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“I’ve never incountered German before. It’s very different.” Hannah didn’t experience languages quite the same as others. Despite her implants she still relied heavily on lip-reading, out of habit, so she got not only the sounds, but the facial expresions and how the vocal mechanisms of the body created those sounds. The translator interpretted the german ‘It is a strong but elegant language.’ She liked learning new languages though she had no skill for actually reproducing the speech patterns.
Hannah nodded and repeated in agreement, “Eine starke aber elegante Sprache.” Before answering his question about her own accent she nodded at the drink. “Yes Cmdr you need to finish it all. It’s not the most palitable, but it will help and after you may have whatever you’d like, except for synthohol or alcohol. They will negativly affect the medications I’ve given you.”

“Every order is your wish.” Taking a deep breath and then holding the glass mid air, Yuri tried to drink all of the substance in one sip. Actually he needed two and as he laid down the glass he made an awkward and funny face “Blergh… I should admit that it was tougher than eating Starfleet rations. Anyway your german isn’t the worst I’ve heard, I like it.”

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IC: “I have often been told that if the medicine taste good it doesn’t work. So, you should be feeling better now.” Hannah smiled, “Thank you Cmdr. I love learning new languages but I have a hard time actually doing so. It is a long process for me, but enjoyable all the same.”

“I am from a little colony world called Catawba. Though my accent isn’t from there. I was born deaf and I learned to speak without hearing the sounds. My voice reflects that. I was 8 when I finally got my implants, but my voice has never corrected itself.”

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“I have imagined. I think this makes up something unique of you.” He paused, rocking on the biobed… an awesome piece of tech “ Well I also never got the accent from Alpha Cent colony. My father insisted that I had my german heritage stronger that anything else they had there and so here I am with this Komische accent.” He chuckled “Well, I did not expected to finish this early ahahah… in my experience nursery and doctors across all starships are not this efficient and I was really, really blown away. Do you wish to join me sometimes to take coffee? I am also ‘new’ aboard this ship and I practically have no friends except for the Captain.” He proposed shyly to the woman.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Komische?” She tried another new word. She would have to make sure her translator was set to pick up all the German if the XO used it regularly. Although, she wasn’t sure how often she would actually encounter him, being a JO after all. “I try to be efficient. No need to draw out medical issues unnecessarily. Some things are bad enough as it is. And so far the medical staff here is the best I’ve worked with.” Coffee? Oh now is that appropriate Hannah wondered. He was the XO after all. But wasn’t his job to know the crew and be their advocate to the rest of the senior staff? She supposed it couldn’t hurt to have coffee. It wasn’t a date or anything. “Does the lounge here make good coffee? I am very particular about my coffee.”

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

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IC: “I have made some advanced exploration and scouting. I would say it is in the average coffee you would have in every Starfleet lounge. BUT I do have a three bags of fresh black coffee, the best that Earth can offer us: Italian coffee, Mocha Java and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I can take them in the lounge and prepare some. I guess the Captain would love some of his Cappuccino to be prepared.” Standing up and rubbing a bit the zone he was hyposprayed, the Officer waited for a reply with an informal pose and looking everywhere to avoid direct eye contact. If I had a PaDD to play with… Gah!

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah saw him rub where she’d given him the hypospray. “Is it bothering you? Do you have a history of reactions to hypos?” She should have checked his file first. She cursed in her head. Just what she needed, the XO to have an allergic reaction to something and she didn’t read his whole file.Wonderful first week, way to go Hannah. “Has your stomach settled now, Cmdr?” She pulled the tricorder back out to scan where she had administered the hypo. “I would certainly enjoy a cup of strong coffee. Just let me know when and where.” Hannah was still on duty for a few more hours and with such a low staff, and being the newest med staff on board she would not leave sickbay just to get a cup of coffee. That would be extremely irresponsible.

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“No, No… it is not, I just hate those hypos effect they get on my skin, but it is better than a needle.” Yuri looked thr Tricorder hovering again on his body “I’m fine, don’t worry… and yes my stomach is back like a beast. What about tomorrow late afternoon? Ten-Forward in the best seat of the lounge.” He smiled to Asimina scratching his head “I know medbay is understaffed and you’re busy so if you can’t tomorrow we can arrange it whenever you want. Or don’t want ahah-.”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah put the tricorder away. “I’ll just be getting off my shift at that time. I can stop by Ten-forward after that.” She hadn’t seen much of Saracen yet, so she was anticipating getting to see more of the crew and the ship the next day. “Alright Cmdr. Stay away from Tellerite food next time, and you’re cleared to go back to duty.”

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

A sigh of relief came from the XO who was already walking toward the doors “I’m honestly happy.” He joyed in front of the Doctor “So get away from Tellerites… ugh, it can be done. Well then see you tomorrow, Lieutenant? I’ll be bringing some Ethiopian dark coffee for the case.”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah nodded and then got back to work. There were still a lot of minor injuries coming in from around the ship. Later on during a lull she checked the ship database for languages and dialects spoken of the crew. In addition to the XOs German she added 3 more to her list that she didn’t have programmed to her commbadge. The translator eventually figured it out, but preloading the languages and dialects made it go faster and helped Hannah adjust quicker. The frustration with demanding, of herself, that she understand everyone instantly stemmed from her childhood where she always felt lost and outside of the loop of information. So though she didn’t need to preload the information to the translator in her commbadge, she did it anyway because it made her feel less behind the curve, so to speak. It only took a few minutes to do that and then there were more patients coming in. And she also noticed a need to inventory their equipment as the injuries were so varied.
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Scholz didn’t added anything else to the conversation and as the Doctor returned to work he looked her with a slice of curiosity. A stalker? Probably, but looking the crew move along and work in the pure chaos of the ship always amused Yuri’s ego.

“Time to go…” he then said taking the aisle with chillness, making it toward the turbolift. Then as he boarded the shaft the silence loomed on the man’s shoulder for the whole time, until he got in his quarters to take a brief rest “New encounters?” He held a PaDD with a lengthy list “Check.”

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Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

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