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Posted by Ensign Ella Lokaa (Security Officer) in Sickbay , Ensign Lokaa, Medical Examination
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“I’m happy with them,” Ella replied simply as she thought more in-depth about what the Doctor had said and how it seemed to enlighten her more. There really was no right or wrong answer when it came to your own personal choices. She had always worried what people thought about her and her own choices when really it was always down to her and how she felt not what others thought. “What about you Doc? If you’d not mind me asking?”
~Ens. Ella Lokaa

“Am I happy,” Natasha said with a half snort of laughter. “Yes for the most part. My philosophy is there is always a bright side to every situation and life is never how you expect it to turn out. As I mentioned earlier I put my entire career on hold for a guy to attain his dream. I took a position at the end of the universe waiting for that to happen. While I only saw him every few weeks in person the friends on made on Outpost 42 are like family to me. Eventually, he did get the promotion to the USS Broadsword and I got the CMO spot there only life took a left turn and we got this ship instead. It was not in the area of space we were looking for but sometimes a home is not all about location, location, location. After three times of trying to get married we did and had a baby six months ago so all in all the Saracen has been very lucky for us. Frankly, at this point I can’t imagine living anywhere else but I think that always happens. You get a good group of friends, place to crack open a bottle of vodka at night and,” she fished around her pocket pulling out three large globular lollipops, “surprises.”

Ella had been listening intently to the chief medical officer as she spoke and wondered who she was talking about, after a minute she felt like slapping her head, Natasha Knight, Dante Knight how did it take her so long to join the dots. Mid thought she was completely caught off by the three large lollipops and wondered how bizarre the situation was, she was thrown back to being a younger kid again going to the doctors with her mother.

“Strawberry, grape, or watermelon,” Natasha extended the choices to Lokaa. “They are the adult version and infused with my homemade brew of premium Russian vodka handed down from when the time of Peter the Great if you can believe my babushka. Its not enough to do anything to you but maybe make you think about kicking back after work,” she smiled. “What’s your poison?”

Lt. Natasha Knight CMO

“Definitely watermelon,” She said extending her hand and taking the lollipop. “Vodka Lollipops, You’re the best doctor I think I’ve ever met, your friends are lucky if this is how you treat your patients. Your party nights in with a bottle must be epic!” She said with a beaming smile as she unwrapped the lolly and placed it in her mouth the flavor exploding causing her cheeks to swell. “This is amazing, thank you!” Ella said rolling the lolly around her mouth with her tongue the words slightly distorted from the sweet in her mouth.
~Ens. Ella Lokaa

“No problem and Thirsty Thursdays start at six in my quarters. It’s how we say let’s get drunk and complain about work but politely,” she gave Lokaa a lopsided grin. One the weeks I host I ban Dante from the quarters because while I may be married to the man with the pips, as my boss he can fire me up like any other crew. If I don’t have someone to blow off steam to I will be in the brig in an orang jumpsuit so don’t leave me out of the rotation and I won’t leave you out,” Natasha teased. It was then Nat grew a bit more serious and began to swipe through Lokaa’s medical records.

“Just to cross my “i” and dot my “t” you don’t have any allergies to reptiles right,” the CMO looked over the chart.

Lt. Commander Nat Knight CMO

A curious question but none the less Ella answered, “Urm, I don’t think so? Why, should I be?” She asked curiously as her mind drifting between the question and the thought of dating the ship captain or even just a superior officer. She wondered if it was difficult to balance work and family life before wondering if she would be able to do it. A laugh erupted silently in her mind at the thought, first she would have to find someone who would put up with her.

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~Ens. Ella Lokaa

“No, I just have to ask,” Natasha sighed deeply and spun the PaDD around after bringing up an image. The image was of a lizard hanging from a window staring longing at whatever was on the other side. His feet curled up under him as if the lizard thought he might be small enough to perch on the ledge like a version of a furless scaly. “This is Bruce when he was about two years old,” Natasha let out a small chuckle. “He heard Kelly and Dante coming home and decided to meet them at the window. I swear that thing is more dog than lizard.” Natasha had a flippant tone but her face showed she loved the critter like any person loved a pet. “Anyway the allergy question came from an unfortunate experience with a Betazoid comms officer about a year ago. We had one of our little get together and Bruce brought her the ball. Anyway, Bellina turned ten shades of red, coughed twice, fell over in her seat, and went into anaphylactic shock. Who would have thought that tid bit was not on her medical records but to be fair most people aren’t around snakes or lizards by choice so,” Nat shrugged letting the rest of the sentence roll off into infinity. “Anyway if you aren’t busy next week stop by about seven.”

Natasha Knight CMO

OCC: baby Bruce

Examing the picture River could see the appeal, he was in an odd reptilian way cute maybe she’d get a pet for herself, she’d never considered it before. “That sounds great, what’s the dress code?” She asked finding herself become more at ease with the senior officer, before also remembering to say “And please don’t say casual, Elasian casual is… well , have you ever been to Elas or heard of it, I think in dress code sense I would compare it to an Orion slave market… Or so I’ve been told I’ve never been myself.” Elasian casual was very much nothing, they might cover their more feminine and masculine parts if they had a guess.

Ens. Ella Lokaa


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