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“I see it… this… this is new.” Jarred said with a concerned look as he began to try to access the console unsure at all what any of this meant. “You know first day I encounter you outside of the office and now the place was blowing up all around them.”

Vadoma frowned. “I had nothing to do with this Chief. I swear it.”

The Core began to surge, as if it was preparing to head to warp speed only the power was fluctuating the wrong way, it was a power profile that Alindor would never have seen, much less ever used on the Saracen if he was concerned with safety protocols. The Saracen was simply not designed for this type of energy assignment and the power surge appeared to have begun building dangerously.

Knight, CO

When the core started humming, the engineer frowned. “NOOOooo....” She growled under her breath and tried to get the computer to respond so she could balance the readings and bring them back to normal. “Alindor…” her voice called out his name for the first time, unaware she wasn’t calling him ‘Chief’ suddenly. The name came out in a long, drawn out voice of concern and call for help. “I … it’s not supposed to do this!” She bit her lip and moved to another console hoping to get something to respond. She kept glancing at the Core as if, any minute now, it was going to just jump out at her. The hum was almost more unnerving to her than the readings.


“Can you divert anything from the core systems?” Jarred said as he came over checking the system layouts as Vadoma worked. “What the devil… if I say this isn’t supposed to happen will that makes you feel any better?”

Alindor, CE

She shifted sideways, their bodies touching from his nearness. She laughed slightly and shook her head. “Probably not… but you are welcome to say it and I’ll pretend it does? Would that help any?” She was starting to get worried, but it wasn’t affecting her performance any.


“I mean it does make me feel better, denial has gotten me through a whole lot, an ex marriage, failed romances, my parents… pretend they don’t exist…” Jarred said as he was mid tapping as he was diverting the power as he was trying to maintain the vital systems as he looked over at Vadoma. “Pretend they don’t exist always works,” he said with a grunt as more sirens kept going off.

As Alindor tried to divert and stabilize the power flow, each input appeared to take for just a second before being wiped by a computer system that just didn’t want to co-operate.

“Oh what the hell is going on now.” he guffed as he felt a twitch of annoyances.

Alindor, CE

She gave a half laugh and leaned just enough to nudge him with her shoulder. “Don’t supposed we could just pretend they don’t exist?” She was making a goofy face if he bothered to look. He had delved into his past and it lingered on his face. She liked his smile and wanted him to be annoyed with the smile under it rather than the sigh she sensed in him.

A console nearby exploded into sparks from a surge and went dark, an alarm springing into existence announcing it’s fate. The Core continued to whine in slowly increasing volume.

Vadoma but back a yelp as the console blew in their direction, her arm coming up on that side to ward off the sparks.

Her arm reached across in front of the Chief as she shut the newest alarm off. It would have been comforting, or even comical, to be this close to the Chief, if things weren’t falling apart. “It’s going thru all the systems. Almost like… it’s searching for something.” She let out a low growl and tried to cordon off engineering. If they lost engines or life support....


All of a sudden the power systems stabilized, the warp core seemed to balance itself from the dangerous power profile but the surge continued and would soon reach critical levels. Everything was clearly not alright, as the large flashing Terran symbol on the console seemed to indicate.

Captain Knight

Following the Jeffries Tubes and taking the right ladders they eventually emerged onto the same Deck as Main Engineering. Just ahead, they could see the doors leading in and alarms, they could hear the alarms that indicated something was very wrong.

For Dalton, the feeling of isolation suddenly vanished as her link to the Saracens Computer was restored. This came with a flood of information. Worlds conquered by the Terrans as they rose again to power, the best ways to serve Kelpian, current status of the crew of the ISS Saracen and warnings of a dangerous power surge in the Warp Core.

Captain Knight, CO

Cori actually staggered as the information flooded through her. “Power surge!” she blurted out, moving swiftly to engineering.

OOC: I added this from the Science post so they’re entrance made sense. I hope that was the right thing to do. - Ella.

OOC: Perfect, although your characters had already exited the tubes into the corridor haha, but we can forget that

An emergency Bridge message flashed on the consoles asking about the surge and a status update on the ship.

(Cross from bridge)

“Bridge asking for status report, Sir.” Her hands were furious on the console with Alindor trying to stabilize the surge. “We need to find an outlet for the power build. Suggestions?” She glanced at him with a smile. “And apparently blowing up the other probe isn’t an option.”

(GM? Would engineering be aware of the ‘hole’ the last phaser blast made? Or is that something we’d have to actively and purposefully look for?)

OOC: The ‘hole’ is outside the ship where the probe had been in the nothing of this space, Engineering would have no knowledge of it at this point as their focus is what is happening inside the ship and not scanning the space beyond it.

IC: On one of the remaining status consoles a red alarm again appeared. This time, it indicated an overload from a Phaser discharge and one of the Saracen’s bow Phaser Strips was offline and damaged. This could be linked to the dangerously building Warp Core energy.

Captain Knight

This time another alarm went off and Vadoma had to laugh. “If this is a training sim, I am going to be furious,” she glanced at her Chief. “Now the computer is saying the port bow phaser strip is damaged and offline!” She shook her head and shut the alarm off as she looked to her Chief hoping he would let her in on the training secret.


“Okay… let’s see what we can find there… run a system scan… is the damage internal or external? Did we fire it? What exactly is going on… I need answers.” Jarred said with a feeling of confusion as to just what the devil was going on.

Alindor, CE

Her fingers danced over the console and she contacted Sha on the bridge who had been feeding her info as she was able. “We didn’t fire it. I mean, we fired it but no one on the ship did it far as they can tell. Scans going on now. Scanning for location of firing command as well as damage location and severity.”

She glanced at Alindor and saw his frustration equaling her own. “I take it this ‘isn’t’ a training sim, then?”


Ella had managed to squeeze past the temporary staggering Cori before she alerted them to the power surge, up ahead the exit to engineering was visible, and with one last push she hurried along the narrow tube until eventually reaching it. “Quickly!” She said now wondering that if there was a power surge if engineering was the best place to be heading. Yanking the manual power leaver down the door open and Ella rolled out onto the deck of engineering where alarms and shouts could be heard.

~Ens. Ella Lokka

NE Bronson was at a nearby console as the access hatch opened and a body tumbled out “HEY! WHAT THE?… CHIEF!!!!” He yelled and jumped back suddenly.

Vadoma heard the holler and spun in her spot. “Chief?” She said just on the heels of the call as if he hadn’t heard it, himself. The scream from the Ensign had bellowed over the slightly muted alarms and murmured conversations in the cavernous space.


“Okay… so what is going on now? Ensign?” Jarred said with a stern look, his crew was running around like fireman putting out fires and fixing what they could and random officers were just tumbling out of his jeffery tubes. “I take it you don’t do this often?”

Alindor, CE

“Only when I lose Ralph,” Kalani crawled out of the two behind her two companions. Standing up she brushed off her hands on reflex. “Those jeffery tubes are like the ultimate prairie dog experience. Got ten bucks I can burrow,” she took a deep breath trying to remember she was on duty and a Starfleet officer first. The problem was this was the first time she was more scared for someone else than herself. Defaulting to humor was a way to keep her mind off Lizzie.

“Power and communication is on the fritz all over the ship. I tried comming you but it didn’t work so Cori and I decided to come down to engineering to see what was going on.” Kalani hesitated asking the next question. With the ship moving into a crisis, the ship was the priority yet right now all she could think about was their daughter.

Kalani Kane Science

Ella had managed to stand to her feet now and took in the scene “Well it also doesn’t look like we’re under attack before Cori here regained control we were under the impression we were under attack, the next thing we know she’s shouting about a power surge. What’s going on?” She asked frustrated, their trek through the Jefferies tubes making her a little grouchier than usual.

Ens. Ella Lokaa

Vadoma watched pour out of the tube access and shook her head, turning back to the console to resume the ‘surge chase’ as she let the Chief handle them.


Vadoma’s scan indicated that the order to target and fire had come from an automatic combat solution that Cori herself had initiated from the Bridge. The solution was a last ditch firing order to target and destroy all small missiles, torpedo’s and probes in the vicinity of the Saracen. Unfortunately the firing solution had been barely compatible with the Saracen’s internal engineering and power assignments, resulting in the Phaser Bank burning itself out with an overload instead of multiple rapid beams of energy designed to destroy projectiles.

That surge was hugely affected by the surging warp core behind them, which had now built up enough energy for the conduit NE Bronson was standing next to to burst, showering the man with superheated plasma and throwing him across Engineering in a shower of sparks, screaming as the Plasma bit into his side and face. More alarms sprang into place as the plasma vented through the conduit barely missing the other crew around it.

Covering her eyes from the brightness of the sparks Ella was standing and had been scanning the room. The sparks had engulfed the room like a large firework display being set in engineering, the screams were far the worst thing she had ever heard in her life, it was sickening to the core Ella would certainly hear those screams weeks to come.

Barely had the conduit burst than the image of the Terran Logo on the consoles began to flash again and control began to slip away. Cori would feel herself once again losing access to the Computer but she would note that the access she did have was far, far more limited than normal. She had no access to life support, replicators, airlocks or transporters. No access to Personnel files and her access to the weapon systems required authorization by the ships Captain. What she did have, mainly sensors, she was losing as the information of the scan from the Bridge reached her. The rift outside she could ‘see’ in the scanner data was unstable and threatening to close. That in itself might not have been a bad thing seeing as two Klingon warships were on the other side, shields raised and turning towards them.

Of course, for those in Engineering the exploding conduits and dangerously overloading Warp Core that wasn’t responding to computer commands was slightly more pressing.

Captain Knight

Stunned between helping the injured and attempting to help with the fires, she finally opted to help the injured and ran to the crewman who had been screaming before she hoped he was still alive. She knelt down as more sparks littered the floor around them she used her body to shield the already injured man and then looked to his face it was melted like wax and the Plasma still burning, she looked around and found a fragment of conduit it was roughly what she needed to dig out the plasma since it was made to deal with its temperature, it had to do.

Ella gulped “This might hurt a little, I’m sorry” Digging the fragment underneath the plasma and flicked the remainder of the plasma out of his skin, the burning of flesh ceasing but the smell still stinging her nostrils. “I need to get him to medical!” Behind her, the alarms continued to erupt around them.

The scene was chaotic, smoke filled the room as she looked down to her hands where crimson marred her usually petite and soft hands, her uniform scorched and ripped as she knelt next to the man who she had hoped to have just saved his life, the world seemed to be going in slow motion as it fell apart around her. Snapping back to reality the screams and shouts returning to normal she stood to lift the man up and onto her shoulder, she was thankful she was Elasian and had extra strength.

(not quite sure who Cori is… lol)

Vadoma was on the console trying to get the warp core to stabilize. When it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen, she grabbed the nearest abled body that wore the right colors and shoved him towards the warp core not caring what their rank was. She shouted above the chaos. “Check the Matter/Anti-Matter reaction assembly! See if you can manually stabilize it. I’m heading for the transfer conduits on this end!” She made her way to the start of the transfer conduits to see why things weren’t circulating like they should be. She glanced around as she moved, looking for the Chief and their guests. Her concern for him was probably higher than it should have been, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Seeing a woman with someone on her shoulder, she passed them and nodded towards the doors. “Get him to medical. Nothing more you can do here.” And she was on her way again.


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