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Andriss Krex had spent the better part of a day attending to his office and getting it just the way he liked it.

Instead of a more formal “sit in front of the vice-principal’s desk” aesthetic that his last boss, the deputy assistant ambassador, had preferred, Andriss went for a library/study sort of look with rich wood paneling, built in bookcases, a funky 70s sectional with a kidney-shaped coffee table, and a roll-top desk and little wooden chair in the corner for his work.

At this point, the walls were bare, and the furniture was mostly empty. The replicator worked, for which he was thankful. The only personal item, for now, was a lovely Star Flower Orion plant that Ensign Jhalae Ynuchaust, the Orion Engineer, had brought to his little welcome party.

Andriss hit his combadge.

=^=XO Krex to Lieutenant Ruby. If you’re free, would you mind dropping by my office for my intake appointment? I also have a great lemon crumb cake recipe.=^=

-XO Andriss Krex

It always made Sheleah when they called her. Luckily she had a pocket fo free time and this would work for her.

=^=I’d absolutely love to do that. I can be there in ten. I’ll even bring my sidekick today if you’re not allergic to Terran felines that is.=^= she said.

  • Sheleah

=^=I am absolutely fascinated by Earth animals! All are welcome.=^= responded Andriss.

While he waited for the counselor and her furry companion to arrive, he worked on some ship’s business, reviewing requests for leave and duty shift swaps, sending choice discipline matters up to the Captain for his review, though both of them trusted the department heads’ discretion.

-XO Andriss Krex

Ten minutes later, Sheleah, with Rex, rang the chime.

She had gotten to the point where she could walk him off leash in familiar territory but, since she hadn’t been tot he XO’s office in quite some time, she still had him on the long lead she had been using while visiting one of the school classes earlier that day. If he was a good boy she would let him off leash when they got inside.

  • Sheleah

Andriss stood and hurried to the door.

“Ah, Counselor, do come in!” he said, looking at the pair. “Please feel feel free to take the desk chair or take a seat on the sectional. I’ll get that lemon crumb cake. And what do you take to drink?

=^= Computer, two slices Zonthar’s Lemon Crumb Sponge, please. One glass of green tea, and…=^=

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah walked in and unhooked Rex’s lead. Glancing around, she took a seat on the sectional.

“Green tea, hot, with lemon and Rex dinner 13, large portion please. Ten minutes of that and he’ll be out like a light. I really like what you’ve done with the place.”

Andriss balanced the tea, cakes, cat food, and a dish of spring water on an acacia wood tray and walked their teatime snack to the seating area, watching his feet for signs of Rex.

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it!” he said, setting down Sheleah’s tea and cake, then Rex’s water and meal, then his, tucking the tray to the side of the sectional.

“I prefer a lounge or study to a formal office. They remind me of boarding school and the Academy.” He laughed. “Maybe it’s changed since I’ve been there.”

As Sheleah sat down and made herself comfortable Rex padded around the office sniffing everything as he went. He circled Andriss several times and began to nose his leg like he expected to be pet.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Curious fellow,” Andriss said, bending to pet the cat. “How are you, little fellow?”

Turning to the Counselor, “I could ask you the same thing! How are you enjoying your tea and cake, Counselor?”

-XO Andriss Krex

Rex knew what dinner smelled like and didn’t waste any time tucking right in. Small humanoids could be so exhausting. He hadn’t met this new one yet but mama was here and that meant everything would be okay.

Sheleah took her cup with both hands and savored a long drink.

Andriss watched Rex with fascination but turned to Sheleah, trying not to be too rude to both the feline and and human guests.

“Oh we’re doing very well thank you. I enjoy my long days because it helps with the insomnia. I’ve tried absolutely everything for it but only a few things work and I have to keep cycling them so it’s loads of fun.” she said with a smile.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Andriss murmured. The Denobulan took a bite of lemon cake. “It is good that you have some remedy, but I sympathize. Is something on your mind, Counselor?”

“So I was thinking, since it’s important for the command staff to get along and work well together, why don’t we just make this a double interview? Get that pesky psyche eval out of the way at the same time?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Andriss took a sip from his cup and nodded.

“I think that is precisely the thing. I see it as a conversation, really, between two individuals anyway,” he said. “Why not do both at once? First let me tell you a little about myself.”

He wiped some icing off his mouth and laughed.

“Excuse me, not the most dignified first officer, I know. I’m from a large family. I have four spouses of my own on Denobula, as is our custom–two husbands and two wives, though we’re not all married to each other. Before command school, I lived a separate life as a young Science Officer on the Yarmouth. Then I served as an Intelligence Officer aboard the Audacious before working with the Denobulan ministry. I am very glad to be back on board a starship. Now that I’ve finished my recitation, I’d love to learn more about you!”

-XO Andriss Krex

SHeleah glanced at Rex. He seemed to be enjoying his dinner quite well.

“Well, my parents were in Star Fleet. My mother was a JAG officer. I don’t remember where she’s stationed now. She still works in the field at times, trying cases but, I think she’s going tob e a full time professor soon. My father’s a diplomat. Very hard working, not ever the rising star but a very solid honorable man. They’re not together anymore. They did their best to be good parents to me after the split though. I think the cadets I was with became my family for a few years except when daddy would pull me out of school to play hostess for him sometimes. I think I really learned a lot from watching both of them work.”

Sheleah leaned forward and set her cup down on the table. Glancing down, she realized there were several large crumbs on her white blouse. Luckily the thing was already dirty from spending the morning with a class of children and not having had time to change before this interview.

“What can I say, your cake’s positively crumby.” she said flashing a smile.

  • Sheleah

“To be fair, mineis more lemony and more icing and is shaped like a bundt. This is Zonthar’s Lemon Crumb Cake, and it is definitely messy, though I hope it’s pleasant to eat,” he laughed. “I am a bit of a lemon dessert fan.”

Andriss had precisely 17 different lemon bars, cakes, and pies of various styles programmed into his personal replicators.

“Working as a diplomat’s daughter must have made you keenly aware of other people’s needs,” Andriss sympathized. “Why decide to hoping the family business, so to speak? Diplomatic can be rewarding at times, yes, but often there’s a lot of effort needed to get there.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah set her dishes down on the table.

“I enjoy being able to understand people’s needs in a productive way, like that of a diplomat however, I’ve always found myself getting caught up in the more personal side of things. That’s when my mother, of all people, suggested I look into counseling like her sister because, there’s no way I could be a JAG anything like she is.”

It was about that time that they heard a small clatter. Rex had finished his dinner and decided the XO’s desk was the perfect place to groom and settle in for a nap.

“Oh damn! Should I get him? I can move him if you like.” she said hastily.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

He looked over at his desk.

“Oh, not at all!” Andriss replied breezily. “Everything important is locked up and I nap there all the time!”

He took a sip of tea and eased into his spot on the sectional. “It makes sense that you took advantage of both facets of your strengths, Lieutenant. I appreciate diplomats, though many of the professional ones aren’t great at communication, strangely enough.”

He thought back to his time to his time on the Denobulan consulate.

“Politics tends to be a ruiner, sometimes, but compromise and communication always did me well.”

This brought him back to his thoughts about this ship.

“Oh! Yes! The Saracen! Let’s talk about your department and the ship! How is everything going, Lieutenant? How can I be of best service to you as your XO?”

-Andriss Krex

Sheleah was pleased that he didn’t get very upset with Rex turning his desk into an impromptu nap spot.

“Well. You can come up with a great act for the talent show. I thought it would be a good way for everybody tog et to know each other off duty, and then you threw that kick ass party. Talk aobut upstaging me. Thanks.”

Sheleah laughed and finished her tea.

“So did you need a vitamin shot and something for a headache this morning?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Oh goodness! I did drink several strong cups of coffee!” Andriss laughed. “Things did get a little bit more raucus than I had originally intended, but on Denobula, we would certainly consider that a great success.”

The look on Andriss’ face was somewhere between embarassed and prideful.

“Now that I’m officially the XO, I doubt I’ll have another rager, but I’m sure I have a few ideas for the talent show. Did you know I used to do theater?”

He pointed to her cup. “Another glass? You never answered my question about the ship!”

He wagged his eyebrows.

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah nodded for the second glass.

Andriss looked for Rex to see if he was still napping.

“How is your feline friend getting along? Does he need anything?”

Andriss refilled Sheleah’s tea and resettled on the sectional.

“Well technically I am a department of one when it comes to being a Counselor although I do assis in any department when it comes to shipwide grief or any trauma you can think of. To tell the truth, I think my department is going well. When I don’t have a lot of things scheduled I like to go from department to department just seeing how everybody interacts daily. I guess you could call it observational counselor. As for the diplomatic side of my duties, I haven’t really needed to put them to the test yet.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Andriss nodded, taking on a more studied XO’s perspective as she spoke.

“Your medical methodology is sound, of course, Counselor, and I trust your judgement on all counts in your departments,” Andriss replied after some thought, crossing his legs. “I do want to offer any support I can, especially in diplomatic matters, where I do have some experience. Not just as XO but as a fellow crewman.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah couldn’t help but smile. His mention of diplomacy somehow lead her back to the Denobulan personal life. If she didn’t ask about it in this meeting, there would never be a more perfect time. Before she could do so, however, Rex leapt from the desk, bounded across the room, and jumped onto the back of the sectional. Stretcheing out he took up a position where his head was resting near Sheleah’s shoulder.

“Well I guess he just needed a repositioning. I think your help in diplomatic matters would most likely be appreciated. There are many cultures that respond better to groups. Situations vary naturally.”

Sheleah looked around at his office again.

“Okay. I’m just going to be indellicat here. Will we have the opportunity to meet any of your spouses? As your crewmate, a woman, and a counselor, I’m fascinated.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Andriss smiled very widely in the exaggerated Denobulan way.

“Ah! It is possible that you may!” Andriss said. “Maybe Xand or Frigit. Devi avoids leaving Denobula and Duna–” Andriss paused. “Duna is not happy that I took this role. Let me find you a photograph.”

Andriss stood to retrieve a picture from his desk. Rex had left it very neat for the most part. But Andriss grabbed the black-framed photograph and brought it to Sheleah, then settled back on the couch.

“That is a rare shot of all of us together at my 37th birthday,” Andriss said. “My wives, Duna and Frigit, are on the right and Xand and Devi, my two husbands, are on the left–I myself am both polygamous and pansexual–and our relationship is a more… modern Denobulan arrangement than our grandparents’“

Andriss laughed. “For example, I don’t think Devi and Frigit had met three times before that photograph! And they have spouses I’m not exactly close with. But we do… share a connection. Actually I’m considered under-married by some.”

Andriss didn’t mention that Duna and him were very much on the outs right now, but Denobulan marriage arrangements could be quite messy at times. Keeping several spouses happy was like juggling so many plates.

“What about yourself, Counselor? Do you have any family off ship? We seem to have several couples on-board.”

-XO Andriss Krex

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