No Rest for the Wicked - Saracen Bridge

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Almost two weeks had passed since the events on Farsinia II and the destruction of the B’hari, and the Saracen was now only days away from reaching Meridian Station for resupply and crew rotation. The time during that two weeks had been rather uneventful, almost boring really with few ships appearing on sensors and their path back to Meridian not taking them near any interesting star systems.

With Captain Knight away from the Bridge for the afternoon and the crew having gone through their duties, the promise of an uneventful day vanished with the appearance of a blinking warning light on the Helm and Operations console, followed seconds later by every other stations consoles lighting up with their own warnings and sensor readings.

At the relatively short distance of only half a light year to Port of the Saracen the sensors alerted the crew to a subspace distortion having formed, funnily enough, in previously empty space. Before the crew would have time to look up from reading the information the computer fed them about this development the sensors detected a powerful energy spike as the distortion grew, forming a large spatial anomaly. That anomaly emitted powerful energy signatures and produced ‘ripples’ in space that caused the Saracens deflector shields to vibrate while they made an effort to cushion the ship from these ripples. Luckily, the Saracen wasn’t built as a cargo freighter and the disturbance was mostly compensated for, although the crew would feel a slight rocking for just a moment before the ships inertial dampeners helped cushion the effects.

The Saracens computer rapidly tried to make sense of the information from the ships sensors. Science and Engineering would detect an energy signature consistent with a matter/antimatter powerplant coming from the anomaly. Also of interest would be what appeared to be the detection of a Starfleet transponder frequency, heavily distorted, and all the Saracen could make out at this range was the partial readings of NCC-17..... There was no other transmission coming from the anomaly however and at this range, too much interference to be able to receive one clearly if there was one to be received.


Amidst what was originally intended to be a quiet shift, Tobias found himself sporadically monitoring the sensors and sifting through the backlog of science requests for data analysis that had accumulated during their recent mission. While many wondered about the tasks of science officers beyond mere scanning duties, an often overlooked aspect of their role involved routinely reviewing data from other ships and starbases within Starfleet. This collaborative effort allowed for technical support and data analysis, facilitating a shared pool of resources and expertise.

As Tobias was in the midst of crafting a response to an intriguing case on subspace scanning projections, an unexpected event aboard the Saracen caused a slight disturbance to ripple through the ship. Setting aside his other scientific tasks, Tobias directed the ship’s scanners towards the anomaly. The readings returned an energy signature consistent with a matter/antimatter powerplant, along with the intriguing discovery of a Federation transponder. Recognizing the significance of the findings, Tobias decided to delay the transmission of the information until he could provide a more thorough analysis.

DaVinci had felt the wiggle as well as the others on the bridge. Sitting in the center seat, he looked up from the Padd he had been going over. Looking at the viewscreen, he asked, “Ens. Rax, what did I just feel? And don’t tell me it was the tacos I ate earlier.”

“Sir, sensors are detecting matter/antimatter signatures consistent with a powerplant aligned to Federation standards,” Tobias reported, his tone conveying a sense of urgency. “Additionally, we’ve detected a Federation transponder. However, I’m unable to ascertain the contents of its transmissions from my console.”

Ensign Tobias Rax
Science Officer
USS Saracen

“Oh that is good, you are seeing it too.” Charles commented from a nearby station. He had been running regular diagnostics on the sensors not too far from where Tobias had been working.

“That is a relief, I thought the sensor readouts were malfunctioning. I would be here all day trying to track down the problem.”

|Ens. Charles-Louis,
Engineering Officer|

Sheleah had had the Good Fortune of spending most of her life on many different types of ships. She had also become an avid horse rider. These two facts allowed her to notice the slight shift in the ship, brief as it was. She didn’t really think much of it because ships were ships and they did what they needed to. Many engineers would have noticed these things also so, she gave a glance to Charles and then to Tobias at the science station. They would probably have the situation well in hand.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Can we zero in on where it came from? Maybe clean it up some?”

The XO/CIO looked down at the console on the armrest and pulled up flight logs of any other Starfleet ships in the sector. The results came back negative.

“Mr. Charles-Louis, can you confirm Rax’ readout? We’re supposed to be the only ship in the area.”

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

Charles used the bridge terminal to collect an overall readout of what the sensor network was detecting. After a few moments he reported,

“All other sensor systems corroborate Rax’s, sir,” he announced, “Either there is another ship out there, or we have a major problem with our sensors. It appears we are also detecting a transponder frequency, I will clear that up in one moment.”

|Ens. Charles-Louis,
Engineering Officer|

Unfortunately the distortion was too great at that range for the Saracen to clear up the signal. There just wasn’t enough of it getting through to be cleaned up. At the distance it was, the computer showed it would take the Saracen just under 3 hours at Warp 9 to reach the site of the anomaly yet the ripples had been felt almost at the same instant the anomaly was detected.

The computer was able to discover one extra thing about the transponder frequency after analysis. It was of a type used on Federation Constitution Class starships from the late 2240’s up until the class underwent major refits in the 2270’s.


Tobias’s eyes widened as he processed the new information flashing on his console. “Captain,” he said, turning to face the commanding officer. “The computer has significant information regarding the transponder frequency. It appears to match the type used on Federation Constitution Class starships, specifically from the late 2240s to the class’s major refits in the 2270s.”

With a sense of urgency, Tobias swiftly compiled the data into a secure packet. His fingers moved quickly over the console, selecting the appropriate files and reducing them into packets for internal transfer. Once satisfied with the package, he initiated the transfer to Charles’s console for verification. As the data packet transferred, Tobias couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline. This discovery could have significant implications for the mission and the safety of the USS Saracen, specifically with temporal anomalies.

Ensign Tobias Rax
Science Officer
USS Saracen

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