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Sha noted the engineering surge and frowned. She shook her head unable to find record of the surge. “Sirs,” her comments aimed at both the Captain and her Chief. “Just for a second, there was a warp surge in engineering.” She tapped the console to send a query to engineering about the surge to see if they could give her an answer. “Query sent to engineering.” She stated once it was done.

As the Terran symbol flashed again, she looked back towards the view screen and saw the ‘hole’. “What in the world?” Then once more, as commands were given, her head was back to the console and typing out furious commands to give her as much on the readings as she could.

She also checked the phasers to see if they had truly lost one to the power surge, or if everything was still ok and available if needed.


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IC: Sha’s systems would confirm that one of the ships Phaser Strips had indeed burnt out from the overloaded blast and was now inactive.

Captain Knight

Sha growled. “And apparently one of the phaser strips burned in the surge. Engineering is aware.”


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IC: “The explosion opened a minor rift in the nothingness… Its not huge, but there is an causeway to real-space.” Teller’s head stared into the screen.

“In the real space, which I have to assume is an alternate universe, there are two unknown, but Klingon ships and a least one more that has been destroyed.” He looked back… “Sounds like the Klingons.”

“I’ll scan for life forms.”


The system began to scan what was on the other side of the rift as directed.

Activating weapons from the aux console, DaVinci concurred with Sha. “She’s right, skipper. THAT phaser bank is dead, but the rest are still operational, if I can get control of them. . . .”

The system was back in manual control as far as targeting and weapons went, but the system was indicating a build up of energy from the warp core that was soon to become dangerous if it was not stopped or controlled.

He looked up at the viewscreen. “In that universe, the Klingons formed an alliance with the Cardassians to overthrow the Terran Empire. We go through that opening, we’ll be targeted as soon as we appear, but at least we’ll be out of . . .here. I’m willing to take our chances on the other side, Skip!!”

Colter (CIO)

“Klingons and the Cardassians as the good guys… yup that’s the universe turned upside down.”

“A universe where we are the bad guys, even if it is something solid and not stuck here,” Dante added. That didn’t feel right to him.

Sha had a strange idea. “Ummm I think I may have a way to buy us time in ‘that’ verse if we can get there. The question is, do we want to try? Another thought is, if we are on the horizon, would opening a hole opposite this one be a hole back to our verse? We may blow the other phaser bank trying. But it may be worth it.”

She glanced from the CO to Royal and wondered if her last assignment had made her overly cautious, or overly reckless.


“It is likely not going to be that simple,” Dante said, still looking at the small hole to the Mirror Universe. Something brought us here, and our weapons and the explosion opened a hole to there. With those events it’s likely complete chance if we can accidentally open a hole to our universe again without knowing what we are doing.”

“If we need to take a decision, it must be taken quickly guys. I suggest to try Sha’s plan. But this way, if we fail, we’ll be defenseless once we get in the other verse and perhaps we want the science dept. opinion, Captain.”
The XO supported Sha’s stratagem. ‘Interesting way to start a career… Oh well.’

Walking all over the bridge, Yuri waited for the CO to reply while checking all the stations and still thinking about the other’s options viability.
‘We may perhaps operate the deflector dish, so the phasers could be still operative if we fail…’ he thought ‘But the energy necessary would be excessively depleting and a non-calculated and overseen procedure could make the whole ship to blow up.’
“Darn it!”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Sha looked to Royal and nodded her head for him to come closer. Once he was close enough, she lowered her voice only for him. “If we ‘have’ to go to the other verse, a Klingon seen at the helm may prolong issues.” She looked at him. “I don’t like the idea any more than you. But if we have to, it may be how we bide our time.” Her look to him was one of desperation. She had the idea, but how do you tell your Captain that you think putting yourself in the CO seat may save their lives. She was still second guessing herself and unsure if she should mention it.



Royal looked at her and said “Our uniforms and such aren’t the same from I have read of that place. But it may buy us some needed moments. Make the suggestion, Lieutenant.”

Davinci spoke up again, offering a possible way out. “Skipper, if we pop out out through that hole, we’ll catch the Klingons off guard. That should buy us enough time to jump to warp to get the hell out of the area. We find ourselves a nice little moon to hide behind until we can figure everything out and make what repairs we need. The ship seems to be back under our control. Cartography should be the same as our universe, so we should be able to tell where we are. Then we work out plan to get back to our space.”

Colter (CIO)

Thinking for a moment, Dante nodded. The logic was sound but once they went through, there was no guarantee they could come back at all. “It’s a plan,” Dante said, but through that hole were two enemy ships. “But if we can see them.....”

Sinclair, CoS

Sha nodded to Royal, “Yes, Sir…”
She took a deep breath and spoke up. “Captain, if we head out of the bubble, this area of space is ruled by Klingons. I know it’s unconventional, but I could pose as the Captain. It could buy us enough time to get clear of whatever ships are in the vicinity. Though I don’t recommend we go too far. If we came in this way, chances are we’ll have to leave this way.” She wondered if it made any sense to anyone else other than herself. Or if she was ‘wishful thinking’ about ease of exit.


“How would you know that?” Dante asked, “We’ve only glimpsed the barest of anything through that rift? That rift also looks too small for the ship to pass through, unless the edges are not solid.” Right after he spoke the computer beeped as the scans Graham were running came in.

There were no life signs in the wreckage, but there was more information than that in the scans. The construction of the ship had been familiar, so familiar in fact that the pieces of wreckage that remained matched the Saracen in construction and shape. The Saracen’s computer was even able to identify the destroyed ship somehow, the identification code appearing on screen as the I.S.S. Saracen.

As for the amount of wreckage, there was far, far less than a destroyed Pendragon Class vessel should have produced. Of the rest, there was no sign. How the ISS Saracen had been destroyed was coming through clearly however. The wreckage had very large amounts of residual Tricobalt energy around it.

Almost like a beautifully choreographed dancer, both of the Klingon ships began to turn towards the rift, their energy spiking as shields sprang into place and at the same time, the Saracen’s computers again ‘blinked’. Scanners indicated the small rift was unstable. It was likely that subspace was ‘thin’ in this region and that the battle that had taken place here, with such large amounts of energy expended had created an inter-universe incident.

Captain Knight, CO

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