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“This isn’t going to end well…” Jarred said upon hearing this.

Vadoma had an idea. Her voice rose excitedly. “Cori,” she used the name the woman had because they hadn’t been introduced yet and wasn’t exactly sure what was happening. “Instead of arguing, tell it to look. Look at the system its in. It will recognize the Saracen even if we are ‘off’ from her own system. Try and get her to see we aren’t the enemy. You can help her maneuver in the system if she will help save the ship and educate us on what happened. Don’t try and fight her, ask her how we can help.”

“I like that idea… go with it… we come in peace… we come peace.” Jarred said emphatically.

It was a long shot but it didn’t seem much different than any person joining a new crew. The old crew didn’t like new ways and the new crew felt lost. It took cooperation to make it work. Maybe this would work as well.

(Still venting and rotating to buy minutes at a time to keep from exploding)

Alindor, CE

Alindor, CE

=/\= Get that surge under control Commander, =/\= Dante’s voice cut through the comms again. =/\= Cori, you appeared here on the Bridge as well, you, she, whatever, is trying to gain control of weapons and is talking about us trying to sabotage her. We need her contained, Sinclair is activating Biological and Mechanical security locks, but you have a better idea of how effective those might be and I have no idea what you, she, whatever, might think we are doing. We have an, issue, with the inhabitants of the Mirror Universe. They might not be as friendly as we hoped. I need my ship back people. =/\=

As Vadoma and the NE changed the isolinear chips, they seemed to be getting some measure of stability and control back to the warp core, but at the same time, Alindor would see a program pop up on his console. It appeared to be a self destruct command that wasn’t fully compatible with the Saracen, it seemed to have been activated but for some reason had been interrupted, for now. The display read 27 seconds.

Captain Knight, CO

Stepping up to a console and trying to be out of the way, Cori pinged an area of the ship where her counterpart was likely to be. Or at least attempted to anyway. “Don’t make me come in there,” Cori said darkly, not even sure if she could revert back at this point. Right now though, she needed to get the other woman’s attention. But not knowing her backstory in her universe, knowing which way to go was tricky.

~Corinne Dalton

Vadoma smiled and took a non hyperventilating breath for the first time in a while. “I think we are making a bit of headway, Chief. We bought us some time, but only a bit more than minutes. Stability slowly coming back. But we have a ways to go yet before we can turn our back on the core for more than a few minutes.”

She and the NE engineer kept going over every idea between them. Back and forth trying to figure out ways to give them more breathing room and less panic mode.


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