Captian's Ready Room CIO and CO monthly meeting

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Posted by Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter (Chief Intelligence Officer/ 2nd Officer) in Captian’s Ready Room CIO and CO monthly meeting
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OCC: Okay boys… let’s do this and have some fun? I mentioned this to each of you at different times so my thought is I am just going to place you in the scene for a monthly departmental meeting. The rest we can make up from here or you can back post some conversation prior to my arrival.

IC: Kavia could not stand still on the platform back on her world. This was going to be the best day ever. Colter had said a month ago that he would have loved for her to be able to stay a while. Now it was happening. It took her some time to convince the Ministry of Affairs that this was a worthwhile venture. Boja had spent some time in this next of the galaxy but with a far different purpose. Boja had been hiding essentially with no memory of her past. Kavia was coming over as an adventurer an explorer. The Saracen was the perfect place for her to complete her assignment. From what she had learned about the vessel it’s mission was to zip about from place to place. This suited Kavia fine. She hated living out of a travel bag.

“Are you ready Löggjafinn,” the officer said as he was about to engage the transporting device. “This is a one-way ticket for a while. Yes in an emergency we can recall you or you can contact us but you are essentially cut off.”

“Pfff I got this,” Kavia waved him off. “Just feed my Hockba twice while I am gone. He is on my desk at the Ministry.”

“Got it Löggjafinn and let the wind be always at your back,” he said engaging the device. And with that Kavia was seconds away from materializing on her new home.


“How about the Romulans?” Dante asked Colter as he sipped from an oversize coffee mug emblazoned with the words ‘Starfleets Best Captain’. It was a gift from Natasha on his Birthday, and while there were more gifts that came afterwards this was the only one he could have in his ready room with him in public.

“I hear they took their strategy right out of the Andorian teams playbook. I’m not sure how they came up with it but both of those teams seem to have the same focus on passing over straight out power up front. Our Rugby team is going to need players that can get down to the physical stuff as well as show ball skills and positional play, are you sure you’re up to the game?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Rugby?!? You said football, as in, American football,” DaVinci exclaimed. “With QB’s and linebackers, and running backs, and corners and safeties. Rugby is more like a game we played as kids. It was called ‘Smear’. everybody just went after the guy with the ball. He gets tackled, then throws up the ball and the next guy is then the target. Pretty much the same thing as rugby, but without the teams.”

Colter (CIO)

“Yes Rugby,” Dante said with an enthusiastic nod. “You take that game ‘smear’, add teams and strategy and a lot of fitness, ball handling skills and an all round game and lose the wuss pads that the American Football game has, so people can actually move and do things other than run into each other, and you have a game of the gods. Rugby.” Dante said the name reverently, and then leaned back with his coffee and took another sip.

Kavia felt the sudden the icy chill run from her head to toe. As fast as it occurred it ended like a wave through her body. Her eyes were closed as required by this method of transport. She never asked why because it probably had some hideous reason she did not want to know. When she felt the chill leave she knew however she was at her new home. It only took a second for her to figure out where she was. Across the room in a chair on the other side of the captain’s desk was Colter.

The woman appeared suddenly, and made Dante pause as he took his drink of coffee. He only had time to raise an eyebrow, however, she looked familiar.

The sudden change in pressure alerted DaVinci to take action. He began to rise from his seat, all senses suddenly aware and on edge. He smiled and relaxed as the image of Kavia coalesced before him. Though relaxing was probably not the best choice as she threw herself in his direction.

“Colter,” Kavia said excitedly completely interrupting the conversation occurring at the table between the CIO and CO. Moving with the speed of an assassin, Kavia crossed the room and dove into the chair driving her knees on either side of his legs and into the soft plush of the chair so she was sitting in a reverse straddle facing him. “God,” she said in a breathy voice as her lips found his. “I…missed…you…so…much,” she said peppering his lips with quick soft kisses. “I told you....I” At this moment nothing in the world existed but seeing Colter.


DaVinci welcomed the first kiss eagerly before realizin his CO was sitting directly across from him. “Kavi. . .ia. . I mmmm. . . issed you . . .too. . . but .right. . . .now . . .isn’t. . . .th. . est. . . . .”

Dante coughed lightly and placed the coffee cup on the desk. Then, he steepled his fingers and turned his head so he was looking out the viewport idly for a moment.

Kavia only heard half of what Colter was saying. Something about kissing you she thought followed by this being the best which had to end with news ever. Colter might have wanted to talk but right now all she wanted to do was kiss him. A small part of her worried that she should not just show up unannounced. His reaction told her all she needed to know. Colter was thrilled that she was here and speechless. Kavia kept following his lips trying to stop him from talking. His actions spoke all that he was trying to say. “I……ever.”

“People,” Dante said in as normal a voice as he could muster without simply breaking into a laugh. “A little decorum, maybe? At least in here?”

He kept trying to turn his face toward Dante only to have Kavia pull it back in her direction. Finally, he was able to stand and straighten her legs. Finally able to get some leverage, he pulled his head back, he tilted his head in the captain’s direction and said in a slightly stern voice, “Kavia!”

Colter (CIO)

The sound of his voice snapped Kavia out of her euphoric moment. Looking at Colter she was ready to question the sharpness of his tone until she looked into his eyes. There was a glare there but there was also something else: A hint of being uncomfortable awkward, off balance. Kavia did not know Colter well enough yet to be sure but she knew it was not anger at her being here.

Moving back some Kavia looked around at her surroundings. There had to be a cue she missed in her exuberance at arriving back on the Saracen. It only took her a second to figure it out. “Oh....oh…oh sorry,” Kavia said pulling down her shirt and clasping her hands in front of her trying to regain some semblance of dignity. “Captain Knight correct,” she said giving him a small slightly red-cheeked smile. “Good to see you again.”

“Likewise,” Dante said, and then motioned for her to stay put. “You can refrain from giving me anything like that kind of greeting, Natasha might not understand. Just in case it is the official greeting of where you are from, you see. Here we normally say ‘Hello’ without the tongue action.”

Leaning slightly to her right she whispered out of the corner of his mouth. “Davinci I am so sorry. I didn’t realize you were meeting with your subordinate. Should I step out for a second so you can dismiss him?”


She might have thought it was a whisper, but this Kavia was not exactly subtle. Dante now raised both his eyes and as he looked over his again steepled fingers, he now looked at Daniel. “Yes, Commander. Should she step out for a moment so you can dismiss me?” His face was dead serious, but by now Colter would know the Captain well enough over drinks to be able to read the humor in his eyes.

Captain Knight

DaVinci tried unsuccessfully to clear his throat a number of times, before wiping the moistness from his face. He grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Uh. . . sorry, Cap. There seems to be a slightly different rank structure where Kavia is from. Apparently, a commander is higher ranking than a captain?”

The last he said with a sideways glance at Kavia, hoping she would pick up on the hint, while at the same time, trying to remember if he ever mentioned to her that he was the Saracen’s CO. Lord, I hope she’s just joking around, he thought to himself.

Colter (the uninforned Intel officer)

“Oh…oh god. You mean he…he is your boss,” Kavia stressed each word that was important to the conversation as she pointed between the men. “So I should have greeted him upon my arrival and not you. Focused all my energy on his introduction first.” It was clear on Kavia’s face that she was snapping the pieces into place.

“Hopefully, not in the same manner,” the CIO replied.

Turning to face Colter, Kavia she began to explain. “Colter, I think I am going to need a few minutes to straighten things out with your boss here. So can you give me a minute and then after,” she smiled up at him biting her lip and adjusting the comm badge on his chest with a lot more attention than it probably deserved, “you can show me to my quarters again?” She raised her eyebrows a few times and gave him a brilliant smile.

He opened his hand, palm up, indicating Dante’s presence. “Of course.” He sat back down in the spot Kavia had first greeted him and held back his smirk as she began.

Suddenly Kavia became serious and directed all her attention on Knight. “Sir I am Löggjafinn Karnapriya Aaratrika Vanhishikha Ilavalangi Alankritha Balakrishnan however you can refer to me by Kavia if you wish since that is how I initially introduced myself. I am from Suu’siana Prime and I am requesting diplomatic status in the Federation for the next hundred years or so. It will be a short visit but my government is viewing this as an expeditionary sort of thing. If relations prove to be something both our governments approve of we can open up a formal embassy but now we would like to see it as a cultural exchange sort of thing. I have an eidetic memory so until Colter has thoroughly vetted me I understand that I will be not allowed in areas such as security, engineering, sciences, the bridge, formal meetings, anything that has to do with weapons and intelligence, stellar cartography or the locations of your homeworlds and seats of government. My plan is to study your culture by eating your food, sleeping when necessary, and watching your entertainment options as my main source of daily activities. In exchange my government has authorized me to reveal any and all questions about our world and way of life. I was instructed that no question is off the table and I am to treat you as my immediate supervisor,” Kavia said with a serious nod.


DaVinci hadn’t expected that explanation, but it sounded reasonable enough to him. Of course, just about any reason she gave would be okay with him. He was glad she had decided and was able to return. He was looking forward to getting reacquainted with her.

Colter (CIO)

“Oh and when you do feel that you can place your trust in me, which you can,” she added almost as if Dante needed more proof of her sincerity, “I wouldn’t mind doing something on your ship. When the time comes…not the be pushy. My memory makes me ideal for positions as analyst, historian, and security officer. I am much scrappier than you might think,” she added with a smile.


“You can add Intel to that list as well. I’ll vouch for her, Captain. Her eidetic memory is amazing,” DaVinci added. “It could come in handy in soooo many different areas of daily operations.”

“I’m well aware this is not SOP, sir, but I’ve got a good feeling about her. Ms. Logjam Carpathia Anarctica . . . . Kavia will be my responsibility. I’ll make sure to inform her about Federation Law, ship regulations, and anything else you’d like for her to know about.”

Colter (CIO)

Kavia let out a small blurt of laughter hearing her name or the Federation version of it. Leaning over she whispered, ” Löggjafinn Karnapriya Aaratrika Vanhishikha Ilavalangi Alankritha Balakrishnan. We can practice it later…or not,” she winked at him. “The main issue is not the pronunciation of my name but Captain Knight’s decision to let me stay,” she said looking at Knight with almost a pleading expression on her face. If Dante waited any longer to give his answer, there was a good chance Kavia might start a highly unprofessional display of groveling.


“I can see why you just go with Kavia,” DaVinci replied. Inclining his head toward Dante, he asked, “What do you say, skipper? Can I keep her?”

Colter (CIO)

“Say yes,” Kavia said encouragingly like she was trying to get Dante to agree to a dare. “Come on Sir. I won’t disappoint you but I am pretty sure I can make things interesting around here.”


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