Side Sim - Tactical Training Day 1

Posted June 28, 2020, 6:15 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) (Jay Luistro)


Ella was a little confused by the officer’s words, ‘Tactical trainings always amused me’ and she took a disliking to him, tactical training wasn’t amusing it was something to consider seriously and could and most likely would save the ship from destruction. She looked to Lieutenant Rico it wasn’t really her place to say yes or no since she was as much of a student as he would be but she gathered it the Commander really wanted to take part he’d just order it, as the way was with superior officers.

~Ens. Ella Lokaa

IC: Rico’s eyes narrowed slightly but otherwise there was no telling about his thought process. “You are more than welcome to join in Commander, the training is open however Ensign Lokaa is going to take the Tactical Station itself, I will be stationed beside her at the Security console to oversee the simulation. Feel free to choose your station, my suggestion would be Helm in case our Officer is disabled or the Captains seat It might amuse you to take Command of the Saracen in the Event the Captain is killed or disabled and we are under attack from overpowering enemy forces.”

“Seems a fair choice. If you wouldn’t mind, Lieutenant, I’ll be taking command of the Saracen.” He chuckled ‘Well, let’s take this simulated beauty to Dante’s simulated home!’ He thought walking towards the Captain’s chair with decisive steps.

Standing at the console, Rico raised an eyebrow slightly and looked at Lokaa. They were not going to be heading to the Captains home in this simulation…

As it was the first time he ever taken command of a spaceship and its crew as Executive Officer, he had lot to learn and learn from the best of the best was a good way to get the job done quickly. He didn’t loved to issue orders, but if something was going to be wrong onboard, his grade and role dictated intervention and quick responses. This meant minimizing errors, learn the duty and thus practice, practice and practice again to be always ready. Luckily for Yuri, learning new things was something he enjoyed.
‘I should ask Vanhall for the program, maybe later when we finish the simulation… Ah! This will be my new free-time hobby..’

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Rico’s tone was nothing but respectful or businesslike, his job was to train the upcoming Tactical Officer and in his personal unvoiced opinion, the new Executive would benefit as well. Looking at Lokaa, Rico’s hand indicated the station above and behind the Captains and Executives seats. Wide enough for two crew simultaneously both consoles could handle Tactical or Security functions. “Shall we take our stations and begin?”

Lt Vanhall, Armorer

“Yes sir,” She said noting that now the Commander had arrived she shouldn’t be calling him Rico, which she was a little disappointed about because she liked the nickname. Walking over to the station he had indicated she sat down and as all station quickly activated it by entering her details and run the eve quicker Built-In Test which in a blink of an eye returned with no faults or issues. “Ready to begin sir” She added finally looking to her right towards him her heart beating a little faster.

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Ens. Ella Lokaa

“Right, Lieutenant.” He smirked “Let’s take position.”
And so he sat. The comfort of the seat was something astonishing. They always said that ‘The Captain’s chair is the most comfortable chair on the whole ship.’ Damn if they were right! But subtle things apart, the adrenaline started rushing in Yuri’s vein and the heartbeat accelerated. Looking right to left, he ensured everything was set. It was time to begin.
“All hands stand to battle station. Whenever you want, ‘Rico’.”

Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Pausing just slightly, Rico keyed a command into his side of the console and immediately, the Bridge came alive with the missing crew members from the Saracen. None of them looked like the actual crew, but could be recognized from numerous Starfleet simulations as the rest of the crew. To Yuri’s right in the XO seat sat a stunning Andorian woman with Commander Pips on her collar.

Yuri could not say anything than “interesting.” All with a soft voice. Looking at the ship taking life, the Commander stared at each station for a while as he recognized unknown faces and felt the harmony of the simulated crew.

The viewscreen changed to show clear space in front of them, and a ping from the Operations Console caused a Bajoran man to turn around. “We have a distress call coming in Captain, a freighter, 10.34 Light Years away.”

The Andorian woman leaned forward, “Put it through Ensign,” she said, her voice cold and authoritative in the Andorian way. Seconds later, the signal barked to life so they could all hear it. It was mostly static.

=/\= …ayday!.... we.......nder ttack...... nknown ships.......... yday!.......Kobya....aru.... =/\= And after that call, the line went dead. “We have their location, Captain. They are 6 minutes out at Warp 9,” Operations reported.

Lt Vanhall

Listening to the message, the Commander recognized the line and immediately knew what was going to happen next The Kobayashi Maru, uh? Alright!
“All hands, red alert throughout all the decks, stand to battle station. Helm, set interception course for the distressing starship, warp speed 9.” He ordered “Deviate all sensors arrays available and set maximum detection range. Ensign Ella, what’s our armament status?” He asked looking at Tactical.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

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