Kavia's Quarters- Kavia 101

Posted Sept. 18, 2019, 11:43 p.m. by Civilian Karnapriya Aaratrika Vanhishikha Ilavalangi Alankritha Balakrishnan (Diplomatic Attachè of Suu’sianna Prime) (Kate O'Neill)


Kavia’s Quarters

The walk to her quarters was unnaturally quieter than usual. Reaching the room she put her hand out on the door panel and it opened. It was a calculated guess but this ship seemed to run a lot on biometrics. Entering the room, Kavia for the first time realized how far from home she was. Colter’s room was warm and inviting with small touches about his life. This room was a bare palate. Decorating would come later. “Can you get us some coffee? Maybe a pot,” she asked as she moved to one of the five boxes in the middle of the room that contained all her possessions. “I think you and I have a lot to talk about,” she said popping the lid to one of the boxes.


DaVinci moved toward the replicator. “Wow, a whole pot?!? Are you telling me we’re going to have a long and eventful night?

With coffee and cups in hand , he turned back around and saw the serious look on her face. The CIO moved toward Kavia and the boxes. Setting the coffee down, he asked, “Everything alright? You’ve been awfully quiet lately. Not counting the time you were unconscious.”

Colter (CIO)

Kavia let out a laugh. “My dad said that all the time about me except it was about when I was sleeping.” She took the cup and let out a deep sigh.

“Okay I haven’t been 100% forthcoming on some stuff and I need to take a leap of faith here. I trust you, Colter,” she said drumming the edge of her cup with her fingers. It wasn’t like she lied to Colter or the Captain but more of stretching the truth. Besides, it was better to come out with the exact facts now rather than make anyone think she was hiding something.

“My government does come in peace and we have no intention of anything with the Federation past friendship and cultural exchange. That part is the truth. What I haven’t expanded on was the details of my government. My government is called the Celestial Confederation or Cel Con for short. Our purpose is to explore and learn much like your Federation. Our little edge of the galaxy is vast and thriving filled with a myriad of races of which Boja’s people are included. What I have let you assume that my government and Boja’s are one and the same. They are not. Boja’s people chose not to join us for their own reasons. We can respect that. Cel Con’s association with Lt. Boja’s civilization is like a next-door neighbor you see every day coming home from work but don’t necessarily invite them over for game night.” Kavia hoped she was getting her point across that there was nothing wrong with the Sussiana people but just that they were not part of the HOA.

“Cel Con is like many confederacies where the power of the individual worlds resides with them and Cel Con acts more like your ancient United Nations. We are mediators in a sense putting out disputes or flareups between individual worlds when asked. That being said we do that the power behind us to enforce the rules that were voted in place. Cel Con doesn’t want to force ther views on the galaxy so even if you are not a part of the confederation you can come to us for help or share information with us. That is how Cel Con got involved with Boja and the Federation.” Kavia hoped she was not throwing too much information at Colter but the man was the chief intelligence officer so there was no reason to think he could not keep up.

“The part about my homeworld was correct but not the planet. I am from Venoma which is the third planet of the Venomian system. All the stuff about it being a jungle world with an extremely strong magnetic system was still correct. The eidetic memories, large hippocampus and memory dump information is all still the same. My life span is 400 years and we travel by interdimensional wormholes,” Kavia summarized the information she had already mentioned. “The part you don’t know about us is that our tech is almost 100% organic-based. We don’t have machine-based engineering. All our base materials come from plants and or animals and bioengineered. For example,” she took a sip of her coffee, “the hulls of our ships are made from the webs of the Corcoran spiders. The tensile strength of it is unimaginable allowing us to travel in space just like you do with your metal alloys. We harvest it much like you harvest silk from worms for fabric. We have several other type of building materials but it is 100% organic and grown not produced as we can tell your materials are. It’s primarily why your tech fascinated us so when Boja talked about her experiences here and is the primary reason I am here. It’s also the reason I have no idea how anything works here,” she laughed.


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