Around the Ship- A Pointed Hunt

Posted July 3, 2020, 10:16 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Around the Ship- A Pointed Hunt

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“The shoes!” Ella said a little too excitedly before composing herself. The idea quickly glowing in her mind, Royal was a smart guy she thought. “They won’t be the same materials as most things, and even if there’s more its better than nothing. Most Pointe shoes are composed of satin, leather and cotton with the pointe block being made up off layers upon layers of densely packed cardboard and fabric which is then hardened by glue! I mean how many things have all those exact properties?” She hoped Corri narrow down their search.

OOC: My Sisters are both ballet dancers… It sucks I know what pointe shoes are made from!

~Ens. Ella Lokka

“Exactly. We scan the ship, look for those specific materials. If we find them, great. If we dont, we look where the scans dont pick up anything at all. That way we are eliminating the entire ship, and focus on where they could be.”


“It’s worth a try,” Cori said before her gaze went distant. it was like she wasn’t even there.

For several moment she stood like that until she blinked and refocused on Royal and Lokaa. “Well… a cursory search using those parameters leads me to several possibilities, but the strongest one is in the Security office,” she said with a frown. “Which makes no sense! Why would they, if it is my pointe shoes, be in the evidence locker?” she said, glancing between the two.

~Corinne Dalton

Sinclair frowned and said “Evid… what? We don’t have any cases going with ballet shoes as evidence.” and he looked at Lokka. “Did you mark any for evidence?” and he started walking purposefully towards the turbolift.

Sinclair, CoS

River thought back to a few weeks ago and her face twisted into an awkward frown as she scratched her head in concentration, “Actually we were doing a clear out of some things that were laying around, they weren’t marked so we tagged them and put them in one of the miscellaneous security lockers. We guessed the original tags had fallen off and we didn’t actually open the box up. There were several boxes like it so… Maybe?” She looked apologetically at Cori.

Ens. River Lokaa

Sinclair shrugged and said “Still doesnt explain how it got marked evidence. I mean, to log that you have to have a case number, evidence tag, chain of custody… unless someone really messed up I cant see how it would go from the lost and found to evidence. Maybe we can sort it out when we see it.” They arrived at the turbo lift and soon were walking into Security. “Corinne, give Ms. Lokaa and I the file number. Ensign, grab the crate and bring it to the interview room. I’ll pull the case file and we can all see what’s going on.”

Sinclair, CoS

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