Sickbay - Colter and Kavia check in

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Kavia could not help but smile as she walked next to Colter. The man was all business when on duty. Off duty, he smiled a lot, laughed almost as much as her and talked for hours with her about every topic they could think of. They had given her a set of quarters but the captain wanted to make sure Kavia was the picture of health. She had no issue with it but she was glad Colter was coming with her. Based on the technology from her planet in the Su’ssiana Prime network, this was bound to be different than any medical evaluation she had back home.

“There’s no need to be nervous. Starfleet medical evaluations are painless and pretty much non-invasive. Though, you might be a topic of conversation because of that eidetic memory of yours. I’m sure that ability will fascinate both medical and science. I sure they decide not to cut your brain open to see what makes it tick,” Colter answered with a straight face.

“Phew that’s a relief because a lobectomy hadn’t crossed my mind until now,” she teased him shaking her head. Colter was a nine in the looks department but his wit and humor squarely placed him in the 11-15 range of god take me out to dinner ‘cause I really want to hang out with you for more than ten minutes range.

Walking into the sick bay, Kavia stood patiently at the door next to Colter. She would let him do the talking if he wanted. She was far more interested in the room and people than the actual physical.


Maji was still getting used to being the one in charge. Cmdr Harrison’s (? Andy’s character) departure was unexpected and happened very quickly—just like her promotion. She was standing in the middle of sickbay, observing the staff and making mental notes to act on later, when the doors parted and admitted a man and woman. Walking in their direction, Maji greeted them. “Hello, how can we help you today?” Since neither of them looked injured, she assumed the consult would be fast and painless.


DaVinci nodded in greeting. “Dr. Maji, we haven’t had a chance to meet yet. I’m Cmdr. Colter, the ship’s CIO and this is. . . .my charge,. . . .”

“I prefer the title feisty one you gotta keep the left eye on and the right ear parallel to,” Kavia smiled at Colter. Not sure they used the same sayings here she moved so that she was directly in front of Colter. “See,” she said looking at him and then lifting her chin up so her gaze was directed onto his face. “Wow I forgot how tall you are when we are not lying down,” she let out a half laugh.

“Okay so do you get it,” Kavia said with a grin. “The left eye,” she pointed to her eye, “and the right ear” she pointed to her ear means I can’t do this unless I am looking at you.” Instantly she felt silly. The man was a CIO and clearly could have figured it out. Clearing her throat she patted his chest twice with an open palm saying in a low tone, “lets work on idioms later shall we,” Kavia said. Turning to the doctor she rapidly changed the subject.

“Yes Captain Knight said you needed to make sure I wasn’t sick or carrying any illness that could impact the crew,” Kavia said. “My name is Karnapriya Aaratrika Vanhishikha Ilavalangi Alankritha Balakrishnan but you can just call me Kavia,” she smiled at the doctor. “I came to deliver Dr. Boja some news from home a month or so back. She had to return but the Federation has graciously allowed me to stay on the ship as a cultural attache. Are you from Earth,” Kavia asked with a smile?


Maji led the woman to a bed and asked her to hop up. She noticed the CIO accompanied them. “I can get you checked out in a jiffy.” She paused mid step. “Is that the right phrase? In a jiffy?” Without waiting for an answer, Maji continued to their destination. Once there, she lifted a tricorder from the pocket of her med coat. “As for me, no, I’m not from Earth. My home is a planet called M43. It was mostly covered with water at one time, but there are several land masses now.” The hand held whirred as it ran a scan over the woman, showing results the doctor had not seen before. “And you? Where are you from?”


“I hope you’ve got time, doctor. It’s a long story.” DaVinci smiled and gave Kavia a wink.

Colter (CIO)

“I can make if short,” Kavia popped onto the bed and took a deep breath. “Boja was from Suu’sianna Prime. She left us for reasons I am not at liberty to state but when the time was ready for her to come home, we picked her up. We were fascinated with your civilization so my government took a chance and sent me here to learn about you. That is this the short story. About me.... I am from the third planet of the Suu’sianna system. It’s mainly a jungle type ecosystem planet with an extremely strong magnetic system due to the core of the planet. This causes some of it’s population to develop eidetic memories because our medical people theorize the magnetism affects the limbic centers of our brain and most significantly the hippocampus. From what I can tell as a race we are almost identical to you with both anatomy and physiology. I am going to assume that your children develop much like ours based on this information. So when we are neurologically speaking an infant, we all have eidetic memories as we learn to navigate the world we are born into. As we age, we tend to lose this ability so we can focus on only the things of value. For me and those with this change in the limbic system we don’t so at times we have to do a memory dump. Keeps us able to not go crazy or crazier than we are,” she smiled at Colter.

“So to wrap up the long story that is Kavia, our judicial processes uses people with a memory like mine to show events as they happened. Think of me as an Archivists for the Mykoli’Tanna, preserving their rich combined histories and able to recall any of it with perfect clarity. The rest of me is just like you. I live for about 400 years, my reproductive spans is from 76-300 years, we travel by interdimensional wormholes, have parents that make us crazy, and everybody at some point hates their job,” she laughed.

“How was that for short and consise,” Kavia winked at Colter.

“Now what is this and does it work,” Kavia held out a finger and poked at the tricorder like it was a hot pan. Boja had said their civilization was mechanically based. Aside from making food out of thin air, this was the first real piece of tech Kavia had seen. “Is it like your thin air food maker?”


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