New Counselor!

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Evening crew of the Saracen!

Today I announce that we have a new Counselor onboard, Lt. Sathut played by the fantastic Miriam W. I know some of you already know her and if you haven’t then it is time to get some sim going.

Then again, give her a warm welcome aboard the Saracen and I look forward having some good sim with your fantastic character!

~ Jay

Thanks for the welcome, Jay! I’ll not only be bringing in Sathut as the Counselor (He’s a character who originated on the Olympic and is moving here with the closing of that ship) but also a new character, a young Junior Counselor. Stay tuned for their arrival within the next month or so. :D

  • Miriam

Welcome back to the Saracen Miriam, it’s great to see you with us again!



Welcome to the ship

Welcome aboard!

LtJG Moore, CoO

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