Sickbay, Deck 5 - LtJG Moore Medical Checkin

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The Irish-blooded Moore had already checked in with the captain and visited the bridge. He really wanted to get down to Engineering and perhaps the Science labs. But he had that pesky medical check to get done. He had just had a physical on the Coalerman, but he knew the requirements for new assignments. It wasn’t really that bothersome to him.

The junior lieutenant came to sickbay and entered, catching the eye of one of the attendants. “Greetings, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Moore reporting for medical examination.” He stood straight and bowed his head sternly, waiting for instructions or the CMO or another superior officer to address him.

LtJG Sean Moore
Chief of Operations, USS Saracen

Just off to Sean’s left, the air shimmered and a person appeared. She always appeared in the same place, given where the projectors initiated programs from. But then again, she was no program. At least not in the traditional sense. Slightly surprised to be so close to someone, the woman with long raven hair startled. “I really can’t wait till my quarters are modified,” she murmred as she took in the person standing in the middle of Sickbay.

“You’re new. Sean Moore, right?” she said. Of course she would know, but he didn’t know that. Or did he?

~Corinne Dalton

Sean jerked slightly back at the appearance of the woman. She was not bad on the eyes, although Sean’s head went there by default. He shifted his thoughts to wonder as she murmured and then addressed him by name.

“Yes, that’s me.” He managed a grin. “Who’s asking?” He paused before catching himself in the informal question, now seeing the rank pips on her collar. “Er, ma’am?” Her sudden arrival had him utterly confounded.

LtJG Moore, CoO

It wasn’t the typical first response she got, but then again, her rank usually ended up being a side note rather than something to actually observe. She gave a tiny smirk. “If you insist on formalities, I’m Lieutenant Corinne Dalton. But a lot of people just call me Cori, or SARAH depending on the context.” Her grin deepened and she stepped slightly to the side to give them both some space.

~Corinne Dalton

Ok, now something was ringing a bell in Sean’s mind. He wanted to pull out a datapad and look her up, but that would be weird. “SARAH, that sounds familiar,” he admitted. “Let me ask two questions. First, are you able to check me in for my medical exam? And second, can you help my memory of who you are while I am here?”

Sean cocked his head with a friendly but plain smile.

LtJG Moore, CoO

She couldn’t help but smirk. “A firm no on the first, though technically I did moonlight as a medic for a brief period and still can in a pinch. As to the second…-“she spun and moved away from him, walking backwards towards the back area of the med bay where a very necessary piece of technology was stored-“well, some people will say I’m a ghost, but I assure you I’m very, very real,” she said with a wink and watching his reaction.

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

That’s just mean, Sean thought to himself.

“Ok…” He was looking around - partly for someone in the medical field but also to make sure they weren’t alone to get in trouble. This could be a nightmare on some ships.

“I’m sure you are,” his smile remained, becoming a bit nervous though. “But uh, so what do you do here?” he asked almost childlike.

LtJG Moore, CoO

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Setting her vivid, almost electric blue eyes on Moore, Cori grinned. “Depends on how you look at it, really. I’m a scientist by trade, and have gotten back into it… sort of. But you could say I’m heavily invested in the ship’s system.”

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

“That might be a slight understatement,” Tomas said, walking out of the Sickbay Office. The man was the same height as Cori and slightly shorter than Moore although unusually for Tomas, slightly heavier at first glance. His voice smooth and melodic, he was completely bald except that he had eyebrows and lashes set above an oddly symmetrical face that could easily be considered attractive.

His black eyes, unnaturally black for a human but nothing like the total black of a Betazoid acknowledged Cori along with a slight smile. To Tomas Cori might as well have been a ghost, she was a blank book to him which was completely unsettling for him at first. Tomas had learnt to appreciate that however, considering every other member of the crew was a loudspeaker of emotions when he was anywhere near them. It made games of hide and seek when he was a child extremely boring when he could sense where they were by their feelings of suspense alone.

Tomas paused a moment and picked up a medical tricorder, his eyes moving back to the new crew member. The man was slightly nervous in Cori’s presence. “Feel free to remain Lieutenant Dalton,” Tomas said as he stepped towards Moore, “Check-ins are run of the mill. I’m Doctor Kuno, and who do we have the pleasure of scanning today?”

Lt Kuno, Doctor

Sean smirked as Tomas entered the area and spoke out. It was a refreshing voice in the conversation with Cori and all the undertones therein. “Uh, yes sir,” said Sean eventually. “Sean Moore, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, new Chief of Operations.”

LtJG Moore, CoO

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