Side Sim: Sickbay - Medical Check In

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Natasha Knight (Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim: Sickbay - Medical Check In
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Seething, Flynn left the Counselors Office, his posture losing it’s confident stance as soon as the doors were closed behind him. Just who did that woman think she was to dismiss him like that? He’d have to play it smarter when he returned, he promised himself, there was no way that woman was going to get the better of him like that. He loved the Saracen and being in space, he loved the excitement that came with every new encounter that he just didn’t get when he was working in the colonies. He wasn’t going to let any two-bit Counselor stop that, one way or another he was going to convince her that he was just like everyone else, preferably without having to give too much away.

As he turned down another corridor heading towards sickbay it was only then that he realised that his fists were curled into balls so tight that his nails were leaving crescent moons in his palm. Breath. He sucked in a breath. Counting the seconds, one, two, three, four, five, and released it in one of the many calming techniques he had learnt from Sinclair. It wasn’t his favourite, but it would be enough to get him through until he could hit the gym and unleash onto a punching bag. After a few short exercises he unfurled his fists until his arms swung purposefully by his side.

Careful he thought to himself, as he flashed a young women one of his smiles as she passed him. He was pleased to note she flashed him back a flirty one and knew his anger wasn’t showing on the surface You’ve got 2 more check ins to complete, don’t let Sheliah ruin this for you he reminded himself, Stay in control.

With that he sucked in one more controlled breath, flashed a charming smile and entered Sickbay, his eyes scanning the room for someone he could flag down.

Lt. (j.g.) Flynn (Sec)


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IC: Natasha was leaning against the nurse’s desk signing a stack of PaDD’s that had accumulated like Mt. Kilimanjaro back on Earth. She looked less than thrilled at her task as indicated by the signature that was looking less like a name and more like a squiggly line the longer she signed. Her body language showed she was either getting ready to leave or was desperate for a distraction.

Natasha Knight CMO



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IC: Fraiser took one look at Sickbay and decided that since it appeared none of the other passengers of the Shuttle craft had made it out of their rooms yet, there was no sense in him going through the formalities of waiting around. He’d already wasted enough of his time with that woman, and he’d have to go back to waste more of his time. Feeling his anger spike, he took a calming breath and made himself glance about the room again. His eyes immediately focused on Nat.

A jolt of recognition shot through him spying Natasha for the second time, as he realised why she had looked so familiar, to him. The few other staff members he had recognised were ones that he had had issues with at some point in the past; a Bajoran that had come on too strong and he’d rebuked a little too strongly and another male whose girlfriend had left him to chase after Flynn. The rest he didn’t recognise.

Deciding Natasha was almost certainly his safest option, and the fact she looked through, at least in the psychological sense, with the stack of PADDs before her. Something different to do might be well received. Flynn approached, and gently cleared his throat. “Excuse me Lieutenant Commander, would you be able to spare a minute to give me a physical” he flashed one of his trademark charming smiles, unsure if she would recognise him or not, it had been a few years and he had a better memory than most.

Lt. (j.g.) Flynn, Sec



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