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“Who is that Kalani,” Lizzie asked seeing her Daddy talk to someone outside his office. He wasn’t signing a PaDD or staring at a part someone had brought him. This meant it probably wasn’t work but Lizzie didn’t really know what her daddy did besides spend all day with his feet sticking out of a console.

“What buttercup,” Kalani said letting her eyes drift to the door. Whether or not Cori noticed it, Kalani caught a glimpse of the deep cobalt blue eyes of Jarred last love. So many questions remained unanswered about the woman. Jarred was almost brutally honest in the conversation where he talk Kalani about his and Cori’s past. Looking at the woman, Kalani could not deny her beauty and exotic quality.

Dalton’s electric gaze flicked between the office and Jarred. “It’s a… personal request. I’d prefer to just chat quietly somewhere,” she said gesturing further into engineering. The last thing she needed was everyone gossiping about her and at the moment she wasn’t ready to deal with Jarred’ new family life quite so directly.

“That lady,” Lizzie stood up on the couch and pointed at the door. Luckily Jarred and Cori’s backs were turned decreasing the awkward element. Moving to the couch, Kalani pulled Lizzie up to sit by her. “That,” she said in the classic higher-pitched motherly tone one took when talking to a small child, “is your daddy’s very good friend. Her name is Cori. She and your daddy have been friends for a long long time.” Patting her leg with a smile, Kalani hoped Lizzie would drop the conversation with a simple explanation; however, it was Lizzie and the child was like a sponge when it came to anything about Jarred. It made sense with all the years they had been apart for Lizzie to want to know everything about him. This was a topic however Kalani did not want to expand on. “Now, how about we clean up your toys and go get some pre-dinner ice cream.”

“Yes please,” she hugged Kalani around the neck bouncing some. What her dad did all day was still a mystery to Lizzie but nothing trumped ice cream.

Kalani Kane science

Moving slowly, meandering really, Cori was thoughtful. “So, after years of strange existence and then having been stuck in the system and assumed dead, I’m trying to create something of a normal life for myself, whatever that might look like. Sinclair, during some sessions”-she almost hesitated phrasing it that way, but she wasn’t ashamed of needed a therapist to be a sounding board- she was still a feeling being, after all-“suggested that I get myself quarters. I kind of thought it ridiculous at first. I mean, what would I even do? But the more I thought of it, the more I realized that that would give me a measure of privacy and freedom my circumstances don’t always allow. That I can do things for myself as well. Pursue interests. So I have quarters now. But it was the captain who suggested that I look into getting holoemitters installed so I can be in there and not need my emitter. I worry about using it all the time and not having the battery charged when I need it most. And going in and out of Sickbay to do so doesn’t give me much privacy. But if I could move in and out of the system via my quarters, I get the privacy and freedom I need.” She chewed on her lower lip, gazing at him questioningly. She knew it wasn’t just a matter of installing a few holoemitters. Holography was a complex system that needed controls and a power source. It wasn’t like a holographic display, she was a complex being in holographic form and she required a more robust system. That would take time and resources to create. But at least the captain had been the one to suggest it so she knew it was at least approved of. Jarred could still say no and she still wanted to ask. There were no demands here.

~Corinne Dalton

“Of course, anything you need I would be happy to fix it up. I did it once before, like riding a bike. Though I do have something for you… an idea.” Jarred said he motioned her to one of the computers. “Computer access encrypted file Alindor Theta Six Three Omega.” Jarred said as the screen began to display the files he requested. “Before everything…” Jarred said looking up at her with a small curt smile as he took a deep breath. Realizing he lost his romantic feelings for Cori was hard to admit, but what was harder was realizing he didn’t know how to stay friends after the fact. He loved her still in his own way, but it just wasn’t the same as it was. Being the one who does the splitting though, you often don’t get to make the rules on how close you get to be after the fact.

And there was the awkwardness. But Cori had to admit that she was curious about this idea of his. A part of her had just hoped to zip in, ask about the holo emiters, and then get the hell out of here. But that didn’t seem to be how things were going to go down. Now her interest was piqued and she gave him a questioning glance.

“About a year ago I began this project, and haven’t had too much time to go back. Essentially, it’s a synthetic body that becomes a subspace tether to the ship.” Jarred said, as the schematics show a split body, half a 3D image of Cori, the other half of the mechanics of the suit. “Now this isn’t the same as transferring your entire conciseness to it. I still believe that can fully be done, Data was a full sentient android with just as much memory but due to… restrictions in artificial life right now… I can’t try and make a full-fledged android body for you to transfer in.” Jarred paused as he looked up at her as he tried to gauge her response.

“No, of course not,” she said tightly, knowing that her hopeful dream of being disconnected from the ship was never to be possible so long as the ban was in place. It was a bitter pill to swallow most days, but what could they do? Even if she managed to find a way to transfer herself and have a body of her own, she’d be in the run, hiding forever. It wasn’t what she wanted. But this suit thing, the subspace tether. Now that was an intriguing idea…

“Starfleet has already made adjustments to allow you to stay on the ship post-Mars Utopia Planitia attacks that caused the ban on all synthetics… you remember the talks when we first had to deal with your return after Starlffet brought in their squads, despite not being synthetic you had a lot of scrutiny. I had to go over a similar situation with this.”

“Right, naturally,” Dalton said with a nod. “How does it work?”

“As I haven’t been able to figure out a full transfer of mind to body, they wanted to make certain the body itself had no AI control of its own… and it doesn’t.” Jarred said as he began shipping the screen to bring up more details. “You could enter the body much like you can access the computer systems when you enter through the tether that creates on the ship you can control it just like a regular body and even go on away missions without worrying about the mobile emitter. You would experience everything like normal, and you could even die but not in a real sense. The body gets destroyed it just shunts the connection between the body and the tether, you technically never leave the ship’s computers so you have no fear of permanently being shut down when using it.” Jarred said, worried what she might think.

The truth was before they broke up he was building this for her. He had planned to use it as a romantic gesture, but as feelings and emotions altered and changed and he knew he just didn’t feel the same anymore, he wasn’t sure how she would respond to him building this. In reality, he wanted to help her any way he could. Giving space had been the way to help her lately, but perhaps now he could go back to the way he was trying once before.

Alindor, CE

Cori all but stared at the schematics and the flux of emotions was rather intense. She could come and go. At least for the most part. “How close would I need to be to the Saracen before I was pulled out? Like what’s the reality here? At least with the mobile emitter, I can be fully away from the ship. With the tether, so long as I can access subspace, I could go almost anywhere, right? Within limits, of course.”

~Corinne Dalton



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