CO's Ready Room - LtJG Moore Checkin

Posted June 27, 2020, 8:43 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Moore (Chief of Operations) in CO’s Ready Room - LtJG Moore Checkin

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Moore (Chief of Operations) in CO’s Ready Room - LtJG Moore Checkin

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Ready Room - LtJG Moore Checkin
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The trip out to the Saracen was uneventful - well, as uneventful as flying through space faster than the speed of light can be. Sean always marveled at this technology, even if it became mundane for others in the galaxy.

As they pulled up to the large vessel and eventually slid into the shuttlebay, Moore put away his datapad on the specifications of the ship and disembarked. The boatswain welcomed him aboard and got him checked in - his personal effects were sent directly to his quarters. That was a nice touch, and something he would comment positively on as he got situated.

“Hey, you know where you’re going?” the boatswain hollered.

Sean looked back and cocked his head, expecting the sir. “Indeed. Just studied the deck layout again upon arrival.” He could have been sassy and only given a simple “yes”, but he decided to be nicer.

After making his way promptly through the ship, Sean made his way to the CO’s ready room. He avoided taking in the bridge until he was done visiting the captain - he wanted to savor that a bit more. He stood at the door and let the chime ring.

LtJG Sean Moore
Chief of Operations, USS Saracen

The door opened almost immediately, giving Moore a view of the Captains room beyond and of the Captain himself off to the right. Not behind his desk, the intense looking man was standing beside the window that let him view the saucer section forward of the Bridge.

In his hand was a cup of coffee, in the other a PaDD. The coffee cup was notably oversized and was emblazoned with Galaxy’s Greatest Dad on the side with a badly drawn caricature of a lizard, maybe, and a human child under it. The Captain was already looking in Moores direction, and pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on before he spoke.

“Lieutenant Moore, welcome to the Saracen,” Dante spoke and immediately revealed a very slight Italian accent. “Come in and take a seat. You just arrived I see, would you like a coffee?” Walking to the large desk in the middle of the room that faced the doorway Moore was standing in, Dante placed the PaDD beside a picture frame that faced Dante’s side of the desk. On the opposite side of the desk a red hard rubber ball sat, with clear bite/tooth marks in the surface. On the left side of the desk from where Moore was looking, was a large basket bed with blankets in it and in that basket was a very large lizard of some kind, easily longer than Dante was tall but curled up and until Moores arrival, sleeping. Lifting its head, the creature flicked a tongue at Moore and watched the unfamiliar human carefully. It’s beady yellow eyes seeming to narrow slightly.

“Actually, a coffee –” Sean stopped as the lizard glared.

“Don’t worry about Bruce,” Dante told him, “he’s friendlier than he looks.”

Captain Knight, CO

Moore straightened his posture, not really reassured but gathering his composure. “I’m fine, sir,” he said, addressing the beverage offer and Bruce. “You have a peculiar office, sir. I like the decor.”

He wasn’t lying - it was eclectic, but one did not see that very often in Starfleet. Drab was cool, it seemed. Not that Sean could talk - he hardly ever kept much in his own quarters.

LtJG Moore, CoO

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IC: “Eclectic?” Dante asked, but smiled. “My wife would call it Comfortable and inviting rather than the cold sterility of Command, for my own well-being considering she is the CMO I agreed.” Dante’s smile turned into a soft smirk that disappeared quickly as he sat down and looked over at Bruce. In reply the lizard flicked his tongue out and looked between the two humans, before dropping his head to the bed once more in such a way that one eye was squarely on Moore.

Dante placed the coffee to one side and moved the PaDD back towards him. He didn’t look at it again but the Personnel image on it was clearly that of the new CoO. “Chief of Operations, transferred from the Coalerman, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. It’s a big step up to a Pendragon Class, Lieutenant, congratulations on your promotion and assignment.”

Captain Knight, CO

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