her executive officer.” He commented, giving what was meant as a friendly tap on the OX’s shoulder. Though it had a bit more force behind it than a human would have given.

[Ensign Charles-Louis, Engineering]

Andriss, already a little tipsy, twirled a light 360 degrees at the tap, but if he noticed, he didn’t say anything negative to the new Ensign about it.

“Ah! As am I, Ensign!” Andriss laughed. “As am I! Though I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Something struck Andriss funny about being called a man of honor or, though he supposed he indeed was.

“You know, I was just enjoying the company of some of our other crewmen! Would you like an introduction?”

He pointed towards the group with the gagh.

-XO Andriss Krex

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