Starfleet Academy - First Mission, Out the Gates

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“Take your blood and put in the DNA sequencer.” Kelly tossed a PaDD to Nash and then slumped back laying against Dante’s side. “I’ve been brushing up on how to synthesize a vaccine from bacteria while Captain Fabulous here was on shore leave with his Boo.”

Kelly Shultz

“Captain Fantastic,” Dante corrected Kelly, then coughed for a moment. “Fantastic, like the Fantastic Four, not Fabulous. Captain Fabulous sound like I wear a rhinestone cowboy hat and fishnet stockings with my feather boa. No.”

“Hey don’t knock boa. We won first place in our skit for South Pacific with that bit.” Kelly’s voice was weak as she coughed a bit more violently than anyone expected.

“It was a coconut bra not a boa you idiot,” Nat said in a throaty whisper causing everyone in the shuttle to look back at her. “Those two dunces did not set the timer on the stasis pod. Safeties kicked in which is why I am rising like a zombie.”

“We gonna make everyone here an honorary Mintaran?” Nash smirked. “I know you are jealous of our telepathy resistance to mind reading, but there are other ways to get some Minataran in you, you know.”

“I swear I am putting that on a t-shirt and selling it,” Kelly shot back.

Picking up a medical hypo Nash pressed it against his neck and pressed the button, filling a vial with his blood. Then turning to the computer he slotted the hypo, vial and all, into the DNA sequencer like Kelly had instructed. “So, we just gonna strip out the, i dunno, white blood cell enzyme or something and add neutral solution to make a vaccine, then get the replicator to make more of it?”

Nash & Knight

Natasha might be awake in the stasis pod but too weak to get up or get out of it. “Yes, use the base code genetic sequencers first or we all will wake up with a desire to take your test.” The joke was weak but it was all they had right now.

“There is nothing wrong with our test,” Nash quipped. “The galaxy at large could do better if they took it, you know. Just think of the possibilities of basing alliances and getting to know other species in First Contact scenario’s if we all just sat down and answered 1763 questions over a few beers and curly fries?”

“I swear to god if I wake up wanting to take that test from this I will never forgive you,” Kelly stated.

Kelly and Natasha

“Fine, no Mintaran for you.” Nash spoke in an attempted copy of Dante’s Italian accent.

“I do not sound like that.” He protested from where he was lying, raising his head and one finger that needed no universal translator.

“Base code genetic sequencer, on,” Nash ignored him and focused on the screen in front of him. “I think. Something is happening. Lots of numbers and flashing green lights.” He fell silent as he looked at the screen. “Now it asking to isolate the specific Mintaran genetic code that allows this virus to be resisted, so I’m guessing yes,” he hit the approve button without waiting for an answer.

“Flashing green lights, next step, okay, its’ asking if we want to produce a synthetic anti-viral to Federation standard that can be distributed directly or aerially spread so that it can be systemically absorbed through the lungs. Um, yes?” He hit both buttons at the same time hoping that both options would be built. “Oh hey, it worked,” he looked slightly smug.

“This doctor stuff is easy,” Nash turned around and looked at Natasha. “Look what I made.” He held up a vial of a blue looking liquid, and shook it around slightly. “I made it taste like vodka, I never knew you could give medicine a specific flavour, why do you guys always make it taste like arse?”


“Me first,” Kelly’s hand flopped about. “As the XO I need to make sure it is safe. Golden boy’s bio chem final was the lowest out of the three of us and don’t,” she held up a finger with a weak smile, “tell me you are an engineer and tac officer. You nevah know when you maggots are gonna need to use that gray mattah for something other than shootin’ at the enemy.” Kelly moved into a fit of coughing after trying to imitate Herman Hornsby.

Kelly Shultz

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing,” Nash echoed the immortal line from a late 1980’s Earth sitcom that Emily had made him sit and watch one weekend.

Walking past Kelly and holding the hypo deliberately out of reach, Nash came to a stop beside Natasha and fired the device into the side of her neck. “Nat is the sickest out of everyone, stands to reason she has less time than everyone else and if it works, we’ll probably see results faster. Besides, everybody wants a little Mintaran now and then right?” He smirked at Dante.

“If a little Mintaran is all you have to offer,” Dante groaned but it wasn’t clear if it was from pain or Ethan’s bad joke. “Then I have no idea what Emily see’s in you cause it definitely isn’t your sense of humor or personality.”

“Touche,” Nash countered. “You clearly aren’t sick enough yet, Kelly gets my super juice next.” Before he paused though he looked at Nat with concern written on his face. He really had no idea what or how this stuff would work, or when.

Ethan Nash & Dante

“Make it a double and on the rocks,” Kelly quipped feeling like she had been ten rounds with the losing end of a baseball bat. The galactic joke of mail order mintarans due to their custom of what basically was clicking a document to match up traits for your future spouse did have a lot of unseen benefits. Without the pressure of getting out there to meet someone, they were able to pursue arts and education with more focus or at least that is what Kelly had noticed in her interactions with many of them. While they did not have the vast numbers as some planetary races, they produced some of the most talented people in their field.

“Nope, no rocks for you. You take it straight like a real trooper and none of this watered down rubbish.” Nash took the few steps back to Kelly and shook the hypo to make sure the medicine was well mixed, having no idea if he even needed to do that. Then, he leaned towards her and placed the device against her neck.

Feeling the hypo pressure against her skin, Kelly closed her eyes and took a breath. It was not to revel in the medicine but have the last word.

“So Nash, we should all get together after this and Dante and I,” she lifted a hand limply letting it flop on Dante’s shoulder as if patting him, “would love to tell Emily how her hunky heartthrob saved us with his Mintaran Magic.” Even as sick as she was, Kelly could not help but find humor in her own comment. “You have told her that you don’t propose with a ring and a bottle of champagne but a users manual.”

Kelly Shultz

“Do you want me to save you life or not?” Nash raised an eyebrow and looked at her, “cause at the moment you aren’t giving me much choice.” A slight flicker appeared at the edge of his mouth but he pressed the button firing the liquid into her.

“Emily has no idea where I am from. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid the subject completely by distracting her whenever she mentions it. She made her thoughts on Mintarans perfectly clear within 30 minutes of meeting me so, no time has been a good time to say ‘hey babe, how bout we sit down with a coffee and look through section 1.1a subsection 3 and see if my height falls into the height you are attracted to?’. People just don’t understand the science behind it and think it’s solely based on what you say you want, rather than what the collection of various answers that often contradict each other say you truly are attracted to. Are you still awake?” He asked looking at Kelly’s face to see if she was still with them.

Kelly let out a large fake snore before letting her eyes flutter open. “Huh oh yeah. I am totally into paragraph two subsection six clause nine of how many questions can one ask someone before they fall asleep on their potential spouse.”

“Alright cowboy, you’re next,” he turned to Dante and held up the hypo. “Time for me to squirt into you, stay still, this will only hurt a little bit.”

“I’m Italian, you uncultured colonist.” Dante retaliated but lifted his chin so that Ethan could do the thing. “Italy doesn’t have cowboys, we’re lovers, not out-of-date relics.”

“Ah, that must be why Hornsby likes you so much then, loverboy.” Ethan grinned and fired the hypo into Dante’s neck, then looked at it, shrugged, and fired it into his own. “Just in case, you know. Can’t be too careful.” He shrugged again looking at the three of them, and put the hypo on the medical desk.

“So what now?” He asked then, looking at Natasha again. “We wait?”

Nash & Dante

=/\=Rounabout Gerault=/\= a voice boomed through the speakers that was well known by the occupants. =/\=This is Admiral McLaren of the USS Aspire please respond.=/\=

“Ugh oh seems Dad found out we stole the family’s Buick,” Kelly said in a slow tone. While Admiral Perkins was the bane of their existence, Admiral McLaren was more their fun uncle that kept a watchful eye over the pair since they joined the academy.

“We didn’t steal anything,” Dante said in a weak voice. “They let us borrow it to go grab milk and eggs. We didn’t even put a dent in it.”

Kelly lifted her arm letting it flop on Dante’s shoulder. “Dad wants you.”

Dante groaned a long, slow groan that ended in a raspy cough. “I don’t wanna go to school today, I wanna sleep in.” He whispered.

=/\=Cadet Shultz I am going to let that slide based on the fact you both look like crap and are probably under the influence of a delirium. Cadet Nash=/\= Mc Laren directed his attention to the only person on the ship that seemed to be still standing. =/\=You look rather healthy for being in plague central. Why is that?=/\=

=/\= Well, Sir. I, Um. =/\= he paused as he began to reply.

=/\=He is very physically fit and works out a lot=/\= Emily Fox’s voice came over the comm lines before it was noticed she was in the counselor’s seat on the bridge. The confidence in her voice was that of a supreme commanding officer. The way she looked at Ethan was far different than the rest of the crew on the bridge of the Aspire. Emily looked at Ethan as if the man could do anything in any situation and still come out looking like the poster child of Starfleet recruitment.

Pausing, Ethan grinned in her direction briefly and then looked back to McLaren. =/\= Pretty much, yes. =/\= he agreed. =/\= Immune system of a god, Sir. Ever since I was little. =/\=

It wasn’t a lie, he just hadn’t mentioned everything.

=/\=I’m sure he is=/\=McLaren gave her the briefest smile before looking back at the view of the runabout from the comm screen. =/\=Any one of you care to give me a sitrep?=/\= McLaren asked.

Nat Daye

Again Dante paused for a second before looking around at Nat, Kelly and Dante lying on the beds behind him. It took him a moment to realize none of them were rushing to reply.

=/\= Well, Sir, =/\= Ethan turned back to the view screen, =/\= It appears that the Federation ambassadors that were present on the planet to evaluate their eligibility for Federation membership, and that we were sent to support, became affected by this, plague, Sir. Cadets Daye and Knight decided to investigate further after their welcome was less than welcoming, and they managed to get outside the walls of the city into the slums surrounding it. They found the virus was airborne and created as a biological weapon to control the poorer population in the planet, and became infected themselves. They were arrested, well, Daye was. Knight stole clothes from a Guard and pretended he was one, and taken to a quarantine location where Daye was… =/\=

“Nark,” Dante called weakly from his bed. “Besides they had it coming,” he finished.

Pausing slightly from the interruption, Ethan continued, =/\= …was, to be allowed to die and then passed off as an unfortunate accident due to her breaching the safety of the city walls. Daye and Knight managed to secure information regarding the virus, but the cure was secured away and not enough available for them to use. At that point contact was re-established with the ship and we managed to beam them back on board. We’ve been working on a cure with the ships computer since. =/\= Ethan held up the hypo. =/\= Oh, and the guys on the planet are on hold. We muted them when they kept threatening to blow us out of space. =/\=

Nash, Cadet

McLaren let out a breath he was holding more out of frustration than anything else. =/\=Do any of you know the paperwork that is going to be involved in this? Cadet Adonis=/\= He called out Ethan continuing the Greek god metaphor.

Ancient Earth religions had never been Ethan’s strong suit, not being from Earth, so he was only paying half attention when the name was called and assumed that McLaren was actually talking to someone else. The silence that hung in the air on the Bridge of both ships alerted him that something was up, and his eyes snapped up to the screen to see everyone watching him. =/\= Me? Sir? =/\= He pointed at himself, just to make sure. The name still completely escaped him.

=/\=If I were you I would replicate some wrist supports for all the writing you are going to be doing because I think it is time we go old school. Have written drafts on my desk in the next four-eight hours. I am sending medical over in hazmat suits while I go deal with the thirty ships surrounding you. I would rather try to end this diplomatically before I have to turn this into a skeet shooting match.=/\=

As the comm cut off three people beamed over to the shuttle in full suits: The CMO, the head nurse, and a cadet counselor from the USS Aspire.

Natasha Daye

“Oh he’s going to regret that,” Nash muttered. “In a world gone digital my handwriting is barely legible, but, if he want’s it he want’s it.” The man shrugged and turned to the three newcomers.

“Welcome to Pox Central,” he said looking between the three hazmat suited individuals. “Cadet Ethan Nash at your service, and over here we have Knight, Schultz and Daye. Daye was the first to be infected followed by Knight and Schultz in that order, and the computer system over there has our attempt at a cure on the screen.”

Nash held up the hypo to show them, then placed it on a table nearby. “Careful, apparently this thing is highly contagious.”


Without warning, the CMO took the hypo and then drew a vial of blood out of Ethan’s forearm.

“You know it’s polite to ask before you stick things in people, right?” Nash deadpanned. “At least buy me a drink first. I may only have hours to live.”

“Thank you and yes that is why we are wearing this and you are staying here. “We are putting a tractor beam on the shuttle and pulling you along so we don’t risk contamination. Once we know what we are dealing with we might be able to put you into an isolation bay in sick bay.” Taking the vial of the vial of blood and the vial Ethan provided, the CMO and the nurse opened up the cases they brought and began to run tests.

“How are you feeling,” the last of the hazmat-suited individuals asked Ethan. Taking his arm, she rubbed the spot the CMO hypoed gently. “While I can’t use it now I have Freud and Jung bandaids back on the Aspire. If you are a good boy I will make sure I put one on you when we get back there.”

Emily Fox

The words cause Ethan to pause and look at the helmeted person, then squint and thrust his head forward to peer into the tinted visor at the small bit of face exposed by the hazmat suits lining. “Emily?” He asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

“If I am a good boy the nurse promised to give me my own room,” Ethan winked at her. “I feel just fine though, I guess the bug doesn’t like me or it only targets the cadets voted Starfleets most likely to start a war. He inclined his head towards Schultz, Knight and Daye on the beds.

“Or, it’s because you......mggrummphhhugghhhhhtishhh.” Dante’s voiced died off as Ethan shoved a towel over his face and clamped his hand down over his mouth. “Shhhhhhhh brave warrior, rest and save your strength, you need it.” Ethan cooed as he not so gently insured that Dante couldn’t talk. “Let the good doctor and her team risk their lives to save you, there’s a good Cadet.” He looked at Schultz and Daye with a raised eyebrow, daring them to say anything.

“Emily are you sure you did that suit up tight?” Ethan asked looking back at her. “I’m not sure what we did will do anything, it isn’t like there is a magic cure for whatever this is.”

Ethan Nash & Dante Knight

“You are the magic cure and its not like I could leave you if you were sick. What kind of girlfriend do you think I am? Besides Uncle Herman found it rather funny to think of you and I spending the next seven days together with me in an Evac suit. One second,” she held up a finger.

Walking over to the doctor and nurse that beamed over, Emily spoke in a low tone nodding several times before they beamed out of the room.

Emily Fox.

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