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Teller CSO

Before the words could leave either officer’s mouth a blast of burnt orange energy passed exactly through the spot where the transponder had been, but missed the Saracen. Immediately after, followed a photon torpedo speeding through the murk toward the ship. It sped past, going from the wide as the cruiser, effectively, shot from the hip.

The Galor-class’s tactical officer was hurrying, in a hurry, rather than being sure of his shot.

“Return fire Mr Foster,” Dante ordered, noting the misses from the Cardassians. “Make them count.”

Across the way, the Cardassian showed another spike incoming.

((Apologies for the delay all. i had checked a few times on posts, had nothing new.. then got sidetracked with other stuff outside of STF. Dave and Terry, you’re my heroes.

Also, further apologies. This was supposed to be an upgraded Galor-class, rather than Keldon, which I got mixed up in my sim notes. It’s fixed now though.))


“We’ve got the box, skipper,” DaVinci reported. Simultaneously, his hands flew over the helm controls to get the Saracen out of firing range.

“Nice work Commander,” the C.O. nodded.

“Ynuchausti, shields!!” The XO’s voice remained calm as he gave the order to the chief engineer.

Colter (XO/CIO)

The sensor bouys began flashing red, screaming digital warnings of increased tachyon emissions aft of the Saracen, along with dust and particle turbulence.

New contact bearing one four zero mark nine zero. (140,90) To port, to the left, and behind, approximately 7 o’clock position. The distortion quickly registered a concentration of Kelindide, Cardassian hull material. Another Cardassian ship was decloaking!


“Another Cardassian ship decloaking to the rear port, Captain!” Foster shouted as he was startled by the new alert on his console. The COS split the viewscreen and put up the now, two, Cardassian ships.


“Captain the sensors are picking up warning of tachyon emissions and particle turbulence aft of the ship,” Teller called out. “Might be new bogeys. Doubtful it is something to do with the nebula,”

Teller CSO

Both reports were simultaneous, though Foster’ words carried more volume, cutting through the din. As the new contact resolved, sensors showed the new ship’s shields weren’t up yet, but they were powering up in a hurry, in a few seconds they would be up.


“Seems like they have something they really want to keep secret.” Dante leaned forward in his chair. “Shunt auxiliary power to the shields, Ensign Ynuchausti.”

“Captain,” Teller called out, “sensors are confirming the ships and that they are bringing up their shields.” Graham was not tactics but he could read a sensor as well as the next officer.

Teller CSO

“We’re not going to out-gun all of them, Captain!” Foster exclaimed while trying to tactically decide which ship they could potentially target first if things went south.

“It’s only two to one,” Dante raised an eyebrow in Fosters direction. “Doesn’t seem fair to them does it?” Despite the situation, he smirked. He had faith in the Saracen and his crew. Not blind faith, but he knew what a ship like the Saracen could do if cornered, and her limits.


“Take a shot at that bogey to port, Foster, before she gets her shields up,” Colter ordered. “Take her out of the fight before she gets a chance to get into it.”

At the same time, Colter’s hands were working the helm. “Initiating evasive maneuvers, skipper. I’m always up for the challenge of taking on two birds, but we got what we came for.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“No point staying to fight when we have no clear reason to,” Dante agreed. “Time to fly, Cadet Truhart,” he spoke directly to the Cadet Helm officer, “watch the paint on that debris.” Dante kept his voice steady, trying at least to impart a sense of confidence to the younger crew.

“Firing at their weapons array, Exec!” Nicholas called out, as he targeted the port ship with the Saracen’s phasers. The COS then hit the fire button twice more, hoping to send a bigger message. LtJG Foster ran a quick scan of that ship to assess the damage, if any.


“Hold fire for the moment but Load the Quantum torpedoes Mr Foster, lets make sure they know we aren’t going to just play tag. If they fire again, you have permission to engage in full.” The tone Dante used turned hard for just a moment. Warning shots had been fired and replied to with intent, they had the black box and were making maneuvers.

Teller could not help with the defensive battle but could scan offensively to see if anyone else was showing up at the party or for any damage to the two ships shooting at the Saracen.

Teller CSO

=^= Engineering to Ynuchausti=^= Charles called up from engineering with a basic status report, =^= Just so you are aware, I can confirm we haven’t suffered any major damage. We could stand to stay and fight longer. =^=

[Ensign Charles-Louis, Engineering]

“We haven’t taken any damage . . .yet. I’d like to keep it that way. We’re outnumbered, and we got what we came for,” Colter replied from the helm. He was prepared to jump to warp as was just waiting for the captain to say “go”.

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Get us out of this debris field and we can exit, stage right,” Dante told Colter. “If they want the black box that bad, it must have information on what they are hiding and willing to destroy a freighter for.”

Teller looked at his station noting the black box was now in the science labs. “Sir I am headed down to the labs to see if the price those ships paid was worth the cost by seeing what was on that damn box with your permission?” It wasn’t that Teller needed permission to go do his job but more so that the bridge crew knew he was no longer at that station.

“Keep us up to date with what you find on that thing,” Dante said as Teller made his way off the Bridge, “and if you need any help with it.” He noted the NE taking the CSO’s spot and turned back to the screen.

Teller CSO
Jhalae nodded in acknowledgment of Charles’ report. =^=Good work, Ensign Charles. Maintain readiness down there. We might need all systems at their best if things take a turn, =^= she replied, her voice a little shaky due to the tense situation.

As Colter voiced his opinion, Ynuchausti considered the options. He glanced at the viewscreen, she knew that their ship’s systems needed to be in peak condition for a swift escape.

Ynuchausti, CE

=^=”Oui commandant! I will continue to provide what I can from here. =^= Charles answered. After a pause, he called back up to offer some words of encouragement for Ynuchausti =^= We are not yet facing defeat. Not this easily. =^=

Foster maintained his readiness in case they needed to shoot off another wave of phaser strikes. The fact that they haven’t taken on damage yet, was impressive, though he was still concerned that they were outnumbered.


“Ynuchausti, polarize the shields.” The resulting burst of particles might be enough to disrupt the Cardassian targeting systems slightly while Truhart and Colter worked to get a clear path to jump to warp. Every second would count.

Knight, CO

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