Counseling, Asimina reports to have her head checked

Posted Aug. 7, 2020, 8:42 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Counseling, Asimina reports to have her head checked

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Counseling, Asimina reports to have her head checked

Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Counseling, Asimina reports to have her head checked
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Hannah left sickbay and headed down to meet Lt. Sathut. Counselors weren’t a problem for her. She’d spent a lot of time with them before and after she had finally received her implants. She understood why Star Fleet wanted counselors on board and it was just part of the job. So there she was, ringing the chime waiting for her appt.

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Like with every other member of the crew, Asimina was faced, not with a chimeable doorbell, but with a panel that looked like a chime but was actually just a trigger to automatically open the door into the Counseling Team’s reception area. Chairs to the side with some well loved magazines, a desk in the middle with a sleeping Bolian man, and several doors on the far wall. The walls were painted a light beige, with brown wood laminate flooring, and in general once one stepped through the doors, one somewhat lost the feeling of being on a starship.

The Bolian receptionist snored loudly.

CNS Team
Hannah stepped through the door I to the waiting area. It looked like most waiting areas in any doctor’s office, planet side, anyway. She walked over to the Bolian and knocked politely on the desk to get his attention. “Lt. j.g. Hannah Asimina. I’m here for my appt with Lt. Sathut.”

Lt. j.g. Asimina

A small golden nameplate on the table identified the secretary as “Daryl.”

Daryl snapped awake and exclaimed “I’m not sleeping I swear!” Then he comprehended the presence of Lt. Asimina, and blinked at her bleary-eyed and obviously just barely holding onto consciousness. “Ahh…, Name?”

  • Daryl, CNS Secretary
  • CNS Team

Hannah sighs. Maybe it was her ‘accent’ and he hadn’t heard her, well and he had obviously been asleep. “Lt. j.g. Hannah Asimina.”
Lt j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Daryl nodded, then leaned over his console and pressed buttons for a few moments. “Umm… Oh, there you are. 1400.” He looked at the clock. 1359. “The Counselor can see you… Soon. He’s talking with someone else right now, there’s…” He yawned widely, pointing at the chairs. “Chairs.”

Hannah never liked sitting still and she’d been doing a lot of that recently with the transport out to Saracen and then the check-ins. So she moved around the room. She continued to stand as she picked up a magazine and started flipping through the pages. She knew, from her own work, that sometimes other appointments ran over. Hannah didn’t mind waiting. She finished flipping though the magazine, which she really hadn’t looked at. She began moving around the waiting room again. She probably seemed nervous to Daryl, but she simply was trying to move her muscles from the overly long pause, her trip had caused. She’d have to see about a hiking or mountain climbing trip to the holodeck. She wondered, absently, if there was anyone else on board that would want to join her.
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

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