Pre-Sim Sickbay - Boarding Physical

Posted July 2, 2020, 6:41 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) (Jay Luistro)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim Sickbay - Boarding Physical

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim Sickbay - Boarding Physical
‘How do they say… ? something like “New place, new people?” Or it was something more “New people, new place.” It is that hard to remember such simple thing, Yuri?’ The Commander thought walking down the aisle ‘Ah damn it! Why I am this nervous? It is just a boarding physical… I am the new Executive Officers of this crew. The only person I need to fear is the Captain.’

The truth is that Yuri hated being touched by a stranger. Although it was his ship, correction, Dante’s ship and him his second in command, Yuri was stranger to the feeling of the power he had as First Officer. He had a blank sheet of how people would approach him. And so while he was heading (after a long rest) to the Sickbay for the first series of checks before his actual deployment, the Commander was very anxious of what was new being the XO of a ship. ‘Do you get a special treatment?. I don’t think…’ he kept wondering in his head, watching carefully for his steps ‘maybe I get some sweets, some candies. How stupid!’

And then it appeared. The door, the heck of a door. Just some minutes prior he was just getting nervous about actually entering the SickBay and meet the Doc. Now the Sickbay was just at some inches apart from him and the thing was not going to be liked by the young Officer ‘This is it… I wonder if I am really suited to be a First Officer.’
As the sliding doors were opening the way for Mr. Scholz, a view of the first places of the Saracen unveiled to his eyes. That day it seemed there was not much movement, not much activity. Maybe some Biobed were occupied but still the pretty empty Sickbay made Yuri’s blood to freeze.

A nurse then walked by his figure and looked from the top to his feet the fresh Lieutenant Commander who was still stoned after the long nap
“May I help you?” Asked with a cute voice a seemingly still young trill nurse, wearing the distinctive blue division uniform and the Ensign pip on his collar.
“Uhm… yes, Ensign. I should find someone for my boarding physical. I boarded some hours ago and this is my first check-in of the day.” He said biting his lips.
“Follow me.”

Navigating through the medbay the nurse took Yuri among the beds. For a while he took time to observe the everyday life of the bay with all those nurses and docs, until they came up to a desk and there was this person looking at the computer. He could not tell who was behind that screen but as the nurse interrupted the doctor, Yuri formerly stood at ease and introduced himself
“Good afternoon, I am Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz. Reporting for my boarding physical.”

Lieutenant Commander Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer


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