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Sheleah was watching screens and the activity of the bridge crew. She was pleased with the way everybody seemed to work together so well.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Brenna’s screen began to display various bits of information. The two other missing ships were the Starchaser and Rockhound.

The Starchaser was registered as an independent free trader, much like the B’hari. It had been traveling from Betazed to Starbase 211, to Solarion, all the way to Starbase 310 with only minor stop-offs, and back. It seemed to be a relatively common route for the vessel and crew.

The Rockhound was a geosurveyor and prospecting ship and crew. Hopping from system to system hoping to find a good strike and start a claim. They were an independant outfit had had made a fair chunk of latinum here and there. They were known for disappearing and then turning up a little later, often with ore to sell. Usually they would show up after a month, but they hadn’t come up for air in at least two if not three.


Brenna scanned through the files, “Sending those reports to your consoles, Sirs.” A moment later the reports appeared on the CO and XO’s screens on their chairs.

Atoded, CoS

Jensen wondered how much more information they could receive before they reached their destination. From the sound of it, they were about to enter the region’s Bermuda Triangle.


Dante sat and flicked through the files briefly before looking at Colter and sighing slightly before addressing the Bridge at large. “We have more than a few hours before we reach the location of the distress call, lets make sure we get some rest while en-route so we can be where needed when we get there. We have enough to research during our shifts, so unless you are rostered on duty right now, you are dismissed to get your rest. Thank you all, and lets hope for good news when we reach them.”

Despite Dante dismissing everyone who wasn’t on duty, he made no move to get up from his chair and continued looking over the reports.

----------------------- a few hours later (in the voice from spongebob) -----------------------------

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The Saracen was just heading into the Farsinia system, part of the Valdris star cluster. This system in particular had five planets orbiting it’s star, with a long string of space gasses, a blue-green worm nebula of sorts, crossing through and around the fourth planet’s orbit.

IC: A small light on Dante’s desk in his Ready Room began flashing, letting him know that it was time to return to the Bridge as they were now reaching a much closer and clearer distance to the area of operation.

Walking out into the Bridge, he greeted the crew with eye contact, one by one. “Lets move to Yellow alert,” Dante said as he reached his chair. “Drop out of warp far enough out to avoid dropping into any unpleasant encounter that might be waiting, but I want high definition scans and a search for life signs.”

Captain Knight, CO

Brenna had set her own alarm and had reported back to the bridge shortly before Cpt Knight left his ready room. “Aye, Sir. Yellow Alert,” her fingers tapped the controls and she checked the status of shields and weapons before glancing at her sensor readings.

Atoded, CoS

“Dropping out of warp now, Captain,” Cadet Truhart announced as he decreased the ship’s velocity. Jensen watched as the indicator on his station’s HUD began to dip below Warp Factor 1. “Travelling at impulse speed....” Jay alerted the CO.

Close to the sun was a hot, volcanic world with three moons, two of which seemed to be more like trapped comets, showering the planet and anything near it with debris.

Farther out in the Goldilocks Zone was an M-class planet, very Earth-like also with three moons. Two were tiny with one being an orbiting asteroid. One seemed to be another trapped comet. That left one predominant moon approximately 1900 meters in diameter.

The third planet was a ringed planet somewhere between a rocky ball and a gas giant. Around it orbited fifteen moons all of varying sizes. One seemed to also be an M-class planet, somewhat Earth-like.

Of course the fourth planet was a gas giant and drifted lazily along, entertained by a veritable system of it’s own of … eighteen moons, the computer spat out.

The fifth planet was a planetoid drifting and wobbling it’s way around the outer edge of the system.

Of course there were the wandering bodies of rogue asteroids. All seemed quiet as they approached the coordinates for the distress call.


“Are we seeing anything out there on scanners?” Dante asked his bridge crew. “Life Signs? Debris or other vessels?” If the freighter had launched escape pods, the best bet of their destination would be one of the M class worlds but, which one, how many, and had they made it?

Captain Knight

Cdt Truhart

As they dropped out of warp, sensors began to pick up more data. They’d had some idea where the B’hari might have been from a cluster of ship building materials, but with high resolution scans, it appeared to be debris flying along the same general track, but diverging away from each other in an expanding cone.

The remains of heavy ionization and spatial distortions matched with the after-effects of weapons fire and maneuvering. There wasn’t enough wreckage or mass in the wreckage to account for all of the B’hari.


“Captain, we have wreckage from what looks to be the B’hari, but no sign of the ship itself. It hasn’t been totally destroyed, their isn’t enough wreckage to match the mass of the ship.” The NE Science Officer announced from the immediate sensor readings. “Scanning for life signs in the area of the wreckage now.”

The wreckage consisted of mixed hull plating. There weren’t any voids large enough to hold a person and no signs of life in the few pieces of wreckage.

“Scan for impulse trails,” Dante leaned forward in his seat slightly. “If there were other ships here they must have gone somewhere. Focus on the M Class planet and moon, and expand the search from there.”

Captain Knight

There was a ‘hot’ cluster of ionization, presumably where most of the fighting had taken place. There were thruster trails through the area, and a residual warp disturbance. The overall course seemed to be headed toward the nebula trailing through the system, though the trail faded off. But there were a few pieces of metal floating that way. It also wasn’t too wide of an angle from Farsinia 3 and it’s jovian style system of moons.

Sheleah glanced through the data again wanting to know how many were aboard the B’hari.

  • Sheleah

There were no more than a handful of souls supposed to be aboard the B’hari. Around a dozen.

Brenna was watching her sensors for any sign of sudden attack, cycling the energy levels for shields and weapons. She was also watching the comm read out at her station for any hint of emergency transponder signals from emergency life pods.

Atoded, CoS

The space nearby, other than the wreckage was full of darkness and silence. No signs of escape pods. A check of the B’hari showed that there were only two such pods even on the schematics for it’s class. One at the bridge. One at engineering. However, each of the cargo modules were pressure rated and did have life support for each one in the case of hauling people or livestock. They could feasibly serve as individual lifeboats. If one could call a floating warehouse a lifeboat.


OOC: Jumping in
IC: As she manned the engineering station, Jhalae added, “The ship schematics indicate that B’hari had only two escape pods. That was standard for this class of vessel however not enough to accommodate the volume of people that would have been aboard.” jAs she studied the information she continued. “However the cargo modules could have been used to evacuate any survivors, but I don’t think they had a propulsion system, which means if anyone did evacuate in them, they would just be floating around out there.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“Shouldn’t be hard to locate drifting modules…” Jensen murmured to himself as he went to work, using the ship’s scanners to locate the missing sections. Cadet Truhart wasn’t sure he’d want to take the ship into the nebula without knowing exactly what was laying for wait in there.

Cadet Helmsman

The lateral sensor array showed the nebula to consist mostly of dust, rock, and ice. Scans showed pockets of significant radiation and ionization. Further safety assessments would require someone more versed in those matters. But, based on the inertia of the wreckage, it looked like the rest of the vessel may have entered the cloud in a relatively safe location. Sensor resolution was spotty at best only a few thousand kilometers in. It was thick stuff.

Rei, GMT

Among the wreckage were bits of Kelindide, in addition to duranium and tritanium.

Sheleah wondered if theyw ould have to go further into the nebula to look for survivors.

-Sheleah, CNS/DO

“We will most likely have to enter the nebula if we hope to locate any survivors from the wreckage. However I am not certain the radiation and ionization levels are safe for us to do so. As an Orion I can tolerate higher levels of radiation but it may be an issue for crew who are human, even while on the ship. However if those cargo modules entered the nebula then those aboard would be affected as well and there may be even fewer survivors anyway.” It wasn’t her call whether or not they should enter the nebula, however if they could save even one being from the B’hari then it was worth going in.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“Would a probe be able to get better readings?” Jensen asked, knowing they didn’t have much time if there were survivors in the cloud.


Graham sat mostly quiet at the science station until the question was posed. “The sensor efficiency would likely decrease twofold, once as probes are less powerful than a starship, secondly the nebula density is variable and once immersed all angles of the scan would have material to penetrate so off direct line scans would produce less information.” He looked at the screen.

“That being said… unless the ship moves to 1000 kilometers of the boundary something, either us or the probe, or both have to go in.”

Graham CSO

Brenna turned to the Chief Engineer, “Lt Ch’Thaanaq? Could we modulate the shields to better block the radiation?”

Then she spoke to Cpt Knight, “We could move all nonessential personnel to central locations in the ship to lower risk of exposure.”

Atoded, CoS

Jensen wasn’t a scientist and felt much better leaving the decisions to the adults. For now, the Cadet was okay with simply moving the Saracen from point A to point B. Though while he understood that the probe would be less efficient, sending the ship in may be more dangerous.

Cadet Turhart

((Apologies all. was waiting for activity to pick up on the Saracen and fell behind. Glad we’re back up to speed. Y’all are great.))

Much of the radiation, according to the ship’s sensors, was alpha particles and beta rays, mixed with gamma and x-rays. Fairly standard to most stellar nebula. The navigational deflectors would handle at least half of it without much trouble. X-rays and Gamma rays though were a bit more troublesome. The shields had more than enough power to handle it for the time being, and the tritanium-duranium hull were good at keeping stuff like that out as well. The Pendragon-class was designed as a combat ship, but with explorer sensibilities. While it wasn’t designed to spend long periods getting bathed in more than background radiation like a lot of science vessels, it was meant to go pretty much anywhere, at least for a while. Hours for sure. Days, probably. Weeks… could be pushing it. Of course, an intrepid Federation crew was always full of ingenuity, when push came to shove.

For now, the blue-green foggy miasma stretched across the curtain of stars, glowing serenely.

Rei, GMT

OOC: Jumping In!

IC: Andriss sat thinking with his chin in his hand, sprawled out in his XO’s chair.

“Awaiting Captain’s orders, but what do we think about heading into the nebula, and once we’re in, sending out a couple probes? Mr. Graham, could that potentially boost our signal, so to speak? Any other thoughts? The potential survivors of the B’hari may be out there.”

-XO Andriss Krex

“Heading in appears the logical choice in the absence of survivors or those who attacked them, and the radiation appears more significant in pockets. I trust Cadet Truhart can avoid them.” Dante finally spoke up after absorbing his bridge crews pondering. “Probes will increase our ability to scan at least slightly, especially if Teller can boost their ability to scan, even temporarily. Take us in, Helm,” Dante looked at Truhart and sat up straighter in his chair, folding one ankle over a knee. “Nice and steady, maintain Yellow Alert and divert extra power to the shields.”

“Heading in, nice and steady, Cap!” Jensen called out, somewhat excited to be able to do something other than mapping space particles. The Helmsman waited on Science to decide on the probe.

Under Jensen’s touch the ship changed course and speed, following the shotgun pattern of debris drifting into the nebula, loafing past it. As they neared the outer fringes of the nebula there was no resistance. The dust slid away from their magnetic navigational deflector, or simply rolled off of their main deflector shield like rain off an umbrella. Within moments the blue-green glowing miasma began to thicken, but the ship was unslowed, swimming peacefully through the vacuum.

For the moment all seemed well, though it was hard to see far on visual scanning alone.

“Smooth sailing so far, Captain,” The Helmsman announced. The Cadet was hoping to test his piloting skills but was relieved to not come across any resistance.


“Nicely done Helm,” Dante acknowledged the pilot. “Keep steady and keep an eye out. Don’t want to run over any escape pods in this soup.”

Tapping the console on the arm of his chair, he turned his head to look at the Engineering Officer. “Ensign Ynuchausti, I note the scan picked up traces of Kelindide. Can you check if the B’hari had any of that present in her construction, or if it was part of any cargo manifest they may have been carrying? Also, see if it resembles anything that might have been from a Starship hull.” Glancing at Krex, Dante sighed slightly at what the presence of that mineral might signal.

Captain Knight


“Checking now, Captain.” The light of the console illuminated the green skin on her face as she pulled the construction report and cargo manifest to determine if the mineral had been associated with the B’hari.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

It took a few minutes. The last that the B’hari reported on their manifest was prospecting and light mining equipment. As far as the construction materials of this ship in particular, it was mostly duranium, transparent aluminum, and other standard materials, of which Kelindide was not typically used in large amounts.

Though not telepathic, Andriss thought that himself and the Captain were on the same wavelength here. If traces of Kelindide was out there, then it was very likely that they might not be the only ones in the immediate area searching for any survivors of the B’hari.

“Lieutenant Ch’Thaanaq? Lieutenant Commander Atoded? How are shields and weapons holding?” Andriss asked casually.

-XO Andriss Krex

Weapons showed no signs of interference or inoperability. Shields showed some light pressure and ionization along the leading edge, but nothing unusual for space dust.

Brenna glanced at the display as they headed into the cloud. “Weapons are all green Cmdr.” She also knew what Kelindide meant and she set her scanners to look for signs of Cardassian energy and weapons signatures around them.

Atoded, CoS

Sheleah was pleased to see the bridge crew working together so nicely. She noted Turhart’s excitement and the way the new XO fit in quite easily.

Glancing down, she did a quick search to find out what Kelindide was used for. Engineering was not her strong point.

  • Sheleah

Her display would show that it was used in a number of industrial process, including ship building, but not generally among the Federation. It was, however, one of the primary materials used for Cardassian starships.


((I think I got everything on that go? Well, what the crew has so far directly prompted for or checked on. Gimme a nudge if I missed something.))

Andriss straightened in his chair and began looking through the reports generated by the team.

“How are we doing on those probes, Lieutenant Commander Graham?” he asked. “Shields are looking good for now. Great work, everyone. Captain?”

-XO Andriss Krex

“While Science works to get us a better resolution with those, launch a batch to extend our sensor range as much as we can for now, Commander Atoded.” Dante turned his head towards the CoS slightly as he spoke. “Any extended range is better than none. Ensign Ynuchausti, can you boost power to our ship sensors? Can we see anything?”

Jhalae nodded as she boosted the power sensors.

Captain Knight, CO

Brenna keyed in the specifics and waited for the launch bay to green light they had the probes ready. “Launching 12 sensor probes for 360° tri-axis extension of ship’s sensors.” A quick keyed command and the quiet whine of the probes racing through the launch tubes.

Atoded, CoS

The Saracen began spewing probes into the celestial mists from the forward and rear launch tubes. They spread out into an expanding sphere, overlapping sensor grids with the Pendragon-class battlecruiser and each other. Eyes in the fog, eyes in the dark. The particles scattered the data a bit, but overall, they had more room around them.

Just as they were a couple thousand kilometers into the nebula two of the probes to the rear momentarily flashed. But taking a closer look, nothing seemed to show up, only the eddies and flows of dust and debris. Ahead and to starboard, another probe reported something faint, intermittent, but just as quickly it was gone.

“Umm…” she said as she squinted her eyes at the console screen, “Looks like a lot of dust, however the probe....picked up…something. It was brief and there is no clear reading on what it was.”

Ionization against the forward shields was rising, but slowly, only a percent or two.

Ahead, out of the blue-green fog loomed a large shape, closing fast. Two hundred meters, shaped much like a potato. Composition: Ice, dust, some nickel and iron. Coagulated essence of the remains of stars and planets.

Cadet Truhart noted the large object heading their way. It appeared to be remnants of metals, dust, and ice, most likely from former planets or stars. The Helmsman plotted a possible course out of its possible trajectory and waited for an order to move.

“I am not picking up anything significant.” She looked over at science to confirm before she continued. This was her first time on a bridge, and she was nervous and wanted to be sure she was reading the data correctly. “All I am seeing is a small object comprised of mostly ice, dust, and some metals. Still no sign of the B’hari, which is puzzling.”

Behind was another, smaller, about a thousand kilometers farther along.


((Sorry for the delay folks. Last week kinda threw things off kilter.))

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“Cadet keep us clear of that rock,” Dante leaned forward slightly and spoke to the Cadet helmsman. “I have yet to scratch the paint on her from our last refit, and I am not in the mood to do so now.” While his tone was dead flat, the side of his mouth did twitch slightly into a smirk.

“We should consider that whoever attacked the B’hari may have picked up any life pods or containers and taken them, or destroyed them as well.” It was a morbid thought, but it was a possibility.

Atodes, CoS


Andriss laid back in his seat. His hands folded together across his knee.

“Grim thought but also likely, Lieutenant Commander,” Andriss said. “I’m sure we’ll find something as long as we’re methodological in our search. How about we start a grid search at the boundaries of our sensor limits to save on probes? That way, we can cover some surface area. Thoughts?”

-XO Andriss Krex

Sheleah noted Jhalae nervousness but thought she was handling herself quite well for beign on the bridge for her first time.

  • Sheleah

((Okay, now that I’m not dying or dealing with lots of brain fog, Let’s try to get this show on the road.))

As the Saracen plunged deeper into the celestial pea soup time seemed to drag on. There were rocks floating in the muck and mire, and pools and eddies of radiation.t he continual bombardment from high energy particles did start to take their toll on the shields, but it was a slow… steady drip. It was hard to imagine a lowly and aging civilian freighter able to hold up to the rigors of this place. Much less as a very very loose flying formation of debris.

Pieces of metallic flotsam were all they seemed to find, some no bigger than the face of a wrist watch. Others were entire bulkheads. Even part of a crew quarters, at one point, bunk beds still bolted in place. Or at least the racks, but no mattresses, pillows, or personal effects. The rest was a twisted, mangled, modern art masterpiece. Parts of the metal had liquefied under the intense energy output subjected to it, and then flash frozen again in long metal tendrils that looked almost more organic than manufactured.

Sensor scans showed scoring and the remnants of phaser and torpedo hits.

Allt he while, those same sensors continued to see ghosts in the stellar mists. Was it paranoia, or were there ghosts in the darkness? Hard to say as they floated near a couple more pieces of wreckage. Among them was a portion of the flight deck, bridge, command module.... however people wanted to refer to it. Their shields now resting at approximately 66%.

The clock was ticking, and the odds of finding survivors at this rate practically none. Bodies, sure. Assuming there were bodies still to find.

And whoever did this was still out there. Elusive.


“Helm, hold position on that piece of wreck,” Dante ordered when the remains of the Bridge module came into view.

“Aye, Captain,” Jensen replied, perking up from his gaze through the ship’s sensors. Cadet Truhart slowly decreased their current velocity until his monitor show no further movement. “Reading, full stop Captain....”

“Can we tractor that piece into our cargo bay or hangar?” Dante looked back at Ynuchausti. “We may be able to restore power to one of the consoles and see if we can extract any data of what happened. Worth a shot?”

“Aye, sir. Initiating tractor beam now. We may need to contain it for precautionary measures. It could have some residual radiation attached to it.” She adjusted the reticle to place the target square in the middle then locked on to it, activating the tractor beam. Then she activated her comm to inform Science of the arriving object. =^=Science team to cargo bay 4. A foreign object is about to be brought aboard. Please prepare to analyze the object after all safety measures have been observed.=^=

The lock stuttered, but then stabilized. A moment later the shimmering blue-white tractor beam stabbed out from the Saracen and began prying it’s prize from the depths. It slowly tumbled and rotated until it was in it’s narrowest orientation, but would likely fit through the bay doors without fuss.

Turning to look at Andriss, Dante scrunched his lips for a moment in thought. “We may not have time for a prolonged search pattern the way our shields are draining, but we have seen a fair amount of wreckage by now. Commander Atoded can you try and piece together a possible location for the bulk of the hull, should it still exist, based on the wreckage we have encountered and the computers tracked drift of them? Someone may have picked up the escape pods, or, they may have decided to stick near the wreck in the hope that it will be easier to locate than individual pods in this soup.”

Captain Knight, CO

Ynuchausti, Engineer

“Meanwhile, I’ll use whatever data our sensors have gathered to map a way out of here without hitting anything, in case those lurking in the shadows decide to come out.” The Helmsman said. Truhart assumed that whoever was out there would have their shields decreasing due to the radiation as well.


“Aye, Cpt.” Atoded took the data, size speed, rotation, direction, etc. and had the computer start extrapolating the probable location of the bulk of the hull.

Atoded, CoS

The computer began building a model from previous astrographic survey data as well as the updates provided by the Saracen’s considerable sensor suite. While it wasn’t finely tuned for exploration, and geared more for combat, it could do both jobs with relative aplomb. The computer was good enough to factor in gravimetric effects, and crunch the data. At first it resembled a fuzzy cloud then began to clarify.

The Saracen was near the center of the cloud of flying wreckage, though it was expanding as it traveled.

There were no signs of disaster or locator beacons. No signs of life pods. Though there was something warm floating in the vacuum. A tiny spec, not quite two meters on it’s longest axis. The computer marked it, then overlayed a magnified image along with a thermal overlay. Less than 18 degrees celcius. But the outline was immediately clear. It was a floating body. No EVA suit.


=/\=Teller this is Nat,=/\= the CMO’s voice beeped through the science chief comms. =/\= I just got a medical emergency alert from the computer about something living outside the ship. Pretty sure that is meant for you, not me.=/- With the ship not on red alert or hip-deep in some battle, whatever was floating outside the ship and not in an EVA suit could not be a person or at least someone alive.

Natasha Knight CMO

=/=Nope doc it was meant for you. Sensors have picked up a two meters long object with a thermal overlay keeping it at 18 degrees Celsius. I am not saying what it is but it is a body and it is living. Well at least for the moment=/= Teller replied.

“Do we bring it in, Cap?!” Jay asked, his appalled face staring at the sensor readings on his HUD. The Cadet wasn’t sure if the computer was affected by the radiation around them, because he couldn’t understand how any humanoid could be alive out there without an EVA suit.


Teller CSO

“Yes we do Cadet, but we keep looking for others. Keep your eyes peeled for any more, and return to the search pattern. We’re near the center of the field so we may find more of the crew out there.”

All of this talk about a body in space, with no EVA suit, had Sheleah wishing she were a long distance telepath at that moment. She quickly ran through her mind trying to remember if there was any race, no matter how remote, that could survive in similar conditions.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Any lifesigns picked up by the lateral sensor arrays came from micro-organisms within the target. Gut bacteria and the like. There were no other lifesigns ahead, no neural activity, no electrical signals. And sensors showed thermal decay. The object was losing heat on a steady track, and would be on the mark for approximately nine hours of exposure to hard vacuum at this distance from the system’s star and concealed in a relatively dim, dark place.

((Small physics lesson as the best and brightest in Starfleet would know this. Space is cold, but not cold like we think about or associate it. Space is nothing. There is nothing to conduct or convect heat away from the human body. And the human body is very well insulated. The only mechanism to lose heat in hard vacuum is radiation. You radiate heat, which is detectable via infrared light, which is why there’s a thermal readout. The object is about 64°F and continuing to cool. But without something like a chemical reaction, nuclear reaction, or other source of energy input/output, the object continues to cool due to radiating away it’s energy. But it will take approximately 24 hours to really start freezing. ))


OOC: That is a fascinatingly morbid’ish thought :-P I learned something today!

IC: “Alright, we have somewhere to start,” Dante glanced across at Andriss before focusing on who, what and where.

Opening the Comm, he brought up the Chief Engineer as well as addressing the Chief Science Officer who was on the Bridge.
=/\= Lieutenant Ch’Thaanaq, we have a piece of debris from the B’hari, part of the Bridge, in the Cargo Bay. We need decontamination procedures in place and I would like you and Lieutenant Commander Graham to scour their computers for any retrievable information. Who attacked them, where they came from, anything that might help. =/\=

Teller nodded to the Captain from his console and headed to meet up with Lieutenant Ch’Thaanaq.

From the bridge Atoded grabbed the piece of the B’hari’s bridge and tractored it (OOC or beamed not sure which works here Lady GM). Coordinating with the Ops officer on duty in the Cargo Bay they brought the large piece of debris in.

((Either works. The piece is not that big. Not much bigger than a small speed boat. Either way the shields will have to come down for a short period.))

Next, he opened a line to Natasha.

=/\= Nat, we have a dead body out there. We’re bringing it in under isolation protocol and lets see if we can identify the poor soul. Indications are its’ been floating for 9 hours. You might want to make some space, I’m hoping to find more of the crew from the destroyed ship we are investigating but indications are, no life pods survived or are present. =/\=

=/\=Nat here=/\= she responded from sickbay. =/\=Understood=/\= Natasha replied and waited for the body to be beamed into the isolation pod in sickbay via protocol.

Nat Knight CMO

“Counselor, I’m not sure how much you can help the Doctor but I’d like you to pop into Sickbay and see if there is any insight or help you can offer.” Dante turned to Sheleah beside him.

Sheleah nodded, turned, and left the bridge.

  • Sheleah

Closing off the Comm, he turned to Atoded. “Brenna beam that body into sickbay under an isolation field, and keep an eye on the ship sensors. Whoever did this may still be out there. How are our shields holding up?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Aye Sir.” Brenna locked onto the body floating out there. What a horrible way to die. She keyed up the isolation sequence. =/\=Atoded to Sickbay. Locked onto the isolation pod, energizing now.=/\= Her hand slid over the keys as the body was pulled into the transporter beam and reappeared in sickbay.

Then her attention went back to the scans and sensors. She checked the power reading on the shields as well.

Atoded, CoS

For the moment everything was still in the green, but a few were starting to head for falling below 80%, the yellow zone. Ionization against the shields was increasing on a steady track and a charge was building.

“Captain, ionization is increasing steadily and there is a charge beginning to build,” the CoS reported.

Atoded, CoS

Andriss noticed the look from the Captain.

“Captain, permission to join Lieutenant Commander Graham and Lieutenant Ch’Thaanaq in the Cargo Bay? I was a Science Officer once upon a time, you know.”

-XO Andriss Krex

((Details in MOTD updated, including status board. ;3 ))


“No life signs other than bacteria have been detected in the vicinity, Captain,” Jensen announced once the scans have returned. Truhart didn’t want to specify how it was most likely the bacteria from the individual’s stomach, that had spewed out into space.

Cadet Truhart

((I think I got everything for now. Transport of body was successful. Tractor or transport of the wreckage is also successful with some minor interference.))

Andriss stood from his seat. He was getting a little worried this could be a salvage instead of a search and rescue–or was this just a piece of a ship that could possibly still be intact? He wondered what they would find based off their new acquisitions.

“Any new information as we scan? There has to be more out there,” he murmured, almost to himself.

-XO Andriss Krex

The Helmsman wasn’t sure if they would find any survivors at this point. The Saracen had a few systems dipping below 80%, and the longer they were there, the more it would drain. His biggest worry, however, were the shields. Not only were they needed to protect against the radiation, but also to whatever could be lurking in the dark.


In the blue depths of the nebula sat the Saracen. The ebb and flow of cosmic dust, the remains of some celestial body continued without care. Around her were the dozen sensor probes forming a larger cloud, expanding her senses. Echoes and swirling shadows in the dark held at bay. The sensors themselves registered ionization along their hull as much as the shields of the Saracen were.

In the bubble of awareness around the Saracen there were other chunks of floating metal, the flotsam of a wrecked ship. Most around the same size as the one they had already picked up. All had the integrity of a ripped apart soda can. The total mass was almost to the metric ton of the dry mass of the ship. They were floating in the middle of the B’hari’s remains.

Around them were warm spots, relative to the vacuum of space. Almost a dozen humanoid figures. The crew. Counting the one they beamed aboard, that made a dozen. A dozen souls in the void.

As the probes reported more information through the stellar fog, another source of energy made itself known. A signal, a subspace ping, matched by conventional short range signals, both on a standard Federation emergency frequency.

Contact with the signal showed it was from the B’hari. When studied by the sensor net, it was very small. The size of a small case. The ship’s black box, designed to withstand all but the most rigorous of catastrophic events.


“Captain we’re picking up roughly 11 more heat signatures of deceased crew. And I have a lock on what appears to be the B’hari’s back box.” Atoded reported.

Atoded, CoS

“It seems the B’hari sustained significant damage,” said Jhalae. “We should proceed with caution. I have no idea what can rip apart a ship in that manner.” She initiated the tractor beam to pull the crew and the black box aboard.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Andriss’s mood certainly shifted. A dozen souls, left to the void of space. Now it was up to the Saracen to care for them until they could be returned to their people.

But the bigger question remained–why the B’hari and who, exactly, pulled the trigger or made the order. He sat in his seat solemnly.

=^=I’m afraid that we have more bodies incoming, Medical. Do you have room down there for twelve or can I help you find alternative arrangements?=^= Andriss said into his comm badge.

-XO Andriss Krex

=/\=We are not the morgue and that only holds two. Send them to a cargo bay and put them in a stasis field. We can’t work on more than four without turning us into a morgue. Send us five and the other seven to the cargo bay. When we process the first half we can do the next. I will also send down a few nurses to take some samples but the stasis pods should keep them in the same condition they arrived in until we get to them.=/\=

Natasha Knight CMO, crossposted by ShaunTee

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