An Unconventional Therapy Session

Posted Feb. 20, 2024, 11:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Fraiser Flynn (Security Officer) in An Unconventional Therapy Session

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in An Unconventional Therapy Session

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Fraiser Flynn (Security Officer) in An Unconventional Therapy Session
Fraiser stared at his reflection in the mirror. He was finally getting around to the appointment he’d been forced to rebook thanks to that two piece Counselor that fancied herself to be Freud. He glared at the memory. And now instead of simply letting him reschedule a simple appointment where he could sit at the couch and play her game, maybe pretend to tell a childhood sob story or two if that was what she was looking for. Instead, she’d requested that he wore some flexible clothing, something he could sweat in, which meant whatever she had in store for him wasn’t going to be typical. He hated when Counselors did that.

He flexed his arm and smirked as it made his muscles stand out more prominently. He was wearing his Starfleet issue training gear but he’d opted to leave his shirt off. Instead he had a black running jacket worn loosely over top, unzipped, so his muscles and washboard abs were on full display. As always his hair was immaculate and with an extra spray of hair product it would stay that way despite whatever the Counselor had planned for him.

Finally feeling ready Flynn slung a gym bag over his shoulder and exited his quarters to meet the Counselor. If Lieutenant Sheleah wanted unconventional than he would go along with it, he thought to himself as he caught a female officer sneaking his abs, she might enjoy the view just as much every other female officer he was going to pass would.

Lt. (j.g) Flynn, Sec

Sheleah decided to meet Flynn halfway there. She had to drop Rex off at his play date anyway, so it just made sense. As she was exiting Lieutenant Brown’s quarters sure enough, she saw him striding by as only he could. Smiling she intercepted him and gave him a once over.

“What do you think?” Flynn flexed his muscles, and flashed Sheleah one of his charming smiles.

“Oh yes, those clothes will do just fine for now. Don’t you look handsome? This way, let’s grab the lift before the councilor marks you late.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“We wouldn’t want that,” Flynn smirked, “I haven’t been late since my first year as a cadet at the Acadamy.”

Flynn headed for the lift, strolling with all the confidence of an officer who was familiar with the ship, even though it had been a few years since Flynn had last served as an officer it was clear he still remembered the Saracen. What he hadn’t been able to remember he had studied up in his quarters at night until the ship was just as ingrained in his memory as it had been in the past. As they passed other officers going about the day, Flynn would nod and smile at them with one of his charming smiles. What Sheleah may or may not notice was that the odd Ensign or two that he would greet, there would be a faint touch of what could be interpreted as superiority in his expression.

Once they were in the lift he turned to the Counselor, “So where exactly do you want me to take us?” he asked.

Flynn, Sec

Sheleah had noticed the subtle posturing as she walked with Flynn to the lift. There was definitely not enough time to discuss everything she probably felt like in this first session with him. Getting him to the holodeck was certainly an experience in and of itself.

“I’ve reserved holodeck 3 for us, so that’s where we need to be. In order to handle this little therapy session I have in mind I’d like just a little information please, what type of Athletics do you actually prefer?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

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