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Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Happy Birthday Dante Alighieri Knight

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Happy Birthday Dante Alighieri Knight
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Natasha stood outside Dante’s dorm looking at the young science officer across from her. “Nat I really think you should just take the stairs,” he said scratching his head slightly concerned slightly excited. No one ever as hot as she talked to him and over the past week, the hours they had been spending together in the physics lab had considerably boosted his appeal to the others in his division.

“What and not use this,” she snapped the belt around her waist. It was slightly looser than she expected but Cadet Fergus Poindexter was anything but a seamstress. Engineers were always about form versus function. “Why is it so loose,” Natasha jiggled it showing the excess space between her belly and device.

“You were wearing a lot more clothes,” Fergus stated before turning red and averting his eyes.

Natasha could not help but laugh. When she came up with the idea for Dante’s birthday present she had been wearing full PT sweats which did create a lot more bulk. The tight black leather skirt with thin white silk tank top fit her body like a glove so she would forgive Fergus’ misstep in getting the belt right. The ample cleavage of the blouse would also make Dante worry more about her form than the function of the belt that got her to him. “So I press this button to go up and this one to hover,” she directed Fergus’ gaze to the small control pad on the levitation belt.

“Yes but do not press it more than once or rapidly in succession. If you do you will shoot up and down so fast you will think you are on one of those drop rides at an amusement park,” he warned. Rubbing the back of his neck Fergus got a slightly worried look. “Are you sure the Senior Cadet is going to like this,” he asked.

“No,” she replied instantly running her fingers through her hair shaking it out some. “He is going to love it and no I am not going to tell him you made it so if I fall to my death your career will still be intact. Now back up,” she ordered the engineering cadet with a wave of her hand.

Saying a silent prayer, Fergus moved to his chosen spot behind the bushes muttering to himself as Natasha turned the power on. Knight is going to kill you either because you basically just dropped his girlfriend from the fifth story of his dorm room or he is going to see you down here and think you are spying. God, you should have never talked to Natasha in the first place. There was no way this was going to work in his favor but there was no way he was going to be able to get out of it now. Once Natasha started her crazy idea, Fergus decided he would high tail it back to his dorm and pray the rambunctious Russian never talked to him again.

Activating the controls, Natasha felt the weight slowly releasing from the balls of her feet. As the device began to lift her off the ground, she could not help but smile. Anti-gravity boots were so cumbersome and had zero sex appeal. This belt was sleek, streamline, and if it fit correctly would have perfectly imitated a belt. The smile on Natasha’s face was infectious. She was bursting with excitement at the thought of finding the perfect way to sneak into his dorm and get out without being spotted. Her mind raced with all the possible flirtatious remarks possible thinking about her handsome Italian boyfriend. Maybe she would resist him slightly as he asked her to come in. It was just to toy with him because there was nothing more that she wanted. Sparing a half-second to look at her watch, Natasha knew Dante would be opening the gift she gave him an hour earlier. He had specific instructions to open it exactly at 2101 hours. He would open it and wonder about the items inside. Toothbrush, PJ’s, and several small bottles of his favorite liquor did not seem like a birthday gift; however, when he opened the small card that said move to his window, Dante Knight would realize it was going to be the best birthday night of his life.

Everything was going according to plan until it wasn’t. The belt used the extra space to drift up her body past her ribs until it was stopped by the mountain range of the north. Natasha let out a small grunt as it settled on her body tightly around her upper half. Letting out a laugh she realized Dante was getting far more of a surprise that she intended with the way the belt and the v-neckline of her shirt ended up on her body. Natasha did not look down but kept her eyes on the one window that was her target. As the floors moved in front of her, Natasha raised her hands up grasping the window sill of the desired floor. Reaching down she activated the hover instead of levitating feature when she was in position. Leaning on the ledge like she was on firm ground she tapped on the glass of the window.

Natasha Daye Cadet

Just before that particular moment, Dante had just opened the card that had been in the small box that Nat had given him for his birthday after shaking out a pair of PJ’s that clearly did not fit him and a toothbrush that was not in any way, shape or form his colour. The alcohol stood out, if only for the sheer number of them. “Did you raid a hotel liquor fridge or something Nat?” Dante muttered as he opened the card. Move to the window was hand-written on the card.

“Oh god no, you are not going to start singing a serenade up to the 3rd floor of the Dorm, Ms Daye.” Dante shook his head and rolled to his feet from where he had been sitting on the ground, on the plush rug that Kelly had acquired from somewhere she wouldn’t say.

A knock at the window before he could fully straighten made him pause however, and all at once his blinked in confusion and grinned as the huge smile of his girlfriend beamed back at him, through the third story window of his room. Walking over he opened the window and looked at her, realizing that she was minus the ropes he now expected to be suspending her from the roof, but plus a generous view of cleavage sitting just under the beaming smile. “Evening love,” he said as casually as he could, leaning on the window and looking down. Now, he realized that she seemed to be hovering. He also noted more than one face upturned towards them, people at a distance noticing the flying woman and one man who seemed to be in the bushes below them watching intently.

“Baby, would you like to come inside? The people down there might be getting a better view than me just now, especially if your not wearing much under that skirt.”

Cadet Knight

“Soon,” she leaned towards the ledge and tester her elbows on it as if it were the edge of a pool smoking seductively. “And I am pretty sure the view you are going to get later will be far better than anyone has right now. Besides it’s pitch black. I’m sure all they are seeing is what they are imagining.”

Dante leaned out a little further and watched the man in the bushes for a moment longer, and rubbed his chin as he tried to look like he was calmly considering her words and she wasn’t hovering three floors above the ground wearing a skirt. “Oh I don’t know,” Dante grinned at her, “it looks like he might be imagining quite a bit. Maybe I should just get you inside before he finishes imagining stuff, yes?” He moved a few things off of the window sill to make room for Natasha to make her way inside, and then turned back to her, his eyes focusing on her and the grin on his face promising more than just an invitation to drink something she had packed into his birthday box.

“Anyway I need to do a little wooing in you ,” she dragged her top teeth over her bottom lip ,” and you need to play a little harder to get. I mean what kinda guy let’s a girl just crawl into his quarters through a window in the middle of the night?”

Aside from the obvious danger of hovering forty odd feet off the ground in an experimental hover belt, Natasha Felt her heart pumping fast. On the ground or in the air, her body always felt faint when Dante looked at her. When he devoted his smile to her, Natasha was more than excited. Dante has a way of making her feel as if they were the only two people that existed in the universe. Her Babushka promised Nat it would happen. Nat however didn’t think it would ever be so cliche. The problem was their eyes did meet from across the room and in that small instance Natasha Daye was utterly captivated by Dante Knight. He was serious and at times more determined than even she was.

Cadet Daye

“The kind that doesn’t want an investigation as to why a girl fell three floors from that same window after doing a Mary Poppins up to it wearing the kind of outfit that sailors pay money to see on shore leave, baby. You or I don’t need that kind of attention when it’s Horrible Hornsby’s weekend on duty, so get that cute butt of yours in my window so I can see what it is that the chap below thinks is so fascinating. While I’m at it I might check to see if these pajamas that happened to be in the gift box you gave me fit like cinderella’s slippers onto something that is not leaving here before morning.”

Cadet Knight

“Help me,” Natasha said extending her hand through the open window as she used the other hand to press against the window sill raising her up a bit. “I am also thinking we aren’t going to need those p jaaaaaaays,” Natasha’s voice rose several octaves higher as her body followed the tremor of her voice. Natasha’s hand clamped down on his wrist trying to stop her upward journey as the hover belt seemed to be malfunctioning.

Flipping his hand over her grabbed Natasha’s arm and his other hand reached up, gripping the belt itself in the V right where it rested against her bosom. He could feel her warm skin behind it but the thought only registered for a moment. “What the hell are you doing?”

A loud rustling in the bushed was followed by a man exited them with a remote in his hand. “Nat. Nat,” a hushed but loud voice began to yell from below her as he frantically began to press buttons on the console. “I think it is shorting out.”

Looking down, Dante looked back at Natasha with a raised eyebrow. “You were down there in the bushes with that guy? Dressed like that? And now he is down there, looking up at you dressed like that?” The Sarcasm in Dante’s voice was clear, he was teasing her and nothing more but his curiosity was clear. “Do you have something to tell me love?”

“Dante,” she said in a concerned tone as the southern view he had been hoping to see was going to turn into a reality. “Pull me ihnnnnnnn,” her voice switched from the higher pitch of concerned to the sharp tone of terror as the belt lost all power plunging her towards the ground. A strangled yelp left her throat as she felt the snap of gravity yank her towards the ground and Dante’s grip abruptly jerk her to a stop.

“Holy crap you’re heavy all of a sudden!” Dante swore and tightened his grip. “Did that guy put it in reverse? I got you, don’t worry okay.” Looking down, the belt had ridden up about as high as it would go under Natasha’s arms which also meant, Dante’s downward view had also improved somewhat. “Can I take a picture?”

“Dante....I mean sir…I mean Cadet Knight do you have her,” Fergus stood dumbfounded staring up at Natasha’s swing legs. He was frozen like a deer about to be hit by a vehicle as all his academy plans were going splat in his mind.

Cadet Natasha Daye (playing the part of futuristic Rapunzel)

“I got her,” Dante called out, “next time use the turbo lift and don’t hide in the bushes like that. What are you doing looking up at her like that man, have some decency and avert your eyes!” Dante looked back at Nat and winked, a slight grin on his face before he leaned backwards and pulled. Natasha rose and in moments she was through the window, Dante’s arms sliding around her waist to help her inside.

“Well, you ain’t no Mary Poppins bub,” he told her, and reached back and closed the window, starting to laugh as he held her close to him. “I’m not sure I want to let you go in case you start flying around the room.”

Cadet Dante Knight




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