Captains Ready Room: Post Mission Security Dept Debrief

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A week had passed since the Saracen had left the site of the destruction of the Bhari, heading towards Meridian Station for a little R&R and resupply, as well as a crew rotation. In that time, Captain Knight and Commander Colter had gone over the events of the last mission and filed their reports and recommendations to Starfleet HQ.

All that was left, was the post-mission meeting with each departments staff. For this particular meeting, Dante decided to use his Ready Room once again. A change of scenery never hurt anyone and he had realized that he may need to get the walls to the War Room re-decorated at some point soon.

Sitting at the desk with the ever present cup of coffee in one hand, Dante awaited the arrival of the Chief of Security, Lt j.g. Nicholas Foster and Lt j.g. Fraiser Flynn. Looking over at Colter as they waited, Dante dropped the cup from his lips for a moment.

“We got that new Holo-program that Natasha has been going on about for the ships Library, the one called ‘The Battle of Endor’. By all accounts it’s pretty good, it even has some kind of trench run in a starship inside a space station, not recommended for people afraid of tight spaces they say.”

Captain Knight

“No freaking way!!! Seriously?? The Battle of Endor??? Return of the Jedi came out in the spring of ‘83, maybe? I blew out my knee the previous fall and was still rehabbing when it came out. The speeder bikes were sooooo cool. Back then, I never thought there would come a day when I’d be able to experience that!!! I am so looking forward to that program!!!”

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

Almost perfectly on the dot, the chime to the office went off letting the Captain and Colter know that one of the two summoned Security officers had arrived.

Outside the doors, Flynn stood as perfectly poised, not a hair nor a stitch was out of place and yet he didn’t look stiff or unnatural. He held a natural air to him as his eyes scanned his surroundings looking for any sign of who might already be there and who might be yet to arrive. Being summoned to the ready room always made him feel big and important and he knew when made contact with the odd other officer, his eyes conveyed that pride and confidence almost tauntingly.

Lt. (j.g.) Flynn, Sec

Nicholas had been abruptly awakened from his power nap when the message to head to the Ready Room came through. His nerves from dealing with the Cardassians had gotten to him, though Nick was sure he handled it well as a first-time Security Chief.

LtJG Foster straightened out the cuffs on his uniform while hastily walking to the CO’s Ready Room door, but picked up the pace when he saw Flynn waiting outside. “Lt Foster, here are the final inventory counts you’ve asked for,” Said NE Owens, partially blocking the Security Chief’s path. Somewhat surprised, the COS turned to Owens and reached out his hand to retrieve the PaDD.

“Thanks, Ensign,” Foster replied, seeing that Flynn was now entering the Ready Room, “But, give a copy to Ops as well,”.

As the chime rang, DaVinci stood and moved to the replicator.

“Come in,” he offered while ordering a cup of coffee for himself.

“as long as I’m here, can I get something for you, LT?”

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

“No thank you, sir” Flynn said, stepping through the door and into the Captains Ready Room. His eyes quickly scanned the room, taking stock of the Captain and DaVinci and that Lieutenant Foster had not yet arrived. “I’m on a strict diet for the lifting Championship this year, and my next calorie intake isn’t scheduled for another couple of hours from now.”

Flynn, Sec

“Lieutenant Flynn!” Dante came to his feet and extended his hand to the Officer in greeting. “I’m glad to see you back on the ship. If you’re talking about a lifting championship then Rico probably put you up to it, right? Apparently he talked Natasha into letting him program a replicator menu with higher than normal protein and, things, in it specifically for his people doing the championship. Looks like you bulked up since the last time you were here as well. Take a seat, I’m sure Lieutenant Foster will be along shortly.”

Captain Knight, CO

Finally, the COS had reached the Ready Room door and pressed the chime.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicholas Foster
Chief of Security

“What’s this about a lifting contest? Is it open to anyone on the ship,” Colter replied, returning to his seat.

He flexed the muscles in his upper body. Deltoids. lats, traps, pecs, and biceps bulging and threatening to split his tunic in a number of places at the seams.

“Think I can compete?”.

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

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