Side-Sim 10-Forward: Coffee break

Posted Aug. 5, 2020, 6:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

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Joining her staring at the blank space, Yuri took time to wander and tried to guess where they were. He had pretty much a good photographic memory, this made him win once a stargazing challenge where it was asked to recognize as many star constellation known to Alpha Cent citizen and federation wide “I’m pretty good at it, let’s see… there, that should be the Orsa Major constellation. Right computer?” He did asked the shipboard computer. It took a while but then a confirmation came “Don’t ask me how I can do it,” he shrugged “it is just in my blood. If we follow the lead star and go there we should have.. Earth. Now I don’t have the exact position of Catawba I should look for stellar maps. Or you may describe me what stellar constellation you can see from there.” As the time passed a sensation of hunger came in the XO’s belly “Do you want something to eat? I am going to take a plate of waffles.”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“We can see the star Polaris from Catawba, but instead of being stationary in our sky, it moves along the outside of the horizon and circles the plant throughout the year. We see the back side of Cassiopea in the winter sky and Hydra during the summer. I can navigate by the stars planet side on Catawba but I can’t seem to find it out there,” she gestures out the window of the lounge. Ever since she left for the Academy she had missed home, but was never home sick. Something about being so far away from the real Catawba and their real universe made her homesick. She had leave time built up, having not used any, she’d even volunteered during breaks while at the Academy and had built up leave that way as well. When they got back, she would make a point of going home to visit her parents and the colony that had supported her through so much.

“Ya know, I do yearly visits to my hometown. It is a nice place to visit, especially the central fountain with its plaza. Seems like a 18th Century throwback.” He told the Doctor. Then as he waited a reply for the food offer, the Commander took the chance to look for Catawba’s star and after a couple of minutes he pointed the finger in a direction “near that bright star, below the triangle formation. There’s this star in the middle which isn’t too much bright. I bet it is Catawba’s star, isn’t it computer?” Again an affirmative response came through “Bingo!”

Hannah looked over toward where Yuri was pointing. Her face brightened as the computer confirmed he had indeed found her home. “Thank you, Cmdr. I would never have found it my self.” She stared out at the star for a long time, in memory, longing for home, or perhaps both.

At the offer of food, Hannah paused. The XO was a very nice person, and coffee was one thing, but should she? They had been there almost an hour and the coffee was cold now, though hers was gone. She was sure CMO Knight would not be happy with her if she caused rumors to run abound the ship. Hannah shrugged though. After the CMO she was the ranking doctor and it didn’t hurt to have a professional familiarity with the command staff. Seeing as how if Cpt Knight were medically compromised, and the CMO was his wife, it would fall to her to be able to sign off and back up CMO Knight’s orders if she should have to make a command decision concerning the captains fitness for duty. Oh good lord, isn’t that a conundrum. Hannah supposed rumor’s weren’t a big deal on this ship at this point. She nodded, “I’ll have shepard’s pie, please.”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“Shepard pie it is. Never tasted it tho.” Leaving the table to order the dishes, Yuri walked with a fixed thought in his mind I wonder if she feels uncomfortable, in the end I am the XO of this ship. We have a load of work to do. He remembers the fresh smell of waffles, his mother used to do it. But the smell of replicated ones was different and the taste was more ambiguous than usual. On the other hand the shepard’s pie had a more salty and soft perfume. It was probably a good choice, he thought “there you go… if I had just fresh materials and a dang kitchen… for some times I had to cook for my siblings having no replicators for years. It seems delicious anyway.” He laid down the plate for Asimina. The Commander then took the fork and gave a powerful punch to the waffles, going through the stack “You know what is even worst than replicators? Being stuck in an Alt Universe and perhaps eat rations. Bleah, rations. What is that anyway?” He pointed the finger to the pie “I see that it is not a sweet pie.”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“It is a casserole with ground beef, vegetables such as carrots, corn, and peas, topped with mashed potatoes and put into a pie dish. It is very savory and a good meal. We had this a lot at home. My mother used to make this and put it in the coals to cook when we would go camping, or restocking the observation stations around Catawba.” The pie came with a second plate because the dish was so hot. She pulled it out and set it aside, “Would you like to try some Cmdr?” She looked at the waffles, “We cooked a lot at home. We didn’t use replicators a lot. I miss it.” She looked thoughtful at his mention of rations. “Could we not convert part of a cargo hold into a hydroponics bay so that we could grow fresh food?”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Would you like to try some Commander? the question tingled in his head again and again… It would see inappropriate, in a public space perhaps “I mean a bite can’t harm, I am right?” He then confusedly agreed “I mean… yes yes!” Scratching his head, Yuri looked at the dish, somewhat embarrassed darn.. “And I mean, a hydroponics bay could be useful on an exploration vessel. I don’t know if it is possible on a ship like this. I will ask the Captain for it, but I do not promise anything.” Eating some of his waffles cut cubes, the XO freed some space on his plate so a piece of pie could be placed there Better have no ship-wide news…

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Hannah noticed his facial expression seemed…confused…uneasy…embarrased? Oh maybe it wasn’t appropriate that she offered. The pie was plenty big enough and food was such an essential part of one’s culture. She hadn’t started eating yet. She cut a slice and put it on the extra plate for herself and then cut a second and placed it on the XO’s plate. He had already accepted so she had cut it anyway. Perhaps it was a cultural thing? “I am so sorry, Cmdr. I hope I didn’t offend you with the offer. We always share where I come from. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot.” Hannah’s hands fluttered with her words, if anyone knew any sign they would also know she was rather flustered and embarrassed that she had commited some cultural error against the XO. “You won’t offend me if you don’t want to try it.”

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

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