Briefing Room: Post Mission Engineering Debrief

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A week had passed since the Saracen had left the site of the destruction of the Bhari, heading towards Meridian Station for a little R&R and resupply, as well as a crew rotation. In that time, Captain Knight and Commander Colter had gone over the events of the last mission and filed their reports and recommendations to Starfleet HQ.

All that was left, was the post-mission meeting with each departments staff. For this, Dante had decided to use the War Room adjacent to the Bridge. It was both more spacious and had a bigger view port than the Captains Ready Room, and, as one of its’ uses was as a Senior Officer briefing room, wasn’t used enough.

Sitting at the desk with the ever present cup of coffee in one hand, Dante awaited the arrival of some members of the Engineering team that had been summoned to this meeting, namely, Acting Chief Engineer Jhalae Ynuchausti and Ensign Charles-Louis. Looking over at Colter as they waited, Dante dropped the cup from his lips for a moment.

“Got enough coffee there, Daniel? Going through these PaDD’s takes a while.”

Captain Knight, CO

DaVinci chuckled and shook his head. “You know me, skipper. I’d much rather have an ice cold beer rather than a coffee. And I’d much rather have a stripper pole instead of a table in the middle of the room. . . .that reminds me, did I ever tell you about the video i got from SheleaH??

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

Colters last sentence brought Dante’s head around sharply with an eyebrow already on the rise, but before he could utter a single word one of the Engineering Officers due in the meeting walked through the door. He would have to make a mental note to enquire later, maybe.

Charles-Louis entered the room just late enough to hear only the counselor’s name. It brought back to mind the rumors that had been circulating about whether or not the two were ‘together’ or ‘just friends’. Hopefully news of the little picnic they had stayed between them, as something that happened between friends. Less that he was afraid of Commander Colter, more that he was afraid it would dishonor her as an officer to be the subject of so many of such rumors.

However, he still stood at attention and gave each officer an appropriate greeting,

“Captain, and Commander,”

|Ens. Charles-Louis,
Engineering Officer|

“Ensign, welcome to the briefing room, please take a seat.” Dante nodded to one of the chairs of which, there were plenty scattered around the table.

As the meeting was about to commence, Jhalae took her seat at the table, nodding respectfully to Captain Knight and Commander Colter. “Captain, Commander,” Jhalae addressed them formally, her tone reflecting a blend of respect and authority. She surveyed everyone in the room, trying to read their faces. She looked a Charles-Louis and flashing a quick smile at him.

Ensign Ynuchausti
(Acting Chief Engineer)

Colter nodded in acknowledgement to the engineers. “This shouldn’t take long, ensigns. Just the standard post-mission briefing. I’d like to start by commending you, Ens. Ynuchausti. You and your people did an admirable job in keeping the engines up and running when we needed them to get away from the Cardassian cruisers. You kept the bridge informed of your concerns and as problems arose, you delegated responsibilities wisely to your crew. Well done.”

The XO took a drink of his coffee and continued. “I will admit, ensign, I had some reservations about Captain Knight’s decision to make you the chief, but rest assured, any concerns I had have been put to rest.”

Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter
Executive Officer/CIO USS Saracen

Colter’s words cut through the air, acknowledging the engineers’ efforts and specifically highlighting her own role in maintaining the ship’s engines during their escape from the Cardassian cruisers. His commendation was unexpected, and it took a moment for Jhalae to process his words.
“Thank you, Commander,” she replied, her tone steady despite the slight flutter of pride in her chest. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of validation hearing his approval, especially considering his previous reservations about her appointment as chief engineer.

His admission about his initial doubts regarding Captain Knight’s decision didn’t go unnoticed by Jhalae. It stirred a familiar twinge of doubt within her own mind, reminding her of the reservations she had initially harbored about taking on the role of engineering chief. The weight of responsibility had felt heavy on her shoulders, and she had questioned whether she was truly ready to lead a team in such a critical position.
“Commander Colter, I appreciate your honesty,” Jhalae spoke up, her voice carrying a note of sincerity. “I understand the importance of trust and confidence in a leadership role, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have earned yours.”

She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts before continuing. “I won’t deny that stepping into the position of chief engineer was daunting at first. There were moments when I questioned my abilities, but I am still learning to trust in my training and rely on the support of my team.”
Her gaze drifted briefly to Ensign Charles-Louise. “I’m fortunate to have a dedicated and capable team who have stood by me every step of the way. Together, we’ve faced challenges head-on and worked tirelessly to ensure the Saracen’s systems are running smoothly.”

Ensign Ynuchausti
(Acting Chief Engineer)

Smiling lightly Dante nodded slightly at Ynuchausti’s words. “The whole Engineering department did their work well during the events in the nebula, you can pass on my praise for their work in your next team briefing. The both of you however, performed as I hoped and, not to put too much pressure on your shoulders in the future, expected you would on the Bridge as part of the Saracen’s crew. While I would never say that anybody on this crew wouldn’t be missed your appointment to Acting Chief Engineer, Ensign Ynuchausti, has seen the transition to a new senior Engineering Officer happen without issue. The department is still performing to its’ usual high standard and that is also due to the skill and work ethic you have shown, Ensign Charles-Louis. You should both be very happy with your performance, because I am.

Captain Knight, CO

As Captain Knight spoke, Jhalae’s attention sharpened, and she unconsciously wrung her hands together, feeling an urge to bite her nails as she focused on his words. The Captain’s affirmation of her role and performance filled her with validation. Despite her initial doubts, she realized she had proven herself capable of leading the Engineering department effectively, and she was determined to uphold the standard of excellence expected of her. However, she hoped he didn’t have access to her counseling report, which would reveal her significant doubts about the role and even her consideration of quitting and leaving the Saracen.

“Thank you, Captain,” she said, her voice full of gratitude. “I am honored to serve as Chief Engineer, and I will continue to strive for excellence in my role.”

With a renewed sense of purpose, Jhalae sat straighter in her chair and squared her shoulders. Now knowing she had the full support of her team and the trust of her superiors, she was determined to prove herself worthy of their confidence.

Ensign Ynuchausti
(Acting Chief Engineer)

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