Around the Ship- A Pointed Hunt

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A well of anger and despair swirled in her gut and etched itself into her delicate facial features. “Oh Gods, Royal. What am I going to do?” she cried, her pacing movements frenetic. It was a good thing she had her emitter and wasn’t in the system. it wouldn’t be the first time she had caused a reaction in the ship but she had been very careful of it ever since.

Suddenly, a terrible realization dawned on her and she spun back to face Sinclair. “When?! When was my file flagged? Was it before or after I told you about…” She gestured with her hand not wanting to bring anyone else into the fold. The less that knew, the better.

~Corinne Dalton

Ella watched the womans emotions flick through panic, anger and concern. “If I’m going to be here and involved I’d like to know everything I’m getting into” The young Elasian wasn’t going to stick her neck out if they weren’t going to be forthcoming.

-Ens Ella Lokaa

Sinclair looked at Lokaa and said “Lieutenant Dalton is a Star Fleet officer who’s consciousness was put into the Saracen’s computer core by an alien race.” he said by way of a simplistic explanation.

A lie, but not that much of a stretch. The who and why was a very different story and Lokaa was not going to be privy to any of that.

He then looked at Cori. “When I filed your psych eval, it seems. As someone listed you as ‘deceased’ prior, it flagged. And apparently someone in FedSec is investigating. Thus the evidence tag on your belongings. ” and the big Scit scoweled. “Id like to know why I wasn’t told. That is not how things are handled.”

“You were the Counsellor not the Chief of Security at the time,” the holographic said.

He thought a moment and then looked back to Cori. “Want me call the investigator? See what is happening directly from the source?”

Sinclair, CoS

Corinne paced some more, her stomach twisted into the tightest knots. Had she an actual stomach, she might have throw up. She gazed back at Royal, her eyes brighter than usual. Fierce.

“Therapist-patient confidentially.” She pointed at him. “You promised. So do what you think is best. I trust you. But nothing I told you gets shared. I’m not doing this and I won’t be turned into some flashpoint. Youknow the consequences for others and I’d be the reason for any of it. There’s been too much pain already. I’m not going to add to it,” she said, her voice had begun to waver and she looked like she might cry.

~Corinne Dalton

” You have trust issues” Ella said perhaps a little out of line but the situation was beginning to distress her, which usually meant she returned to her normal to the point attitude all Elasian shared. “What’s going on here?”

  • Ensign Elaa Lokaaa

Royal looked at Lokaa. “And she has earned every bit of that, Ensign.” he said softly and without admonishing. He then looked at Corrine. “And nothing will be shared. Right now, its just the simple fact that someone marked you deceased and now ther eis a current assessment clearing you for duty that made flags go up.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to stem the headache he felt coming on. “Right now, we just have to stay calm and try and figure out someway of explaining it to FedSec that won’t make it more of an issue.”

Sinclair, CoS

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