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Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 8 p.m. by Commander Daniel "DaVinci" Colter (Executive Officer) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Colter’s Quarters

Posted by Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter (Executive Officer) in Colter’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Colter’s Quarters
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“Oh, that’s cute. I haven’t played academy drinking game since I was 15 I think. Well, if you insist Big D.”

Sheleah looked into DaVinci’s eyes maintaining eye contact. Without another word she leaned forward and slid her lips halfway down the neck of the bottle. Lifting the bottle off the table with her mouth she tilted her head back, maintaining eye contact with Colter, and let all the beer in the bottle smoothly run down her throat before she tilted her head forward, and placed the bottle back on the table, without once using her hands.

DaVinci raised his eyebrows as Sheleah displayed her talent. He nodded his head and simply said, “Impressive.”

“If I don’t want this to go straight to my head, somebody bring me a goddamn piece of chocolate cake.”

  • Sheleah

Colter laughed at her demand and waved over a waiter.

“And on that note,” Nat stood up, “like all good doctors on a house call, my work is done here. Your endorphins are up as is your heart rate with aphrodisiacs on the way.” Smiling at her friends, Nat made a very public gesture of tapping her chest and mouthing comm me after to Sheleah before walking away from the table.

Natasha Knight CMO

“See you later, Nat,” DaVinci replied, as she left.

Feeling a slight buzz himself, DaVinci offered, “Y’know, I might have some cake back at my quarters, and maybe you could show me what other skills you have, Counselor. Of course, this would be on a strictly professional basis. Two professionals collaborating on . . . . crew relationships?”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Sheleah watched Nat as she left, all of a sudden feeling a bit small lost and alone with the big bad wolf?

“Crew relations, yeah that sounds like something we should be working out in the conference room or something. Lots and lots of witnesses for that don’t you think big d? No, what you’re talking about is something entirely different. I’m down for it though so, show me what you got.”

“I think it’s only fair. I mean, you did show me what your mama gave you in that video, right?”

She would call his bluff right up until the end. They were both consenting adults and she was really looking for a friendship that could lead somewhere else. He certainly was handsome, brusque, and self-assured. He reminded her of someone, but whom?

  • Sheleah

“If you feel uncomfortable leaving WITH me, concerned that people may talk, you can join me in my quarters in, say, 30 minutes? That’ll give me time to shower before entertaining company.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“It takes you 30 minutes to do all that? I’ll be there in 20.”

Sheleah would have to explain things when she finally met up with him or would she? This afternoon had definitely taken a turn she wasn’t expecting and she wasn’t certain how far she would let it go. For now she needed to get out of there and cool down before things heated back up. Without a word she got up and left. She was absolutely going to meet him in his quarters in 20 minutes though.

  • Sheleah

DaVince grinned as he watched her leave the lounge. His eyes lingered on her shape as she continued down the corridor.

As she rounded a bend, he shook his head clear, finished his beer, and left the lounge himself. . . .

Back at his quarters, DaVinci turned on the shower and got undressed. Making sure the water was hot enough, he stepped in and began to wash himself clean. He used water for his showers, he still had not gotten use to the sonic showers. He didn’t feel like he was getting completely clean, as there was nothing like hot water washing of the days sweat and grime. . . .

Colter (XO/CIO)

By the time Sheleah had gotten to Colter’s quarters, she was quite clear-headed. She knew she needed to have a little talk with the man of the hour before things got hot and steamy if in fact they were going to get that way. What the hell had she gotten herself into? What the hell had she done back there, who did she think she was anyway? This was not the academy days and she wasn’t that wild girl anymore. Perhaps that was exactly who she needed to be though, sign she rang the chime and decided to just deal with the situation.

  • Sheleah

He heard the chime from the shower and turned the water off. Looking at the chronometer, hr assumed it was Sheleah. She had said 20 minutes, even though he asked for thirty. From inside his quarters, he replied loud enough for her to hear, “Come.”

He dried off, wrapped the towel around his waste and exited his bedroom ( Just picture him with a towel instead), and found Sheleah waiting just his the door to the Xo’s quarters.

Colter (XO/CIO)

“If you do other things as fast as you shower, this would definitely be a wasted afternoon I wouldn’t it?”

“Trust me Sheleah, I know when to hurry, and when to take my time. I’m not back on duty until tomorrow a.m., so I’ve got plenty of time to take my time.” He moved a few steps closer to her.

Sheleah couldn’t help but burst out in a short fit of giggles at that. She had to laugh or she would turn and walk out the door. It suited the situation that he would come out in a towel, this was colder after all. She had to make a conscious effort to not pace. Pacing meant that she was nervous and it was her go-to backup strategy but it was something else to be conquered.

“So, as far as anybody knows I’m a lady for the moment. Why don’t you go put on a few more clothes and we can talk about things. What am I even call you? You have so many names.”

  • Sheleah

“There’s only a few people that called me Daniel. My parents and one other person that meant a lot to me. . . but she’e no longer a part of my life. She’s moved on.”

Sheleah would notice a hesitation when he spoke the last, as well as a hint of pain. DaVinci shook it off and returned to his normal confidant self.

“So call me DaVinci. I picked that name up in high school, from my friends. I was the guy who came up with ideas and no matter how stupid or dangerous they were, I had the uncanny knack to make hem sound fun so you’d wanna come along for the ride.”

He turned toward the bedroom, but stopped at the door. “Make yourself comfortable. I know I’m a beer guy, but I do have some other the cabinet. There’s some wines and other liquors–rum, vodka, whiskey, and plenty to mix it with.”

He went into the bedroom but left the door cracked so he could hear if she said anything. . . .

Colter (CO/CIO)

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