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Teller walked into the small lab that at times was shared with engineering and sciences. Normally it was overflow but today worked perfectly. Picking up a tricorder, Teller began to scan the box that the ship almost died getting.

Teller CSO

“What’s the deal with this thing, boss?” One of the on-duty Science NE’s asked as they moved to assist. “Sounds like someone started some pew-pew outside.” Considering the alert lights being red, it wasn’t much of a scientific deduction for the NE to make.

NE Phil Nye

“Well, I am hoping this box will give us some information about what happened to the ship. As you can see we aren’t the only people interested in this lead,” Teller gestured with a head nod to the red flashing lights.” Looking at the tricorder readouts, Graham waited to see what would appear on the screen.

Teller CSO

Charle -Louis was able to peer over into the laboratory from his station in engineering. Although he didn’t have a clear view of what was going on, knew it must have been important enough for Teller and Ensign Nye to be looking into during a red alert.

=^= Commander Teller, this is Charles-Louis from engineering. Conditions are stable here at my station. If you need additional assistance in the laboratory, I am available to help as well. =^=

[Charles-Louis, Engineering]

=/\= Charles-Louis, your help would be appreciated =/\=

“I think we might need to connect the box to the the computer via a hardline maybe?” Nye suggested to Teller. “Considering it was exposed to vacuum and whatever those particles are, maybe it needs a bit of a boost?” he said, while reaching out to touch the box they just beamed on board.

NE Phil Nye

“A second pair of hands or eyes would be helpful,” he commented to the voice on the other end of the comm.


The thing about a black box was that it was hard-wired, and virtually indestructible, meaning to survive in the event of a catastrophic failure so there was some kind of record as to what happened, a record of some kind.

The tricorder showed a little ambient ionization left over, but those levels were only barely above background radiation. Perfectly safe, with about as much radiation as one might have experienced flying on an airliner in the 21st century. The beacon showed up loud and strong. Registering Federation contact, the tricorder offered to shut off the disaster beacon.

With a little fiddling, they were able to link it to the lab’s computer.

There was a lot of data on ship’s systems, the modern equivalent of avionics information, as well as sensor readouts, and all paired up in real time with the voice recording on the bridge.


“So, what did we find in our petite boîte intéressante?” Charles said, entering the room. Though he did not wait for an answer, instead looking at the readout on a console.

“This is, presumably, data from the same ship as the one debris in the cargo bay belonged to, no?” That was an actual question. He looked through to see if any of the data lined up with the information they had before, as a way to confirm.

[Charles-Louis, Engineering]

Tapping the comm badge Teller reached out to the CO and XO on the bridge. =/\=Sir, the beacon is responding and sending a signal loud and clear as to where the ship is. If you want we can send you the coordinates if you choose to follow.=/\= This was the most important piece of information. Based on how command responded, Teller would work to gain other information from the box.

Teller CSO

((You do realize the ship .... no longer exists… as a single… coherent object, right? It’s wreckage and since it was destroyed in zero gravity when it exploded it scattered in a big cone over a long distance, like shrapnel in an over-sized shotgun blast. Also the ship is at warp and heading out of the system at this point, with two or three angry Cardassian ships in hot pursuit.))

Charles would see within a few moments some of the same data scrawling along the readouts when looking at the logs. Of course, there was more there, a lot more data to sift through, but this was indeed their prize and had a more complete record of the B’hari‘s last hours and moments.


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((eh, it’s all good. The details are probably a bit fuzzy since this thing has been going on for a while. I apologize for coming off a little rough with my last.


Charles looked through the information, entering his queries manually through the console. Given the situation, tactical information seemed the most important.

“If we can find out exactly how the B’hari was destroyed, perhaps we my escape a similar fate.” Charles narrated as he made the search,

“Even better is any information we can find about these enemy ships. It would be an advantage in our current battle.”

[Charles-Louis, Engineering]

Nicholas raised a brow and turned to the Ensign at Engineering. “They look pretty Cardassian to me,” The COS stated before turning his attention back to the ship’s sensors. The Engineer was correct though, they didn’t have all the details on why the black box was such a hot commodity for the Cardassians. LtJg Foster was hoping they would be able to find out without the Cardassians’ help.

“Cardassians are never just Cardassians,” Charles remarked, “That is to say… there is always more to their actions than first appears. And, given they are not afraid to fight dishonorably, we can use all the information we can get, no?”


Teller looked at the data starting to come across the screen to see if he could make heads or tails of any of it.

Teller CSO

[Charles-Louis, Engineering]

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