Side Sim - Tactical Training Day 1

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Hearing her name Ella’s hands darted over the tactical console, the information coming to the front of the screen. “We have sir, eight X type phaser emitter strips, four on the saucer section and four on the stardrive section, two pairs of torpedos tubes, one forward-facing and one aft-facing with a full complement of one-hundred Quantum torpedoes, five-hundred photon torpedoes ” She explained looking back to the executive officer.

Ens. Ella Lokaa

Listing the armament of the ship made Yuri think about what he could use to approach the Maru. He knew, from what he have experienced already in the past, that the test was practically a no-win situation. Even thought they were going to lose, he wanted anyway to try save the Maru. Last time, indeed, we would say that his test simulation didn’t went that well…
“Arm the torpedoes and get those phasers ready too. Operation, Tactical. ETA for the distressing ship and if you have detected anything abnormal?”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Aye Captain” The young trainee tactical office said arming torpedos and charging all phaser banks, her console changing to the main tactical interface screen which depicted the ship in the middle, arcs of fire and any IFF signature, bogies or unknown signature up to their maximum range. In this case, the Maru was all that showed. “The Kobayashi Maru is a Class three Neutronic Fuel carrier, it appears to have been struck by a cloaked mine if the tachyon levels on the ships left-hand upper nacelle are correct. Not reading any further cloaked devices.”

Watching her screen carefully two white dots appeared indicating unknown IFF closing on their position, “Sir we have…” The dots turned to red as the tactical system identified them as two enemy ships, “Romulan warbirds have just decloaked, two ships plotting an intercept course the third is charging weapons, locking onto the Maru. Sir, we are passing the neutral zone now, I must remind you that is in direct violation of the treaty.” Ella took the time to look to the Commander.

Ens, Ella Lokaa

Yuri looked the crew, almost forgetting it was a simulation. After rubbing his chin the commander looked over the screen and after a brief pause Yuri stood up and handled the situation “Thanks for the consideration, Ms. Looka. But we do not deal with damn warmongers. It may also be a trap so as soon as we get nearby the ship execute a quick scan. If it is a trap we’ll leave fast like rabbit.” Then filled with euphoria and adrenaline the XO looked the bridge one last time. He stirred his uniform and cleared his voice.

With a german-ish accent he then gave the orders “Helm, maximum speed for the Maru, pass between the warbirds with an evasive maneuver Beta-4. Alert medical and engineering. Tell them to prepare to receive eventual injured and repair all hull breaches: we’ll stay in front of the Maru to shield ‘them’. Tactical,” he snapped his fingers with supremacy attitude “Fire photon torpedoes, full salvo, in between those ship. Prepare to redirect the available energy to the aft phasers and shields. Fire when possible… for now these are the orders.”
Last time he have done the Kobayashi Maru test, Cadet Scholz opted for a more passive stance. Given the chance and the ship to try out a new way to conduct the exam he took the possibility to be more aggressive.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Hmm,” Rico grunted from his spot beside Ella. “Stay aware of your surroundings and your opponent,” he said to her quietly. “These are Romulans, and they decloaked far enough away for you to see them and make a plan, but they are not charging weapons. They are between you and your rescue target and you are about to fly between them to get to the Maru. What was it that might have disabled the Maru?” Rico folded his arms and looked at Ella hoping she would see what he saw.

Ella listened to his advice and looked down to her tactics read out her hands moving gracefully between the touch reactive screen. The way they had position themselves, the cloaked mine that had struck the Maru… It was most certainly a Trap but who, and why would they present themselves and why would try just sit there and allow the Saracen to fly between them. Then it struck her.

In response to the XO’s orders, the Saracen changed direction to fly right between the Romulan Warbirds that were themselves angling to fly on either side of the Saracen.

Lt Vanhall, Armorer

“SIR!” She said shocking herself with her own shout, “I believe the Romulans plan on luring us into the neutral zone and channel us between them where they have placed cloaked mines. Sir, its a trap they want us to go to them she turned to face XO.

  • Ens Ella Lokaa

“Nice catch,” Rico nodded. “Once we hit those mines our shields will be compromised, and they can snare us with tractor beams or hit us from two directions when we can’t reinforce our shields on just one side. We won’t last long under that kind of bombardment, especially if they have more cloaked ships out there. One freighter isn’t much of a prize for three Warbirds, but a Pendragon Battlecruiser?” Rico looked back at the view screen, “We are outnumbered three to one as far as we know, we need to even the playing field using the pieces on that field. What do you think is our next step?”

Lt Vanhall, Armorer

Ella bit her bottom lip in concentration as she played out several scenarios in her head but really there was only one she had faith in. “We could fire a volley of photon torpedos set to detonate in the middle of the minefield causing a chain reaction. It might knock the Romulans shields or at the very least confuse them while we commence an attack, sirs.”

  • Ensign Ella Lokaa

Giving a thought it made all sense. Yuri quickly leant forward and looked both the Rico and the Lokaa, after which he said “Ensign Lokaa, execute the volley and set detonation range at .25 Astronomical Units for the minefield to chain react. Helm prepare for evasive maneuvers and then redirect all our offensive capabilities towards the romulans…” rubbing his chin, Yuri was curious of how things were going to resolute. Definitely he thought An aggressive behavior is not my thing.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Aye sir” Ella’s hand danced gracefully across the console as she gave the ships tactical systems orders until finally, “Firing Volley… Now” She pressed one final button which produced an audio cue and then looked to the viewscreen as several orange lights streaked from them to to the space between the two Romulan ships who no doubt were readying weapons, Ella continued to scan just in case.

  • Ens Ella Lokaa

“Good,” Rico nodded seeing the torpedo’s on their way. “Now, we need to even the odds. Even when those torpedo’s detonate, we’re still going to be two on one. Lets use their numbers against them. Choose one of the Warbirds and accelerate so that we pass on the outward side of it, close. The ship itself will block us from the other warbird and with it’s shields hopefully weakened, we can break through their defenses easier with a full broadside of phasers. We can be aggressive, Sir,” he said to the XO, “but we need to stack the odds in our favour first.”

The torpedo’s exploded in their designated positions and the resulting reaction was as Rico expected. Multiple mines that the Romulans had laid for them detonated and caused a reaction that clearly rocked the two Warbirds. What was more, a fourth warbird positioned below the minefield and cloaked suddenly dropped it’s cloak as the lack of shields did nothing to protect it from the blast of the mines. Gaping holes appeared in the hull of the ship that had been perfectly positioned to fully engage any ship that had tried to slip between the two other warbirds and aide the freighter. Rico patted Lokaa on the shoulder, “Well done, nice shot.”

Lt Vanhall, Armorer

“Dang, that was perfectly place Ensign Ella. Alright let’s get more aggressive people.” Checking the systems status, Yuri looked for what could be balanced and after a brief but accurate look he decided “Converge power to main thrusters, the remaining on shields. Forward phasers ready to engage.”

Ella received an electrifying sense of pride as the Lieutenant complimented her but the job wasn’t over yet, she watched the viewscreen as the ship reacted to the XOs orders and waited for her own to be given, as everything was playing out she continued to calculate strategies, moves and counter moves that she and the Romulans could be doing and thinking like them. Hopefully, it would give them the edge and they might actually be the first people to beat the Kobyashi Maru without cheating or breaking the system!

  • Ens Ella Lokaa

“So what about we now pass through the warbirds and leave them another salvo of torpedoes from the aft launchers? Just to be sure and we then pass to attack the last warbird. Could it be possible, Ensign Ella, Rico?” He asked for tactical consultation before acting.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

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