Sickbay, Deck 5 - LtJG Moore Medical Checkin

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Moore (Chief of Operations) in Sickbay, Deck 5 - LtJG Moore Medical Checkin
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“That might be a slight understatement,” Tomas said, walking out of the Sickbay Office. The man was the same height as Cori and slightly shorter than Moore although unusually for Tomas, slightly heavier at first glance. His voice smooth and melodic, he was completely bald except that he had eyebrows and lashes set above an oddly symmetrical face that could easily be considered attractive.

Dalton turned and gave him an amused expression. “And?” she said with a grin. Tomas was one of the few that didn’t act weird around her and it was nice. But then again, most of the med staff were so used to her popping in and out of their space that it was less of a deal than it was for the rest of the crew.

His black eyes, unnaturally black for a human but nothing like the total black of a Betazoid acknowledged Cori along with a slight smile. To Tomas Cori might as well have been a ghost, she was a blank book to him which was completely unsettling for him at first. Tomas had learnt to appreciate that however, considering every other member of the crew was a loudspeaker of emotions when he was anywhere near them. It made games of hide and seek when he was a child extremely boring when he could sense where they were by their feelings of suspense alone.

Tomas paused a moment and picked up a medical tricorder, his eyes moving back to the new crew member. The man was slightly nervous in Cori’s presence. “Feel free to remain Lieutenant Dalton,” Tomas said as he stepped towards Moore, “Check-ins are run of the mill. I’m Doctor Kuno, and who do we have the pleasure of scanning today?”

Lt Kuno, Doctor

Sean smirked as Tomas entered the area and spoke out. It was a refreshing voice in the conversation with Cori and all the undertones therein. “Uh, yes sir,” said Sean eventually. “Sean Moore, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, new Chief of Operations.”

LtJG Moore, CoO

“Ah, our new Ops Chief. Welcome to the Saracen,” Tomas said after a slight pause, in which he looked at Cori and smiled softly. “Hold still Lieutenant while I scan you. In a moment Cori here will know every inch of you,” he began to run the medical scanner over Moore.

Dalton planted her hands on her hips. “Now you’re just giving away my secrets,” she said with a slight feigned pout.

“Do you have anything medically to report after your trip to us?”

Lt Kuno, Doctor

Moore was as still as he could be once instructed. He was starting to piece together who SARAH really was, so he would definitely have to do some more digging when he was done here.

“Ah, uh no. I have a couple broken bones from a few years ago, but those are healed and should be on my file. Allergies haven’t bothered me in years, but they are still a thing.” Sean shrugged, knowing there wasn’t much to him from a medical perspective.

LtJG Moore, CoO

Backing away from Moore and Kuno, Cori gazed with curiosity for a brief moment and headed for the back to grab her emitter.

~Corinne Dalton

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