Arboretum 2100

Posted Nov. 22, 2023, 5:41 p.m. by Ensign Charles-Louis (Engineering Officer) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Arboretum 2100
Sheleah arrived at the arboretum basically on time. She had brought along a variety of tasty snacks. She had made certain to cover a wide variety of tastes, sweet, sour, and whatever that thing was the Klingon palette seem to enjoy so much that she could remember the name nearly never. She looked for a nice place to set up and hope that the fireflies would be out tonight.

  • Sheleah

Charles met Sheleah shortly after she arrived. He was carrying a linen fabric bag that appeared packed with a sort of blanket. Something he replicated to keep the promised wines safe.

Bonsoir, counselor.” he greeted her with a small grin, “Where are we to be seated this evening?”

[Charles-Louis, Engineering]

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