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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in CoS Office - So This Is Deck 7 (Tag: CoS, CE, open)
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After using the teleporters to help him clean up from his slightly over-the-top party, taking a brisk sonic shower, and drinking several cups of coffee, the next day, Andriss Krex realized that in all the hubbub, he’d neglected to spend much time talking to Lieutenant Commander Atoded or Lieutenant Ch’Thaanaq, for that matter.

He’d been pulled in 1000 different directions during the festivities with the new guests coming and the music requests and the conga line. He’d noticed the CoS and the Chief Engineer slip out of the party with a wave and resolved to say hello formally as soon as they were on duty.

So he took the turbolift to the 7th floor and walked to the CoS Office, noticing how some of the NEs were nodding at him now, unlike the first day when he quietly slipped aboard to meet the Captain.

He stopped in front of the CoS Office and rang the buzzer, running one hand across his forehead and standing straight–much more the picture of an XO than the previous evening.

-XO Andriss Krex

This early in the day Krex was lucky to catch Atoded in her office. She didn’t spend a lot of time there, but she was currently going over an incident report concerning a handful of ensigns and too much Valjenian punch and a game of spin the bottle. Her headache was worse. Three canine heads lifted and sniffed the air. Geri let out a low rumble and Brenna tapped the security feed on the monitors. “Lu’” She gave them the command in Klingon and they seeming went back to sleep. At the chime she called, “Come in Cmdr Krex.” She stood as he did so. “What can I do for you this morning?”

Atoded, CoS

“Ah, Lieutenant Commander!” Andriss said, taking a look around the office as the officer rose. “No need to stand for me. Good morning!”

Andriss noticed some sort of gorgeous canids that looked like they were resting in a corner. While he was a Starfleet officer, Earth animals were still somewhat of a rarity in comparison to the flora and fauna of, say, Denobula.

Brenna smiled and waved at a chair across her desk, “Good morning. Can I offer you coffee, juice, water?” Three dogs were curled up in the far corner and raised their heads as he came in. Siberia huskies, a black and white, a grey and white, and a brown and white. They sniffed the air, taking his scent and the settled back down.

“Nothing for me, thank you. I’m still a little overfill from indulging on the gagh.” Andriss could almost picture it–by the end of the night, the Lieutenant Do’trahk had been carrying it around like holotheater popcorn. “Plus, duty calls before too long. I’m sure youre already quite busy.”

“Excuse me for interrupting,” he said, wringing his hands just slightly. “I did want to drop by before my rounds and formally say hello and thank you for dropping by yesterday. I also must express my regrets that we didn’t get much time to interact!”

“No interruption, or at least not an unwelcome one And don’t think anything of it. It was quite the turnout.” Brenna reassured him, “You had a lot of people to see to.”

He felt a little embarassed, though he did enjoy the raucus. He couldn’t have estimated how many people would have actually attended his first soiree, but probably could have toned it down once people broke into his private reserve cabinet.

“And I’m afraid my y’seh velar got a little out-of-hand. I wanted to spend some time getting to know all the senior staff and that didn’t exactly happen as I’d envisioned.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna looked at the incident report she was working in. She could certainly agree. Then she smiled good natively. “Someone should have warned you that would happen on the Saracen. Especially with an open invitation for the whole crew. Our missions can be more intensive than others, so any excuse to let loose is embraced.”

Atoded, CoS

Andriss exhaled, relieved. His Denobulan form also deflated somewhat as well.

“I did so want everyone to have a good time, and I’m glad they did, but in the chaos, I was worried not the best host. But I’m really here to talk about you, Lieutenant Commander. Since we’re going to be working together closely, I do want to know about you. How long have you been aboard the ship? How is the state of the department?”

Andriss crossed his legs and placed his chin in his palm, listening intently.

-XO Andriss Krex

“We’ve,” she motioned between herself and the dogs, “have been here for 9 months 3 weeks exactly. The department is running smoothly. Fitness reports have improved, tactical and crisis management is much better since we started routine simulation training. Efficiency and knowledge of protocol and adherence is much better. There was an incident the same day I arrived, but it’s been handled, the officer involved is no longer on board. But it was an eye opener for the senior staff at how much the department had been lax before I arrived.”

Atoded, CoS

Andriss nodded gravely. “It must have been a difficult situation. It sounds like your work is making a good difference in the department, and I’m grateful to hear it.”

“Hmm difficult and sad for the person involved. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It showed us in stark relief where the department needed training and practice and revamping.” Brenna smiled politely, “Well, I am trying to make a difference.”

He motioned to the dogs. “Have these handsome creatures been with you this entire time?”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna looked over, “Yes, they have been with me for a couple of years. They are working dogs. Trained to work with security. Geri,” the salt and pepper stood up and padded over, sniffing and then padded back to his bed, “Freki,” the brown/Grey, “and Fenris,” the white/black. The process repeated for all three.

Atoded, CoS

“Wonderful!” Andriss said, enjoying the display of control and the beauty of the dogs. “I have read that Terran canids have remarkable senses! Their olfactory glands alone are a physiological marvel.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I can go on sometimes. How did you wind up handling them?”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna waved it off. “By all means you can go on as much as you like. There senses are very honed and with the right training they can become a honed skill rather than just physiology. Terran canines are also extremely intelligent and can be taught to do many things.” She looked over at the three dogs and smiled before turning back to Krex. “My background is in Intelligence, Cmdr. They were part of a previous operation. When it was over, I chose to keep them with me, rather than some of the alternatives.”

Atoded, CoS

“Simply fascinating!” Andriss said. “We don’t really have an equivalent on Denobula. Of course, with 12 billion Denobulans, there’s not a whole lot of ecological space for many more large mammals, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m sure you can’t talk about a classified operation, but I do find it all simply fascinating, Lieutenant Commander. I supposed you glfour have forged quite a relationship.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna grinned, “Yes we have. Most Betazoids avoid animals or pets. Except for small ones and specifically avoid animals not native to Betazed. I have a very strong affinity for them. These three, my boys, are quite sensitive. They were trained in Klingon, but I can direct them telepathically as well. They enjoy the work too, and have quite the different personalities.”

Atoded, CoS


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Andriss opened his mouth–he didn’t know this about Betazeds.

“I find that very fascinating, Lieutenant Commander. And an interesting asset for the Saracen. What– what is is like, being– in communication with these beings? In another life before command school, I was a science officer, you know, and I am astounded by Earth animals. Especially felines–but that’s neither here nor there.”

-XO Andriss Krex

“It is very different. Animals are capable of simple thought but are ruled by instinct. On Betazed we call it ‘the passions of the beast’. It is very freeing and simplistic. Most Betazoids risk getting lost in it. But I find it easy. They have needs, their instincts drive them to meet those needs. Understand that and it is easy to train and work with them.” Brenna smiled. “You might like Betazoid cats. They are empathic. They are often used as emotional therapy animals.”

Atoded, CoS

Andriss had never thought of a Betazed cat before, but the idea of such a thing did almost comfort him.

“That is quite compelling. I can understand why The Passions of the Beast could prove to be freeing. Myself, I have been considering a pet. Denobulans don’t do well alone, and maybe a Betazed cat is just what I need!” he laughed.

“Well my last assignment I was in charge of an experimental program that matched officers with pets. I would be happy to help.”

Andriss rubbed his hands together.

“I am game, as they say. I am very much interested in a feline companion, as I will be on the bridge quite often and canines do require more care and companionship. Where do you suggest we start?” he asked.

“Well there are several options. If you like felines we can look into them, but the adage that felines are more independent and need less companionship is not accurate. I will see what is available in this sector and we can go over them and decide.” Of course this was different than the Connie. On the Connie most of the animals were working animals and went all over the ship with the crew. That was not true here. Of course Knight had his giant lizard and she had her dogs, but her boys didn’t go everywhere with her like they did on Connie. She was going to have to program some holodeck time to give them more work to do before they got bored.

“Of course I’ll defer to your experience,” Andriss said. “Being fair to the animal is important to me as well.”

He shifted his weight from one leg to the other and twisted his body, almost a physical cue to shift the conversation. “I did really come to speak and learn more about your needs as well, Lt. Commander. Is there anything you think I should know about the Saracen to be a better Officer for you, your department, or the ship?”

-XO Andriss Krex

“We are a battleship sir. That requires a degree of constant readiness. But that can become a strain. It needs balance.”

Atoded, CoS

“Ah,” Andriss paused. “I do understand and agree. I believe that Starfleet can be a bit of a slow-moving organization at times. Hundreds of ships in the fleet and thousands of personnel–I know you understand. I hope we can get closer to that balance and I do feel like we’ll get there,” he replied seriously. “I do want you to know that Ill do my best to add balance where I can.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna gazed at him quietly for a moment, “Let’s look at your party last night. And this is by no means a criticism, I understand it went amazing well and I’m glad. The crew needed that. But how often does an event like that happen? Not often, forgoing the fact you are a new XO to the ship. And in areas it got out of hand. The senior staff and the more tenured junior officers were all a the party. The others decided they wanted to have fun too. Nothing wrong with that, but tension is so high on this ship that they begin to party and it gets out of hand. Last night we confiscated 10 crates of various illegal alcohol, a crate of some psychedelic fruit, and 7 officers are in my brig for disorderly conduct and a few more in sickbay. 2 from a fist fight and others because they were so drunk that they hurt themselves. Events like these need to happen because the crew needs ways to blow off steam. But they need to happen more regularly so that when the steam blows it doesn’t end up like this,” and she waved to the reports on her desk. “So I hope you have more social gatherings, because it seems to have been very much needed.” Brenna thought that with perhaps less alcohol would be a good idea but she didn’t say that.

Atoded, CoS

Andriss’s face grew longer and longer as the list of reports grew.

“Too much.” He shook his head. “I admit, things got a little bit wilder than I had originally intended, and I very much doubt any event in my command will be like that again,” Andriss said, a little ruefully.

“I do admit, part of my quite enjoyed throwing the big rager, but someone broke into my private reserves and didn’t rely on the sythehol in the replicators and by that point, I was already riding along on adrenaline.”

He shrugged. “The headache the next morning was certainly a lesson learned, but I do regret not getting more personal time with my guests. Instead, I ran around like a madman all evening.”

-XO Andriss Krex

Brenna nodded, “We all need to cut loose at times. I will also say this crew doesn’t like to rely on synthehol. They will get the real stuff and rely on that. Hence the confiscation.” She picked up a cup and finished her coffee, “What can I do for you, Cmdr? What should I know about you to support you as both a person and our XO?”

Aroded, CoS

Andriss appraised the woman. He knew this was a time to lay down most of his cards.

“I’m a diplomat at heart,” Andriss said, patting his coiffed hair. “Maybe I’m a bit of a dandy, but understand that I do have a keen sense underneath this–“

He swept this hand up his person a little theatrically.

“You know? I am a little eccentric at times, but I do have the best of intention. Talk straight to me and I’ll work well together with you.”

He thought back to his party. Maybe not the best first impression per se, but he hoped his words struck a cord.

-XO Andriss Krex

“The best officers I have ever served with were all eccentric in one way or another. And the best teams were comprised of people with different skills in order to provide a variety of perspectives and approaches.” Brenna regarded him briefly. “I am quite capable of being diplomatic, Cmdr. when the situation requires it. However, that really isn’t my job here. When the excrement hits the fan, as humans say, my job is to be blunt and deal straight on with the necessary force, to keep crew and ship safe. So when I provide options that may not be the most…polite, it isn’t because I disagree, but it is my job to provide that perspective.”

Atoded, CoS

Andriss grinned very widely in the exaggerated Denobulan way that, to some, resembled a rubber mask or an iconic CGI effect from a beloved television series from, say, the 2000s.

“It does sound like the beginning of a productive working relationship and, I hope, over time, a friendship.” Andriss stood, and reached his hand our for a shake. “When do you have time to talk about animals again? I’d love to follow up on that idea about a pet.”

-XO Andriss Krex

“Give me a couple of days to see what is available in the area and I’ll send you a message.” Brenna stood and shook his hand. “Welcome aboard Cmdr.”

Atoded, CoS

Andriss clasped Atoded’s hands warmly and released them.

“Thank you for time, Lieutenant Commander. I do very much look forward to it,” he said, his voice taking on a honeyed edge. He looked down at his watch.

“Gracious, if you’d excuse me–I have to inspect the aft turbolift with NE Xyzzst in about 15 minutes! But I do look forward to your message when you have time!”

Andriss headed toward the door.

“One more thing–if I can be of any assistance, please let me know. I’m do mean that,” he said, glancing one last time at Geri, Freki, and Fenris. “That goes for those gorgeous creatures as well.”

-XO Andriss Krex

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