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Ten Forward

Kalani walked into Ten Forward holding Lizzie’s hand. The room was the typical Ten Forward lounge however tonight there was an area cordoned off with softer lighting and candles on the tables. Living on a Starfleet vessel did not lend to many options in dinner choices out of one’s quarters. The hospitality crew it seemed to have worked overtime to give the few moms on the crew a night away from the replicator.

Jarred stood in the 10 Forward feeling his nerves course through his body like lightning striking ice in cold winter. He had been trying to keep things feeling normal as he stood wearing his cream suit with a denim vest. It gave a look of dress casual, perfect for an innocent evening with his girlfriend and daughter on this special day he had been planning for such a long time.

She stood at the door looking for Jarred. He had said he wanted to do something special tonight because it was Mother’s Day. Frankly, she had thought Jarred had way overdone it but this was her first Mother’s Day to someone other than Ralph and Maxine. She would have been happy with pizza and some cuddle time watching a movie on the couch, yet Jarred had called her during her shift saying there was a change in plans. His voice was happy and anxious as he laid out the plans for the night so Kalani consented to a busy evening out to dinner with a room full of people.

Lizzie had been a ball of energy as usual for a four-year-old child but in an unexpected way. Tonight she wanted to match Kalani in every aspect. Their hair was long and curled framing their faces. Their nail polish was a soft pink. Their makeup was more challenging but consisted of Lizzie getting to curl her eyelashes and some chapstick. Their clothes were as close to matching as possible with both wearing white dresses. Kalani’s was form-fitting hugging every curve like a second skin. A sheer banding around the center gave the hint of something daring but leaving enough for a man’s imagination. Lizzie’s dress was a white jumper with a sash of sparkly sequence that ties in the back with a bow. Their shoes were all as identical as Kalani could make them, and Jarred would allow. At least she hoped Jarred would allow it all thus the real reason Kalani was pausing at the door. He was not thrilled with the idea of high heels, yet Kalani knew what he was envisioning, and what was on her feet was the in stark contrast.

“There’s Daddy,” Elizabeth blurted out jumping up and down, waving frantically. “Daddy! Daddy,” she yelled as the click of her high heels echoed on the hardwood floors.

Jarred smiled wide as he watched the women of his life enter slowly as he couldn’t help but feel the butterflies forming in his stomach. He wanted this, more than anything. He wasn’t certain if the plan would work though, it was a gamble he was taking on just how well he felt he knew Kalani. He prayed he hadn’t been miscalculating, but love was about risks and rewards.

“Hey peanut,” Kalani said pausing to kneel down to Lizzie’s level. Looking at the little girl, Kalani pushed a lock of hair out of Lizzie’s face. This was the main reason, she wanted to pull her hair back with a barrette. “Remember we need to use an indoor voice and pretend we are super grown-up because only the best behavior is allowed in here late at night okay,” she reminded Lizzie softly.

“But I am so excited,” Lizzie struggled to keep a quiet voice as her body squirmed everywhere still holding Kalani’s hand.

The wiggles and squirms made Kalani happy she had caved in their quarters when Lizzie begged and pleaded for her hair to be long and curled like Kalani’s. Lizzie’s long blonde locks bounced around her shoulders as she tried to listen to Kalani’s talk. “So am I honey. So am I,” Kalani let out a small laugh standing up. The truth was Kalani was excited.

Kalani Kane

“You two look amazing…” Jarred said with a wide smile as he leaned in kissing Kalani’s cheek before he kneeled down picking up Lizzie as he placed her in his arms as he began to smother her with playful kisses.

Lizzie giggled leaning back with the pure trust only a child had when they were held in someone’s arms. Leaning back she put up a hand to stop him after a few seconds. “Daddy you are going to mess up my dress and make it all wrinkly,” she spoke in a voice trying to be serious. Leaning forward she put her arms around his neck as they crossed the room. “Kalani said that if I am really good she is going to let me have two desserts because I am at the big people’s restaurant. She said that is what you do when you are gone so long on your dates. You have double desserts,” she took on a solemn tone. “I am going to have a sundae and piece of cake,” she clenched her fist smiling as if this was

Kalani tried not to smile as she eavesdropped on Jarred and his daughter. Life perspective was so different from a child than to an adult. Lizzie had been in ten forward numerous times but not at night or this late. The dimmed lights and lack of other kids made Elizabeth Alindor think somehow the main lounge of the Saracen was now a five-star ballroom.

“Nana,” Lizzie squealed no longer caring about her dress the second she saw her grandparents. Lifting her arms straight up she slid down his body aided by the slippery fabric of her dress.

Making the most of the distraction, Kalani slid her arms in Jarred’s walking the last few steps on his arm. “So what’s the special occasion,” she asked with a smile. “Did the Captain approve your project of ripping out the floor of the supply closet under the vivarium and letting me fill it with water,” she teased only partly joking as they reached the table.

Lizzie’s exuberance had only seemed to increase once she saw her grandparents as she stood rambling to her Nana about the girl party she and Kalani had getting ready as she twirled showing off her dress.

“Sit baby, I wanted to make this perfect, and I think I am going to wow you beyond belief today.” Jarred said with a small wink as he helped put Lizzie in her chair before he walked over to Kalani as he pulled her chair out as he waited for her to sit down first.

Alindor, CE

Kalani’s face light up like a kid at Christmas feeling Jarred’s excitement. In the pit of her stomach she already knew the surprise. Jarred had gotten approval to make her ocean exhibit. The engineering behind what she needed was incredible. That had to be the reason she hadn’t seen him all day. The physics of holding that much water without a forcefield was far beyond her mathematical skills. At one time he joked he would need to resurrect ol’ Albert Einstien to help him. Kalani laughed and simply responded to his reply by saying she had all the faith in the world in him. “I am pretty sure you already have,” she winked at him.

Kalani Kane


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