Holodeck - XO's Check-in

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Dante’s Wrist moved slightly as his body turned to deflect the thrust of Yuri, but in reply he didn’t counter, but stepped back slightly away from the mans Fabris stance. “You care to see our guest when a man with a sword faces you?” Dante spoke, and smirked a little and settled into a new stance himself, where he moved his sword into a Broad Guard off to one side, leaving his own centre exposed but his blade angled to strike from the side at Yuri’s exposed flank should he try and take advantage of the opening. “You are certainly confidant, Sir,” Dante moved the tip of his rapier on slight circles, “those who rely on certainties are certain to be dissapointed!”

Captain Knight, CO

As the Commander noted that his flanks were exposed, he decided that wasn’t worth to attempt and take advantage of the chest opening. As such he quickly moved the blade through the side and responded to what was the Captain’s offensive. After deflecting the hit, Yuri looked at his hands and the rapier itself “If the guest is a sweet woman, why not?” He smirked, but suddenly…

Oh, this was too much fun! But Cori, well, she didn’t have all that much excitement in her life and so sometimes she had to go out of her ways to spice things up a bit.

Suddenly, their weapons were no longer blades but plastic guns with foam projectiles. Nerf blasters with a 6-projectile clip.

~Corinne Dalton

Still standing on a second offensive stance, almost going to tickle and try to uncover the Captain’s blockade, in his hand the Nerf gun appeared and concerned the XO stopped all of a sudden (almost falling face first) and inspected the plastic gun “What is this… a toy?” Then pulling the trigger a projectile was shot Some 6/7 meters away and it made everything almost like a comedy… “Captain? Was this in the program?” He scratched his head wandering his sight to find the foam ejected projectile.

OOC: it really got my head tilting lol.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Dante was as confused for a moment just like his new XO was, but as he saw the foam dart shoot out and past him as the XO pulled the trigger, his eyes shifted to Cori for just a moment while his lips held a slight smirk. “No, Commander, it is your doom,” Firing from the hip, Dante angled the Nerf gun upwards slightly and pulled the trigger, sending the foam dart flying directly at Yuri’s forehead, then he spun, dropping to one knee and fired from the hip again, firing three more darts in Cori’s direction like a quickdrawing cowboy.

Captain Knight, CO

The darts passed through Dalton’s body with the slight shimmering of the holographic fields closing behind them. Cori couldn’t help but laugh wildly. Okay, so she had to have her fun sometimes, and this was a perfect opportunity to get to know yet another unknown element on the ship. Besides, Dante had proven reasonable and trustworthy. It would help the new XO understand the situation if there was someone on her side when they met.

Reaching back, Cori braced her arms on the ground and smirked as she kicked out her legs in front of her and crossed them at the ankle. It was hardly the posture of a well-to-do lady, but that was sort of the point. All this was facades and window dressings. “Please, don’t let me stop you.”

~Corinne Dalton

With a quick vault (and being he dart slow), the Commander went to take cover and as he reloaded the chamber with a fresh dart, Yuri felt almost like returning a Kid “Damn! Captain, that’s not fair. And wait a darn second… is that hologram conscious?” He shouted behind cover. Slipping through some holes, the Commander looked for the Captain’s position so he could fire upon almost without aiming as he pre-aimed the target.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Ouch,” Cori said, deeply amused. “Careful, now, you might hurt my feelings. And while I’m typically above messing with people’s replicator orders or their sonic shower, I could make an exception if you like?” she said, her expression shifting to one of utter innocence.

~Corinne Dalton

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