Counselors Office - Post Sim Meeting with Sheleah

Posted Feb. 20, 2024, 11:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Counselors Office - Post Sim Meeting with Sheleah

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Counselors Office - Post Sim Meeting with Sheleah

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Counselors Office - Post Sim Meeting with Sheleah
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With the department briefings having been completed, it was now time for Dante to meet with the ships counselor. Although not required, Dante felt it was good form to meet with the counselor and discuss the events of the last mission, and to tick off this departmental debrief in one fell swoop.

Today, Dante was without his signature cup of coffee. It had been a busy morning and he was well past the point where normal people said hey, I think I’ve had enough for today. So, standing outside the door to the Counseling suite without a coffee Dante felt awkward. He didn’t really know what to do with his hands so as a pair of Ensigns walked around the nearby turn in the corridor, he casually leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms. Smiling pleasantly at them as they walked past, he looked back at the door wondering what was taking so long. Then he remembered he had to press the button to announce he was outside.

A moment later, a button pressed, and Dante fidgeted with the cuffs of his sleeves.

Captain Knight.

“I’d be happy to ask you to come in if I were in the office. Sorry, late getting in today because I had to take this one and make certain he didn’t actually swallow one of those little balls. That was a tense few minutes.”

Sheleah laughed and picked up Rex. She was obviously running late and had just come from their quarters. The toy that spit balls out had been over enthusiastic that morning, probably a programming error, and Sheleah had just spent 15 minutes running around her quarters and trying to find the last one. She thought Rex had swallowed it but luckily that was not the case. Now, here was the Captain at her door and she was late.

“I don’t know about you, but I definitely need another cup of coffee. Come in?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO


“Absolutely, although I’ll pass on the coffee for now. I’ve already had enough to bankrupt a small moon colony today.” He grinned for just a moment as he stepped through the door after her.

“I’m just doing the rounds after our last mission,” he explained. “I’ve checked in with the other departments but it’s been a while since I visited your office. I know there wasn’t much chance for you to stretch your legs against those Cardassians but, how are things?”

Captain Knight, CO

Sheleah stepped ahead of the Captain and made herself a cup of coffee, she needed it after her morning. Sitting down on the couch instead of that her desk she motioned him to sit wherever he liked.

“Well, it’s true there wasn’t a lot of chance for me to stretch my legs as it were, but I had a lot of time to observe the crew working together. We have an excellent team here Captain. I observed some stresses but that’s a good thing too. I think that we can pretty much come together and handle anything. On a personal front, I’m making lots of friends and Rex is adored by one and all. How’s that wonderful lizard of yours?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

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