Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor's Office

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Posted by Ensign Jhalae Ynuchausti (Acting Chief Engineer) in Jhalae finally makes her way to the Counselor’s Office

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It had actually been a couple of weeks since she arrived on the ship. Since that time she’d attended a party for the new XO, been on the bridge and fixed the broken replicator, and managed to avoid the call the fix the Captain’s shower. Life on a ship was more exciting than working on a Starbase but was also exhausting. While relieving the transporter NE she’d accidentally beamed an unauthorized box of illegal Romulan Ale aboard and some of the crew got ahold of it and had a great time. This mishap had been discovered a few days ago and the transporter chief had gone through the work logs and discovered it was she who was on duty when the cargo had been beamed aboard. She’d been accused of doing it on purpose but she honestly didn’t. Jhalae had simply failed to follow the correct transport procedures that were supposed to capture things like this.

When she approached the counselor’s office she rang the chime and put her head down waiting to be called in.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah had been reading through the morning reports when the chime rang.

“Yes? Come in.”

Rex perked up and him mama’s voice and decided now would be the perfect time to leap onto the six foot tall cat tree she had installed along one of the walls.

  • Sheleah

Jhalae walked into the office and said, “Hey! I am sorry it took me so long to make my way here. I didn’t make an appointment but I had some free time. Is now a good time for a visit?” She looked at Rex and smiled, hoping she would have a chance to pet him.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Rex turned several times and closed his eyes. Sheleah had been preparing to send reminders to a batch of crew members and made a note that Ynuchausti wouldn’t need a reminder.

“Actually, I have just enough time to do one. Have a seat. I remember you from the party the other night.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Thank you,” She said as she took a seat. “Yes, I remember you too. I must admit I was trying to avoid you because I knew that I had not completed my visit with you. Anyway, I am here now. It seems I have gotten myself in some trouble and everything is catching up to me.” She shifted in her seat. “Your animal is so cute. Do you think I can pet him?”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah had seen this type of behavior before. People in a new environment letting life catch up to them while they get on their feet.

“I’m pretty sure Rex will come down to give you a hello sniff. He does that a few times every time someone new comes in the office so… I heard about the brandy, or was it ale?” Sheleah asked with a smile.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae dropped her head, “It was Romulan Ale.” She paused for a moment. “I’d like to tell my side of the story. People are making it seem as if I had planned to beam a case of Romulan Ale aboard the Saracen. It wasn’t like that. Although I am sure my defense would have been taken more seriously if I hadn’t joined in on the consumption of the ale after I beamed it aboard. Anyway, I did not intentionally beam that illegal ale aboard the ship, but I admit I did drink some…a lot of it.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah waited a few seconds before shifting positions and responding.

“I believe you and even if it was more intentional than it might appear at first glance, we all make mistakes. Now as far as consumption goes, who could resist a nip of Romulan Ale every once in a while? Believe it or not, my mother could go on about vintages. She would completely loose mein conversation though. I would consider it lesson learned if I were you. So, tell me about you academy days.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae’s eyes widened when Sheleah said she believed her then she presented a large smile. “Thank you, Counselor. I am being truthful. I may do things like beam ale aboard the ship, but I always try to be as honest as possible about the situation. I have no problem owning up to my mishaps. I do consider it a learned lesson. I know now that those transporter logs are reviewed carefully and I better follow proper procedure when beaming cargo aboard the ship.”
She thought about the question, “I enjoyed being in the Academy. To be honest I was disappointed when graduation day came. I would not have minded staying in the Academy forever. Those days were fun, and carefree, we could go explore San Francisco, and hang out with friends.” She sighed, “I have lost contact with most of my academy friends. We all went our separate ways when we were handed our assignments. I was placed on a Starbase with a much older crowd and it was…uneventful.” She perked up a bit, “I love being on the Saracen. It’s so much fun…when I am not being reprimanded. Do you think they will kick me off or reassign me to another ship for the Romulan Ale issue?”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah shook her head and smiled.

“No, I doubt it. You’d have to do a lot worse. Granted, you’ve been reprimanded, that’s par for the course but, I don’t think this is grounds for removal by a long shot. I enjoyed my time in San Francisco also. Growing up I really didn’t spend a lot of time in Earth. Where did you grow up?”

Sheleah was curious about Jhalae’s Orion background and how that worked in the Academy. She could have looked thought records and got information from instructors but, hearing it fron her perspective was where Sheleah always liked to start.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, let’s see, I grew up on a starship mostly. My parents were one of the first Orions to serve in Starfleet.” she said proudly. “They met in the Academy. My mother said there was a natural connection because they were both Orions.” There was a smile on her face as she recalled the interactions between her parents. My father also once said that the love her had for my mother was genuine because she does not possess the pheromones that an average Orion woman possesses, so she did not capture his heart with her pheromones. It was a real attraction. The women in my family are unique in that way. We are missing the biological component that would allow us to produce these pheromones.” Getting back on track, she continued the story of where she grew up, “When my father died and the ship I grew up was destroyed my mother and I moved and lived on the Oed V colony. My mother worked as a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital and I am sure she still works there.” There was a pause then she said, “Now I am realizing that I have not seen her in years.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Her answer dealt with several questions Sheleah was going to bring up but, now, didn’t have to. She had met several Orions that produced the natural pheromones and was wondering how that had worked in the academy. In this case, not having them seemed to work quite well.

“How old were you when you lost your father?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae avoided the question with a casual shrug. She’d never really knew how old she was when he died. “Did you know I got married when I was in the Academy? I thought he was he love of my life but....” Her voice trailed off as she thought about the unfortunate end to her marriage. Anyway, we did well when we were in the Academy together, but he wanted to part ways because he said that the distance would eventually break us apart anyway.” She paused then said, “I am never going to get married again.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah knew that it would probably be seen as unprofessional to throw her head back and laugh so she merely smiled.

“I believe that you firmly believe that right now. I also believe that opinions can evolve so, if yours does, eventually, don’t be surprised by that fact. What made him the love of your life?” she asked.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

It was a good question. One she had never really considered. “Well…he was nice.” she paused and then said, “The most important thing is that I could be myself around him. Most people would peg me as dumb or inarticulate, but he never treated me that way. I don’t think I will ever find someone who valued me the way he did.” She smiled and then said, “He knew I was what he called a free soul. He appreciated my impulsiveness, how I could decide in the moment that I wanted to fly to Risa or on a more realistic scale, go dive off the cliff in the holosuite. Counselor, have you ever loved someone so much that even years after they left you still dream of them? I would leave Starfleet and follow him across the universe if he called me today and asked me to do so.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Sheleah really looked at her for a few seconds.

“You have had a truly remarkable experience and I hope you value it for all it’s worth. No, I’ve never been as lucky as you. I’m not certain I believe in such things for myself. Hearing you speak so passionately though gives me a little hope.”

“Really?” said Jhalae which a smile. She’d expected the counselor to think she was crazy or obsessive.

It was at that moment that Rex bounded from the cat tree and made his way towards Sheleah, probably sensing her mood. Stopping at the side of her chair, he put his paws on her thigh wanting to be picked up. Smiling, she leaned down and hoisted him onto her lap.

“Well I do have this guy though. It’s not the same but I guess I’ll take what I can get.”

“Maybe I should get an animal. I don’t know if I have the capacity to care for something like Rex though. Maybe…a goldfish!” she said as the lightbulb went off in her head. “I heard those are easy to care for.”

Rex looked across the desk at Jhalae and began to purr. As he began shifting position Sheleah made a face and set him down.

“You are much to squirmy sir. Go go go.” she said lightheartedly.

Rex began stalking around the small office before making his way to where Jhalae dat and meowing up at her. He really did enjoy his pets.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae bent down and picked up Rex then began petting him. “You don’t seem to be too much trouble and I bet you are a good listener too.” she said as she admired the cat.

Ynuchausti, Engineer

Rex squirmed awkwardly until his 30lbs/13.6kg found a comfortable position and he began to purr.

“Yes, I think Rex is a good listener or, at least, he knows how to pretend well enough to get his pets. If you would like help choosing some type of creature to warm your quarters, I’m sure we can set up a time to do that. This place is practically a zoo. There are probably goldfish from half a dozen world floating around here somewhere. Just let me know if you think that’s something you’d be interested in.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae hadn’t actually considered getting any pets but she seen this as an opportunity to make acquaintances with some of the crew on the Saracen. “I think that is a great idea. Maybe I should start off with something that is easy to care for now. My engineeringtasks could keep me from my quarters at odd hours.” She smiled and said, “I wouldn’t mind a cute gecko. I already have a name picked out for her, Mika.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

The thought of geckos made Sheleah smile. They were native to many places she and Sam had travelled and had a tendency to crawl into one’s sleeping bag.

“Geckos can be quite adorable. Some of them do very well being solitary but, others prefer to be in groups of twos and threes. A little research should help you find the right one though. I’m sure we can make some time next week, just let me know what your schedule is in case we need to move some things around.” Sheleah said.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae gave Sheleah a big smile as she considered her suggestion. “You’re right, a little research would be helpful. And I have made up my mind. I think it would be wonderful to have a gecko as a pet. They’re low-maintenance and fascinating creatures to observe. Let’s plan some time next week to look into it together. How about, Thursday evening? We can spend a couple of hours researching different gecko species, their care requirements, over some snacks! What do say Counselor? You in?”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

As if on cue, Rex perked his ears up and began purring and nuzzling Jhalae’s neck. Sheleah watched for a few seconds before beginning to laugh.

“Oh damn… I think he’s flirting with you. He likes snacks almost as much as I do. Well, maybe a little more depending on what they are. Yeah, that sounds great. I think we’re done for now. If there’s anything else we need to go over, let me know.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Jhalae giggled at Rex’s playful behavior. “Looks like Rex is quite the charmer. Maybe he’s just excited about the snacks too.” then she joined Sheleah in laughter.

“I think we’ve covered everything for now,” Jhalae replied. “If anything else comes up I’ll definitely let you know. Thank you for your help, Counselor. I appreciate your support and how non-judging you were.”

Ynuchausti, Engineer

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